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Chase is an inherently better name than Jace.

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Started: 10/30/2013 Category: Society
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Chase is a much more common name, thereby being more easily understood. Jace is so infrequently used, most people will assume you said Chase in the first place.

Pronunciation is debatable. It can be pronounced either Jase or Jays.* The pronunciation of Chase is universal.

Anecdotaly, I believe naming a child Jace drastically increases the liklihood of premature hair loss.



"Chase" is a more common name, but that also means it could lead to more confusion since there is a greater chance of being in the same room as someone else named "Chase." "Chase" is also both a female and male name which could lead to further confusion, and in our already gender-confused nation we don't need to add further confusion. "Jace" is a male only name, meaning is a much more masculine name and therefore the child will be less confused as he gets older. "Chase" also has other meanings other than a persons name. There are just layers and layers of confusion.[1]

"Chase" peaked as a name in 2009 with "Jace" peaking in 2012. Meaning "Chase" is a name of the past. "Jace" is the name of the future. Though we are not quite to the point of creating the confusion that "Chase" can make as per my first contention.[1]

"Jace" is also very easy to pronounce. Anyone who has trouble pronouncing "Jace" probably also has trouble tying their shoes, brushing their teeth, clothing and feeding themselves, and probably has many more problems with pronunciation issues being the least of them.[1]

As to the hair-loss issue, you may be right. But Chase is the name of a TERRIBLE movie featuring Charlie Sheen, and it the word also invokes images of the famous O.J. Simpson police chase. "Jace" may lead to hair-loss, but "Chase" will lead you so far down the rabbit hole you will lose your grip on reality.[1]

[1] Rabid.Penguin
Debate Round No. 1


Chase is more common as a word people are familiar with, but not so much as a name. In 2012, there were only 1,000 more Chases than Jaces named. Distribution amongst a random population is negligible.

Jace is a male and female name, albeit more commonly used as a male name. It's usage is still so new, however, as to not have an absolute identity. It didn't even become more popular than Hubert until the mid 80's.



You are correct that "Chase" is more familiar as a word, but that's only because, as I've pointed out before, "chase" has multiple meanings, thus adding to its confusion as a person's name.

According to the website, you yourself posted, while "Chase" is androgynous [1], "Jace" is a masculine name [2]. When "Jace" started becoming popular is not important. It is obviously the wave of the future. You are stuck in the past. A past of gender and word confusion. A past of racism, intollerance, and bigotry. A past of Hitlers, Stalins, and Lenins. A past of witchhunts, slavery, and New Coke. The popularity of "Jace" just shows that men are finally allowed to be men again, and our society is progressing to a new, more glorious, and brighter future.

I rest my case. Vote Con. Pro is a Jace-ist. [3]

Debate Round No. 2
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