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"Check your privilege" is an absurd saying if you say it just because of someone's race or gender.

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Started: 1/4/2015 Category: Society
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I understand that white people and men have always had privileges while African Americans, Native Americans, women ect were discriminated against. I understand that American Indians and African Americans have higher poverty rates as a directs result of the racism that existed in America and which still exists today to a certain extent. Many Native Americans for example are poor and suffer from substance abuse as a result of the trauma they faced in boarding schools they were forced to attend. They were beaten for speaking their native languages and sexually abused. It's ok to say that as a general rule white people have it easy compared to minority groups and many white people are middle or upper class because society and laws gave their more opportunities hundreds and even just dozens of years ago. But to assume that someone automatically had it great in life just because they're white or a man or rich is absurd. You don't know their life story and you don't know what they have dealt with. They might have had it worse than the middle class black person or even the poor black person. White people and males can experience with sexual, mental and physical abuse. Imagine if your a rich white man who was sexually abused by your step father every day for 11 years and someone tells you to check your privilege with our knowing what you've been through. Imagine being a white women whose husband beat her and raped her every day and than someone tells you to check your privilege assuming just because your white you had it great and had advantages even though you were scared of the next rape and beating every day for years. Imagine if you are a Bosnian muslim who came to America after the Bosnian war in the 1990s. During that war 30,000 Bosnian Muslims were killed in a genocide. Women were forced into rape camps, people were beaten and lost family member. They certainly didn't benefit from Americas racist passed like some people assume all white people did. Imagine this Bosnian lost their entire family and was in a rape camp and came to America with nothing and built their way up through hard work but someone tells them the reason they have what they do is because of racism when they them selves experienced horrible racism and worked for everything they have. Imagine if your a poor white male who did not help building your way up to becoming a rich man and did it all through hard work and someone assumes you had help getting where you are just because your white and a man. What if you are a white Tatar and you lived in a nazi work camp in the 1940s and came here poor. You didn't benefit from racism you were in a nazi camp and you were a victim of it. What if you are Russian and you escaped the Soviet Union where lived under a dictatorship. You certainly did not benefit from Americas racist passed. Even for white people whose ancestors came to America hundreds of years ago many of them were discriminated against of they were Irish, Italian, catholic ect . Even of you have ancestors benefited from racism like many white people do you still can live a hard life of your poor, homeless, sexually abused, physically abused, mentally abused, you could have lost a child, you could have had cancer growing up or have had a sibling with cancer, you could be physically disabled, blind, deaf, mute, mentally disabled, you could have been abducted and sold into sex slavery, you could be so poor you were forced to work as a prostitute you could have been bullied severely, you could have had severe depression or scitsophrinia. Assuming that just because someone is white and/or a man they are privileged is a joke and a preconceived notion. You can't claim someone is privileged until you understand what they went trough in life and you can't assume someone is unprivileged until you know what they went through in life.


Look when i first heard check you privilege i thought it had something to do with pooping yourself. Then i thought it was about groping Appearently it has to do with how priviledged you are. You can check it yourself here

<a href=; />
It is used by some social justice retards to try and oppress the master race

But its not absurd at all. Why you ask? Because we need the privaldge checker so we know who to target when it comes time. Eugenics is a good idea, yeah everyone knows this. This guy knew it

I know it. Eugenics will advance humanity and advance the race. We will be great like this guy

<a href=; width="349" height="517" />

Want to know more?

Those who are under privlaedged need to be eguenicsed. Those who advocate for a checking of the privaedge do good for humanity and will arm themselves for purging those who are under privaedge. Its not absurd to use the term, its morally correct.

Debate Round No. 1


I don't like eugenics. I don't believe white people are better than others simply because of our race. We aren't the master race. People should be judged on their character and not their race. The underprivileged people don't need eugenics they need an education, a job and a family. If a black person or Hispanic person gets an education they can do whatever they want.


Pro has no response against eugenics. He spewed his beliefs and acted like his farts dont stink. Eugenics may harm sum but its for the greater good ALL: THE GREATER GOOD


"Envision every human as equal at birth; in beauty, health, mental health, social strength and intelligence. A designed evolutionary system with goals and planning would provide all of these for every human. Only then can a truly egalitarian society be obtained."

if u truely wanted equality you would advocate FOR eugenics
Debate Round No. 2


Dilara forfeited this round.


Jedi4 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Max.Wallace 2 years ago
Eugenics is what Nazis did and do, under different names now, and even more unified, by their control of the economy.

There are very few eugeniscists now, they are the .01%, the Bilderbergs, the UN top agents of tyranny, and their accolytes, THE SYSTEM.

It is what it is.
Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
It's a Turkic ethnic group
Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
Tatar not tartar sorry
Posted by Jedi4 2 years ago
Tartar? Like steak tartar?
Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
Cococloack of doom. These are examples. I really have a Tatar grandmother who was sent to a nazi work camp and a grandfather who was to and both lived in Stalinist Russia.
Posted by CooCooClockofDoom 2 years ago
@ Dilara I don't believe any of your story
Posted by RedMoonlight 2 years ago
A white person can have a hard life but still have certain privileges.

Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
I really hate you right now, I think I woke my landlord laughing so hard! You stand a good chance at winning this, even with conduct almost certainly being against you.

Posted by Dilara 2 years ago
Zaradi. Once again read the debate or the last comment I made to wylted. Just because I am white doesn't mean I had it easy in life. To assume so is stupid. Don't tell me to check my privilege until you know what I've been through in my life. There are many White people with diseases, disabilities, mental disorders or siblings with these things, there are whites that are homeless, sex slaves or poor and there are whites who suffer from domestic violence and sexual assault on a daily basis. There are also whites who did not benefit from Americas racist passed because they came here in the 90s. Maybe they are refugees from a war torn country and they lost their family. Any of the types of people I named have it worse than a middle class black person or even a poor black person.
Posted by Zaradi 2 years ago
I agree Wylted. She most certainly needs to check her priveledge.
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