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Cats or Dogs are better?

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Started: 1/23/2016 Category: Miscellaneous
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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I think cats are better, and I think there are better reasons to like cats. Dogs are good too, but for most people cats are the better option. Accept the debate and I'll tell you why.


Hi Franklin. This is my 1st debate to. Have fun, good luck.

What dogs can do, and what dogs offer.

8000 characters could only begin to explain how better dogs are then cats.

With the many different types, sizes and temperaments. There is a right dog for every , owner , family or situation. The quote dogs are a man's best friend, did not come about yesterday. Dogs can be trained to do things that help and benefit "less fortunate" people such as blind and or handicap people. Dogs do not mind being taught things , they love it.

There great for teaching young kids life lessons, responsibilities. And in a way encourage people to be more active, as they love to be taken for a walk . Security by protecting there owner need not even be taught to a dog, it's in there nature. With the right dog in the right environment, for the right reasons. Nothing compares, nor comes close. To the love and affection a dog provides.

There seems to be a, you teach them they teach you connection. For a dog to understand what you say and you not to be able to understand what they say. That makes them very smart.

Duh iud f efjdnfsiswlskdbjubssnj, sorry about that last bit the cat just jumped on my keyboard.
Debate Round No. 1


Okay so firstly dogs have to be walked everyday. This can be really time consuming and annoying, especially if the weather is bad. Cats don't have this problem.

You also have to clean up dog poop by picking it up yourself. cats go in a box that is easy to clean.

Cats also groom themselves, while dogs dont and need you to brush them yourself. Dogs are very high maintenance in general.

Dogs are also loud. They bark at other dogs and they have to be trained to be more calm. Cats are calm by nature and rarely are noisy by nature.

You can have your cat be an indoor cat and then you don't have to worry about it running away. Dogs have to go outside and so it is a lot more likely they will run away at some point.

Cats won't attack your friends when you bring them over just because they don't know or remember them. Dogs will do that, but cats will just ignore them or maybe try to get petted by them.

Cats will kill mice, rats, spiders, and other things like that that get into your house.

Cats are also more cute than dogs. There is a reason theres more cat memes than dog memes on the internet.

I think thats enough reasons for now. In the next round I'll respond to my opponents arguments.


SCATS.. ........ Stats on Cats

Cats in the USA kill 2.4 billion birds . And 12.3 billion mammals each year , most of wich are natives.

Here in Australia feral cat's and free range domestic cats take 5-30 animals a night . They conclude that a minimum of 75 million native animals are killed daily this figure should not be underestimated. The extinction on nine bird species and the perilous state of 33 others have been linked to cats. Especially flightless ground-dwellers.

People are told not to replace cats when they die, or keep them inside. Many owners don't believe there lovable little kitty's are in fact NATURAL BORN KILLERS. The university in Georgia, USA Attached cameras to 60 cats , and found almost half where active hunters killing animal's they find sleeping . It also observed them eating road kill, drinking sewer water and dodging cars.

Pictures I can't display of the sickening acts of cats killing.

There really is no comparison cats simply lay around not pay to much attention to you ,then Stand beside the door meowing to get out . Once out they don't care what you are doing, there off in your neighbors house , more then likely getting feed from them or stalking and killing birds . Throw a ball to a cat it will look at you like, "your lucky that missed me" jumps a fence of it goes. Returning 2 hours later , to jump at your front door to get let in. And you open the door 1 in 10 times it will have a dead mouse or lizard in its mouth, look what I got , look what I got.

Cats are killing machines that don't care to much about you . And sometimes like to play the game pats . But that's it.
Debate Round No. 2


Franklin.Nord forfeited this round.


Deb-8-A-Bull forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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