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Cats are better than dogs.

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Started: 5/30/2016 Category: Funny
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Hello everyone,
This is meant to be a light hearted funny debate where we debate the most common question of all time: Are cats better than dogs?

I will argue that, yes, cats are better than dogs.

Round 1: Acceptance. Opponent may choose to state his/her arguments.

Round 2: State arguments. Opponent may rebutt.

Round 3: Rebuttal. Opponent or I may state more arguments.

Round 4: Rebuttal & Conclusion. No new arguments will be presented in this round.

I expect at least three arguments/points, with at least one source. I am looking for a decent debate. I am not that skilled at debating, but I am looking for a person with at least some debating background (i.e. club, school, etc..)

I wish whoever accepts good luck, and I look forward to this debate!


I accept this debate. There are far more than three reasons why dogs are better than cats. I have done TP debate for 2 years. Good luck and have fun!
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for joining the debate.

Before I start, I would like to define the terms 'cats' and 'dogs'. Although this may be obvious, I will define them to prevent any kind of confusion. In this debate, we will not count any wild animals, and only count domesticated ones.

Cats: a carnivorous mammal (Felis catus). []
Dogs: a highly variable domestic mammal (Canis familiaris) closely related to the gray wolf. []

I will start off with my two points, and further explain my last point in Round 3.

I believe that cats are better than dogs, because their purring heals you, they can cuddle with you, and they take care of themselves.

Yes, a cat's purring heals a person. By heals, I mean "to become well again" []. It does NOT mean that a person is fully cured of any disease.

First, I will list some of the things a cat's purring does to your body.

- Lowering stress.
- Petting a purring cat calms down your nerves.

- Decreases the symptoms of dyspnoea in both cats AND humans

- Lower blood pressure.
- By interacting with the cat and hearing the purring sound.

- Healing of bones.
- Frequencies of 25 and 50 Hz are the best, and 100 Hz and 200 Hz the second best frequencies for promoting bone strength

- 40% less risk of heart attack

- Helps healing infection and swelling

- Healing of muscles, tendons, and ligament injuries

- Healing soft tissue


The frequency of a domestic cat's purr is 27 to 44 Hz. [] With vibrations that have the frequency of around 21.98 Hz, there are many therapeutic results, like the ones explained above.

This shows that cats are better than dogs, because cats are able to provide mental AND physical healing, unlike dogs. This site [] shows that dogs "have excellent listening skills, and (they) demonstrate unconditional love," but what they don't explain is that cats demonstrate unconditional love, and also have excellent listening skills. Yes, some may argue that some cats cannot sit still, but I can argue that some dogs can't sit still either. Cats are just like people, who have all sorts of different personalities.

Cats have the dogs' healing properties AND more, therefore cats are better than dogs.

As I have said above, cats demonstrate unconditional love in many different ways. Because of the way the cats' bones are shaped, [] cats fit easily into your arms, unlike dogs. There aren't many cats, if not none, that are as big as some dogs, It is almost impossible to snuggle with a dog as big as yourself. Dogs and cats both like to climb up onto your body. Imagine having a 200 pound dog on top of your chest!

While the heaviest cat in the world was at 21.3kg (46.8lbs) [], the heaviest dog in the world was at 155.6 kg (343 pounds) []. I definitely wouldn't want to have a 343 pound body laying on my lap, and I'm sure you would agree.

Cats are able to snuggle with you, which provides the purring healing properties that I explained above. There is a reason why the superstition (Having a cat sit in your lap for 30 minutes chases sickness away) exists.

This site [] explains how couples who cuddle more are happier and have deeper connections. Not all of us are blessed to have a partner, however, and these are the times we turn to our pets. As I have said above, both cats and dogs like to climb up onto humans' bodies. A lighter animal would definitely be better than a 343 pound animal.

And these are the reasons why I believe cats are better than dogs. I will explain my last point, cats care for themselves, in Round 3.

Good luck to the Con!


I am really sorry. I don't have time to finnish this. I was unexpectedly gone all day and the time is almost up. Do you want to keep going with the other speeches? It's fine with me if you want to re-start (with slightly longer time limits please), or keep going or quit. Really sorry, this looks like it would be fun.
Debate Round No. 2


No worries! We all have a life outside of DDO.

I will create an exact same one and send you a debate challenge. Fyi, the arguments that I have presented will be copied and pasted in.


BenD forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Just realized I don't know how to forfeit a round, so...

siahchoi has forfeited this round.


BenD forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by siahchoi 2 years ago

Ahh thank you so much!
Posted by dtien400 2 years ago

Hey dude, you forfeit a round by not posting an argument. Eventually the time allotted for you to post your argument will pass and then you will automatically forfeit. :)
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