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Central Banking System

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Started: 11/21/2017 Category: Politics
Updated: 7 months ago Status: Debating Period
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The Central Banking System is probably the most corrupt system ever developed run by a bunch of devil worshipers (exaggerating about the devil worshiping).. I do not believe anyone can argue that they have done more good then bad.. with that being said if you do accept please keep this debate SHORT/POWERFUL/DIRECT just like you would a resume... i don't want to have to read 6 paragraphs.
Thank you,


I shall accept as I don't think anyone else is going to. I don't have much knowledge in this field and would have preferred seeing someone with a better understanding debate you, but ah well.
I shall argue that central banking can be a necessity to a country and that its corruption level is no more than one would expect from a government.
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Posted by Leaning 7 months ago
Whoo! I win by default! I mean sure the system doesn't record it as that, but ah well. Lucky thing too. I couldn't think of many arguments for my position.
Posted by Dave2712 7 months ago
I dont think you will find anyone to defend the banking system mate... Not even a banker would try that one!... Just mention Fractional Reserve Banking to them and they go all wide eyed, sweaty, and run away!
Posted by Nd2400 7 months ago
So, how about joining bitcoin or any other cryptocurrency?
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