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Chewing gum and headphones should be allowed in lessons

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Started: 2/15/2015 Category: Education
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I am going to be arguing for this topic as I believe that gum and headphones might help some people concentrate in lessons. They might also find lessons more appealing if they are allowed these two simple things.
My opponent should accept is he/she is against the idea of having gum and headphones in lessons.
First round is for acceptance only.


I accept. I will argue against the allowance of headphones and gum in classes.
Voters should note that there is a 4,000 character limit so arguments may not be as in depth as possible
Some definitions also before we start.

Chewing gum: Flavored gum for chewing typically sold in packets of individualy wrapped thin strips.

Headphones: A pair of earphones typically joined by a band laced over the head for listening to audio signals such as music or speech

I look forward to my opponents opening arguments
Debate Round No. 1


Thank-you for accepting, I hope this debate will be a well discussed topic that will contain a load of opinions and interesting facts. Good luck.

First of all, I would like to mention a few of the very many amount of benefits from having chewing gum in class. Gum helps children stay quiet in lessons because it keeps their mouths occupied, this allows them to think instead of talk and distract the lesson. Also, it has been proven that chewing gun speeds up reading. claims that the one of the reasons why people read slowly is because of 'internal voice', a delay in which the mouth must move as the reader reads. Chewing gum occupies the mouth, this allowing faster reading times without the habit of internal voice. Reading faster would benefit students because they would be able to complete work fast and learn more. Students can discard nervous energy by chewing gum. This would help students because they would be able to focus easily in stressful times; such as a test or a controlled assessment. Also, so long as they chew quietly, chewing gum could avoid class distractions where as tapping a pencil or foot, or chewing fingernails could be more distracting.

The only problem with chewing gum in class is that teachers are afraid they will put the used gum under the desks or on the chairs; so long as students do not put chewing gum on furniture or carpet I truly do not see a problem with chewing gun in class.

About the headphones, personally I noticed music can help me focus on my work and block out distractions going on in the class. I think its okay during independent work such as tests, quizzes or when a teacher gives you a paper to do.

Music will persuade students to do their work because they will have the encouragement of their music. They will be listening to their favourite music which would make school lessons and learning go by quicker and sound more appealing to do. Lessons would be considered as study time instead of long lectures. I know many students find this helpful while working and it allows them to focus in their own mind whilst having something they enjoy to add to the work. We all have those kids in our class that create some sort of distraction and I think it would be helpful to allow music in classes.

Con should keep in mind that this topic is an opinion.


RavenDebater forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


He has forfeited that round so I would just like to say to keep that in mind and double my points ;)


RavenDebater forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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