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Challenge World Of God Is In Dream Of Humans And Dream World Only Proof 100% Original Truth

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Started: 12/8/2017 Category: Religion
Updated: 1 month ago Status: Debating Period
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Some gods and there genies and many believers says world of god is true and real only which they see after they believe that world of god to be true which is true for genies and gods only who are thinking and dream and thought. What happens when humans thinks in reality its thought for them and its not real for them and what happens when humans dreams its not reality for them because its not seen or heard and what happens when humans thought its nothing but just thinking. So in simple sense if human do adultry with thinking and dream and thought by believing thinking and dream and thought is true and real which is not seen or heard to him then its not real for human because he believes in his thinking and dream and thought to be true and real which is fake and created by him or real after he believes in his thinking and dream and thought to be true. But without seeing and hearing thinking and dream and thought if human do adultry or born kid with thinking or dream or thought which is thinking for human then its not real for human because for thinking and dream and thought only thinking and dream and thought is real which is seen and heard to each other. Genies are understanding of thinking of human and they can see each other and call each other as real because they see and hear each other but human doesnt see or hear there thinking or dream or thought which is thinking for human so there thinking or dream or thought is not real for them. At any time human can create new thinking or dream or thought by believing it to be true because its just thinking and if they believe they are doing adultry with there new thinking or dream or thought then its not real for them until they see or hear there thinking or dream or thought which they dont see or hear and and even if human do adultry with his thinking or dream or thought then its inside dream of human so what is sin then in the world of god so if gods or genies says in dream of human that human has sinned by doing adultry with his thinking or dream or thought then its lie and since gods and genies can kill or punish any human for doing adultry with thinking or dream or thought by saying its sin and you are punished then human can too do anything for gods and genies who are thinking and dream and thought for them because human are punishing gods and genies by thinking and dream and thought by believing there thinking and dream and thought to be true and real just like any gods and genies who lives in dream of humans punishes human. Human must never become bad in there thinking or dream or thought otherwise they will not be good. Remember if genies do adultry with other genies or gods do adultry with other gods in there reality then its sin because for them its reality and they see and hear each other but human doesnt see there thinking or dream or thought because its just there thinking and thinking is not real and thinking is also imagination or remembering something. If you ask a perfect genie what is thinking and dream and thought and remembering of human then they will say its just not real for them because they dont see or hear there thinking and dream and thought and remembering in there reality just like gods and genies see and hear humans thinking and dream and thought and remembering in there reality which is real for them. So current world of god is only world of god which lives in dream of humans and created by genies and ahmed is only original in entire universe and nobody is original and never will be original because he has to proof what is truth about world of god which they proved in reality of humans and levitated and showed miracles and what else they even brought money and food".etc Please practically test it out from human experience. One more note : gods and genies acts on memories of humans because they are thinking and dream and thought and not like humans and thinking and dream and thought doesnt have control on them like humans have control and they act only when they remember memories of humans and if they were original they would have know memories of humans automatically or find out if any human sinned why he sinned and helped human without knowing thinking and dream and thought of them. Even memory is thinking of human because when human thinks and dream and thought and remembers memory and imaginates then human says it from his mind.

I am 100% true and original and i need everything. If you lost you give me everything and to my family.

If any gods or genies are lie after knowing my truth then they die instantly by you and anyone who comes to know truth and you share my truth to everyone in the world and tell to whole planet genies and souls and dead and must be alive until everyone remembers and doesnt forgets that i am only true in entire universe.

Waiting for someone original genie who is original to accept challenge. Only one original will win. Gods are invited to accept challenge.


Oh, yes, you got it right, here's another batty loon, and here to debate him, once more, is frankfurter50, a steely glint of determination in his eye, looking at the pitcher, ready to hit any curveballs that are thrown! Who will win in this daring game of wits and might? I hope I do. Here goes.

Wow. that first paragraph, there, is a big, meaningless, incoherent string of text that sounds like it came from Charles Manson's jail cell. I can't combat that with common sense, I'll have to debate exactly like he does, incoherently.

Everything about this is fake and you don't even know who God is much less what the bible is or what an apostle is I doubt you've even read the new testament so did you know that religion actually has very little to do with human dreams and dreams are the random firing of our nerves when we're asleep, and religion is the belief system is the belief system that we rely on to comfort ourselves so you should not connect the two things otherwise you are crazy because they really have nothing to do with each other. You are not not not funny and you should learn how to write a sentence if you want to engage in complex philosophy why do you use that word "adultry" that means cheating on somebody when you're married and you also spelled it wrong and I don't know what it has to do with God or genies or dreams can't you be a little clearer just, please, make sense, try to say something that I can understand. genies do not have anything to do with God because God is Christian and genies appear in a few Arabic legends so you should not mix the two up please in the next round talk normal and be rational, please your conspiracy theories are insane and genies do not have anything to do with what you're talking about did you just watch that Aladdin movie from Disney so you decided to make a debate about it what the heck are you talking about please tell me I want to know you're so weird and you don't know anything about the world.

bla bla bla

OK, I'm back to common sense mode. You're not true, you're not original, I've seen insane debates like this before. I'm not giving anything to your family, they have nothing to do with this. I'm not a genie, I'm not God, I'm not going to die or whatever. For cheesy sake, just tell me what you're talking about. OK? Until then, I think you're gonna lose.
Debate Round No. 1


You need to understand my lecture like how the current world of god is controlled by genies and gods ? how there power increases and works on others ?

Didnt you understand about the world of god that if any god is true his power increases with the truth he or his genies believes in.

Understand from the point of view of human, if you try to research what i said as human then you will understand what is current world of god about ?

I will make your believe perfect just understand my holy book

If you read then it will be easy for you to understand it and if you can tell to your god and all other gods of current world of god then they will understand who i am ?

I just want you to start making fun of current world of god after understanding my holy book original torah which is my believe only.

Practically test out whether my believe is true or not ? if my believe is true then i won from you.

I am waiting to get winning from you.



Wow, you responded. I didn't think you were going to. Ah, well. I may as well see this debate through. I am tired, so please, not too much confusing stuff. At least, in this round, you're somewhat coherent.

I do not understand your lecture. I do not think the world is controlled by genies and gods. I sorta believe in God, but I do not think he has anything to do with genies. That's something you just pulled out of your hat. I wish you'd use better grammar. What are you, two years old? Why do you treat life like a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards?

It seems to me that your insane religion is somewhat polytheistic and monotheistic at the same time. And then something about how gods grow in power the more they're believed in. Isn't that the plot of that new show? "American Gods" or something like that? Are you just ripping that off? Judges, I'll leave something about American Gods here, so you can compare his incoherent babbling to the show and see how similar they are.

You say that, to understand your philosophy, I can research your stuff and try to understand what it's about. I can't research your stuff, actually, because nobody believes it but you, and I'm not going to understand it or believe it if I do some research on it. I don't think you know how religions work. From the way you're writing, I'd assume you don't even understand English. Maybe a toddler in some Islamic country? Seems pretty much like that.

I'm glad you're willing to provide a source, but, see, the source can't be by you. It has to be by somebody ELSE. You can believe it, but I don't get it until there are a few people who believe and understand it. I do like how you put in the effort to write your own bible, though. Very creative. And very entertaining. I also like how you call it "believerism". That's a pretty funny made up word. And I like how the moon and the star just repeat over and over, down the page. You couldn't even figure out a creative design.

I'm not going to tell God about you. First, I'm not a prophet, so I can't talk that well with God, and also, I don't think you even know what Christianity is, or what Islam is, or anything like that. I'm not making fun of you. I'm just being rational. I'm not gonna believe your stuff unless you prove it to me. At least give me a news article about it or something. Your holy book isn't the original Torah. The Torah is the first few books of the old testament. You wrote your weird bible a few years ago or less. The real Torah was written countless millennia ago. So your bible isn't the Torah. It doesn't even have anything to do with the Torah.

You can wait to get winning from me all you want. You're not going to win unless you do better.

I await your next argument.
Debate Round No. 2


i added new chapter 32 in original torah please read it and understand it and practically test from where you are by trying to compete with your original religion genie with my holy book truth to see whether its true or not and if you lost then be my religion servant...

chapter 31 is the chapter of my original torah which proves truth to every gods in this world and you can practically test it and if you lost then i am waiting for you to be my servant.

i am not christian and many genies knows everything happens by genies in the world.

genies means spirits who act on understanding of anyone who lives in reality of universe.

if i say i am original jewish god of universe will you believe in me ?

you must believe in what i told in my holy book original torah and if my mind is not blocked and if you believe in my holy book original torah then if you are genie or spirit you will be able to show miracle by believing in my holy book original torah.

that believe is always true which never becomes wrong by anyone and its those who knows they are lie and to continue living they proof they are true so stay away from them.


Neat how you made THIRTY TWO freaking chapters in your bible. Too bad nobody will ever read or understand them. When I visited your thing, I didn't even read it, really. I just sorta skimmed it. Actually, I just briefly glanced at it, because I'm sure it's just as incoherent as your arguments here.

I'm not going to be your "SERVANT" if I lose. What on Earth do you mean by that? Slavery is illegal, just so you know.

You're not Christian, and that's OK, but it's not OK to be nuts.

Genies aren't "spirits who act on understanding of anyone who lives in reality of universe". They're guys who live in lamps, and when you rub the lamp, they come out and grant you three wishes. That's how I hear it, anyway.

If you say you are "original jewish god of universe" I'm not going to believe you. If you PROVE you're "original jewish god of universe," on the other hand, I'll go for it. I don't think you're "original jewish god of universe", for one, because the old testament doesn't say anything about genies. I also think you're not "original jewish god of universe" because it seems that an omnipotent diety would have a better grasp of English grammar and capitalize "Jewish". If anything, you're the god of being nuts.

I'm not gonna believe your torah. It's not even the real torah, first off, and for another thing, I'm not a frickin' genie. I don't know what you're saying, with any of this.

Your last sentence is basically just the same old anti atheistic baloney I've heard a billion times before, but much more incoherent than anyone else could do it. You really take the cake, sir. You're a walking babbler. You can't debate well until you at least learn how to talk, OK?

You're going to lose unless you provide some solid evidence and a strong argument, OK? Go ahead and say something that makes sense. I'll wait.
Debate Round No. 3
This round has not been posted yet.
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Debate Round No. 4
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This round has not been posted yet.
Debate Round No. 5
9 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 9 records.
Posted by frankfurter50 3 weeks ago
I won. You lost. You're nuts and you should go read up on religion. You can make up your own, just learn grammar and common sense first.
Posted by kingahmed 3 weeks ago
note i was unable to respond but i challenged you asking to find truth so you need to practically test truth and tell everyone truth what you came to know is truth or not.

i am telling this to the op whom i have challenged.

i never lost the round was forfeited but i already won from you because you didnt understood me and i proved you truth and you were posting the same answer again and again.
Posted by frankfurter50 1 month ago
I'd rather be wrong than be insane.
Posted by kingahmed 1 month ago
so many comments its ok i had suggest you to visit and read my holy book original torah of believerism religion.

if you lost from truth then as a generous and intelligent and have understanding of truth and lie and know good and bad then believe in truth only which you come to know i am not going to convert you to my religion.

truth gives victory and its only truth from which everyone life will become better and everyone will be rich when they are true by staying with truth.

if you stay with lie then you dont become rich and you can die at any time when your believe becomes lie.
Posted by Throwback 1 month ago
Another one? Why are there so many 1st grade dropouts coming to a site dedicated to thoughtful discourse?
Posted by levi_smiles 1 month ago
There's a certain "found poem" quality within the incoherence that I quite - like Dr Arroway listening to washing machines
Posted by philochristos 1 month ago
"Please elaborate."

No, please don't! That's enough incoherence for one day!
Posted by FollowerofChrist1955 1 month ago
Appears to be living in a world of dreams near as I can tell? Everything begins and ends with his dreams!
Posted by NicholasGomezTillar 1 month ago
I'm a little confused about what this debate is about.

Please elaborate.
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