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Charter Schools often cheat children and the communities that they serve.

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Started: 7/10/2018 Category: Education
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Overall charter schools are run like a business and with the freedom given, they can essentially go out of business. The charter school experiment has essentially failed numerous communities and fallen under scrutiny especially after a few noted cases in 2016-2017. The common narrative of charter schools is education on the cheap. This philosophy gives the notion that education should only be of service if it is marketed as product and not as tool for developing a person.

In over the past 20 years, charters have notoriously engaged in practices like discriminating against students with disabilities. The ACLU in Arizona notes that charter schools can in fact place limits on students who are considered risky. The report notes that charter schools are often ask parents if the potential student has IEP or 504 plan. The documents in question would determine whether or not if the student is considered a risk to the school. In traditional public schools however, district school are mandated by state and federal law to provide a child with the accomodations stated in the IEP as well be served regardless of the student's ability.

Charter School are run by education learning companies like the Edison Learning Company or KIP (Knowledge Is Power), because of the corporate structure of the school, charters feel the need that a child with special needs would hinder or fail to produce the wanted results in their competition against a local public school.

Charters on principle have contended that competition with public schools would yield results, however, charters have enforced the logic of "separate but equal" in public education. Overall, charter schools at times lack the basic facilities like cafeterias, playgrounds, libraries, and education support staff that would render services to students who are English Language Learners. Under no obligation are charter schools obligated to provide the said services. Instead, the trend of charter schools is to have students play eudcation video games with the supervision of IT technicians (at charter schools you don't necessarily have to have teachers) who may just oversee students at their workstations. This type of environment has also introduced numerous controversies over the role of said teachers or instructors at these unregulated schools.


Yes, there have been some charter schools that have been run fraudulently, but there are many more that are giving exceptional educational opportunities and choice. Charter schools in some inner cities are providing some of the best education (Philadelphia, Wilmington, DE) and have wait lists pages long. They are lottery only and do not get any information about IEPs or 504s until after a child's name is pulled and acceptance is given. I don't know where you got your information regarding your second paragraph, but I work in a charter school, and I know for a fact that it is incorrect. You don't cite any sources, so I'm not sure you are giving correct information. Our school (as well as many other charter schools) is run by principals and a board of directors, just like any other school. We are funded by tax payers, and receive less than the allotment given to the surrounding school district. Our students have a choice whether or not to attend their own school district or the Charter School (we have 7 school districts that have choice whether or not to attend our school). We have a school, highly qualified teachers (most have masters and I'm currently getting mine), 24 kids to a classroom, fully engaged students not playing video games all day, a micro farm with goats, sheep, ducks, ponds, rabbits, greenhouse, tilapia, honeybees/apiary, we sell the food, have farm to table dinners, and full art/performance/drama/theatre wing on our school. We are completely regulated, official, high test scoring, and a long waiting list if you would like to add your name!
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