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Cats are better than dogs.

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Started: 1/9/2016 Category: Funny
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Cats are far superior than dogs. On the first note, cats don't take up much space. You can have it in an apartment.
Second, note cats aren't much work. They can be indoor or outdoor and there is no need for walks. They are great with kids and easy to have at college as well.
Cats are still as loving, soft, and cute as dogs. There is literally no difference. Cats are more flexible than dogs. Cats don't need to be pampered. Dogs have to be groomed, bathed, they must have a bed.
Cats can sit in your lap, lick your face and do cute tricks. However, dogs are a small bit smarter. But this really matters on the consistency of your training.
Therefore, cats are better than dogs.


Dogs are held in a higher esteem than cats. According to, cats are worse than dogs when it comes to allergies. It states that there are no true hypoallergenic breeds of cat. Secondly, you contradicted your side and argument by saying, "There is literally no difference." Also, you need to clean out a cat's litter box every other day, so you would spend more money on the sand or whatever you put in your cat's litter box, while all you need for a dog is a leash and a roll of poop bags that will last you a while. For these reasons, I stand by my argument that dogs are held in a higher esteem than cats.
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Posted by Someonethechef 2 years ago
dogs are better cuz they are smarter by a lot, cats will eat your corpse when you die, your dog will cry
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