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Cats and Dogs are food too

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Started: 4/14/2015 Category: Society
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The topic for the debate is that Human Kind Should Eat Dogs and Cats

Now please, I want a fair and good debate if you cannot find a good reason for humans (Americans mainly) not to eat dogs and cats then I would advise you to not accept.

The first round is acceptance.
Debate Round No. 1


So the main idea of my debate is "Why not?"

People in America are usually disgusted when the topic of slaughter and animal cruelty occcur. They always reject it when people show the pictures of where the beef they consume comes from. (This is an assumption but it is likely)

So, I would say that this is an unpopular opinion but I respect the people who eat dogs and cats. They understand that all animals are food, there is no norm of just eating cows or chickens

It is illeagal to sell dog and cat meat at the supermarket but it is ok for your own personal consumption so basically all of this is legal.

People need to understand that there can be benifits to eating dog meat.

This source has a good article on how eating beef can be even more dangerous than eating dog meat

This is a valid reason for why people should eat dog meat.

Now I suspect that you are going to bring up the disadvantages of eating dog meat but here is a quote from wikipedia

"For example, in China, local economy revolved around agriculture in ancient times. Dogs didn't play a big role like Europe. On the contrary, every ancient Chinese government instituted some protective policies for farm cattle, even illegal to be slaughtered in some cases. In this way, some Chinese think Westerners are pressing their own values on them. Dogs are not born to be companion friends for them."

This explains everything I am debating. I am going to hold for now, I await your reply.



This is an insane topic. I accepted beause i kown that people wont agree with the con, i mean just read the topic. No one in there right mind would eat cat, and dog meat. Yes china eats them but look where that got them, they are slowly plumnting to there own great depreasion. And look at africa, they eat dog meat look where that got them at the bottom of the world looking up to all the normal people. Also dogs dont have that much edible meat, that is why people are starving in china and africa. These countries are insane, and look were it got them nowhere.
Debate Round No. 2


Yes, that is always a dilema. Humans are always so caught up with the current norms that even the thought of dog meat disgusts them.

Our ancestors ate eachother. Humans ate Humans.

We were once "inhumane"

When being "inhumane" is actually being humane.



What are you talking about not all humans ate eachother. Where are you geting your info. from? even the ones that did realized that it was a horible thing to do and stoped. Why do yo think we dont eat human now? Not to say the sickness that comes with it. Well i am geting off topic Dogs and cats should be petted and loved, not killed and eaten!!!
Debate Round No. 3



Cows, pigs, and chickens arent petted and loved.

They are slaughtered and murdered

Eating eachother may even be good for you. People used to do it and they were super athletic.

Where did you get the idea of humans creating sickness when eaten?

(Humans ate eachother)



I dont know why you keep puting up sorces. They are not adressing the question that cats and dogs should not be eaten, these sorces of yours are not on topic they are more like random paste of websites. I know you say that human bone structure was made so that we eat eachother, so what. We are talking about animals here! I belive that cats and dogs are not a good source of food that is the only reason I think we shouldnt eat them. They reason cows, and other animals like them are killed is because they have more meat, and better texture. And not to say they dont give people sickness as much as dog and cats would. I think that I won because of pro's lack of staying on topic, and for his non-sence sorces. Thanks to the people that are reading this hope I helped you understand why animals should be loved and petted!!!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by mostlogical 2 years ago
Everyone has their own beliefs which should be respected, therefore people should choose what they eat without being insulted by vegetarians, animal lovers etc.
Posted by gabep 2 years ago
It all depends on what you think is "normal". Some cultures, such as the Hindu religion, may find it strange that we eat beef.
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