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Children should be allowed to lie about their age in order to access certain accounts.

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Started: 11/10/2014 Category: People
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This is an open debate. Anyone is allowed to argue their point (via contender or comment). Please be serious.

Basic Pro: I believe that children should be allowed to lie about their age to access certain accounts. For example: emails are given to children 13+. But given our current society, where everything is digital, don't you think children should be allowed emails before then? Same with internet data storages. At that age, there are computer/digital projects assigned to students. Another compromise is that those certain websites and accounts could "get rid" of their age restrictions. I would like to hear your point of view if you wish to accept this debate.

Cheers. :)


Your argument is valid but I do see where this can go wrong. This is short and simple, but allowing this can easily give minors access to pornography.

Also, there are email systems that are specifically created for use of children such as

Students who need emails for school are often provided so by the school system, as my school does, for example.

And lying about your age, by itself, is not a crime. In order to obtain, which would be most likely in this case, is a crime.
Debate Round No. 1


I understand where you think this can go wrong. Pornography.
However, pornography is available anywhere on the internet or on the streets. It is unavoidable if you wish to look for it (e.g. snapchat or google images). Children die of alcohol even though it is better imposed (age wise) than pornography.

Now back to the email systems that are built for children under 13:
Isn't email just email? If you use gmail instead of the website you provided, aren't you doing basically the same thing? This is basically a moral question: I understand that lying is not a crime but if you wanted to use gmail as opposed to a school based, kid, email system, should you be allowed to? Or, even stretching it, should large email providers (gmail, yahoo, etc) lower their age limit?

Being honest: I got my gmail at age 10, since then I have received hundreds of messages, and sent hundreds of files to my teachers and peers with ease. Gmail/Google even blocks spam and ads. And I can use my gmail to gain access to dropbox, or google drive (which are internet based storages). Does (example) offer that kind of service?


EricPease forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 2


OK. Maybe next time...


This is weird I swore I submitted my rebuttal.
Debate Round No. 3


You probably ran out of time...

I won't post another argument for this round.


I believe that lying is wrong period. *awkward face*
Debate Round No. 4
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