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Chicken and Waffles Are Better Than Bacon, Egg, and Cheese

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Started: 1/21/2014 Category: Arts
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For those unfamiliar:

Obviously, chicken and waffles are better. Why? One, bacon and eggs take longer to fry and take more attention than just sticking a couple of Eggo waffles in the toaster and frozen chicken strips in the microwave. Two, for kids waking up for school and adults commuting to work, time and attention are important. Three, chicken is more nutritious than bacon, and while bacon does taste awesome (NOM, NOM, NOM DUH), the amount of bacon you get for the same amount of effort just isn't worth it. Only an irrational person would prefer bacon to chicken. Four, chicken easily compensates for the boost of protein you get from eggs. Five, chicken doesn't lose its heat as easily. Six, there's no cheese to melt and ooze over.

Note: This debate does not consider the possibility of using pepperjack cheese which is admittedly a close call.


Bacon and eggs is only a more time consuming meal because you allow for microwavable/toastable versions of chicken and waffles, but not similar versions for bacon and eggs. To actually prepare chicken and create waffle batter is more time consuming than to fry bacon and eggs. Microwavable bacon and eggs are just as fast as Eggos and chicken strips.

Your assertion that chicken is more nutritious than bacon is unsupportable. Bacon is certainly more calorie dense, but there is no support for the idea that that makes it "less nutritious." The nutrient profiles of both meats are similar. A much stronger argument could be made for Eggo waffles being essentially poison.

You also suggest that chicken compensates for the "boost of protein." Yet, you present no evidence for this, or in fact, no evidence of the benefits of a "boost of protein" anyway. That's crock science.

Your arguments for heat retention and "cheese" are baseless non sequiturs unworthy of comment. You, sir, have no argument.
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you for debating.

Unfortunately, my opponent has made a "from better to worse" fallacy. If we were to compare Eggo waffles and frozen chicken strips to a Jimmy Dean breakfast sandwich instead, then it would be all the more obvious why chicken and waffles are better than bacon, egg, and cheese. Likewise, a freshly poured Belgian waffle is a scrumptious marvel and still takes less time than it takes to fry bacon and eggs, and the depth of a piece of fried, baked, or even grilled chicken leaves much more meat after the fat sizzles away. I will leave it up to the voting readers to judge which has more protein - a smaller or larger piece of meat? Please note that my opponent admits that the nutrient profiles of both meats are similar as well. Unfortunately, bacon servings just happen to be much smaller and crumble apart easily.

Likewise, my opponent clearly has never eaten eggs and doesn't understand how when you leave eggs out, they get cold rather fast.


If timeliness is such a concern for my opponent, then why is he worrying about "leaving the eggs out" anyway? If he's rushing off so quickly that he can only eat a nasty pile of boxed, microwave chicken and a sheet of toasted flour, then why is he suggesting I sit and stare at my eggs until they go cold? Should I put them in the freezer too so he can actually be right for a change? Heat retention is a non-issue.

As for protein, 4 strips of bacon and 2 eggs already has as much or more protein than a serving of chicken strips (8-12 being the average numbers). I, myself, tend to eat more eggs and bacon than that though, because I'm not a child.

Quit comparing a full serving of your nasty box chicken to a single piece of crispy bacon. We're talking breakfast vs. breakfast here, are we not? Simple fact: bacon and eggs has more protein.

When you add in the eggs, the whole meal nutrient density of bacon and eggs makes chicken and waffles look like nutrient-free cardboard.
Debate Round No. 2


Daktoria forfeited this round.


Fine by me. No third argument is necessary. No first or second arguments were necessary. Just go take a bite of bacon and eggs, then tell me who won.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Daktoria 3 years ago
Sorry I forgot to post in R3. My bad.
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