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Children should be allowed to own and use mobile phones.

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Started: 10/9/2013 Category: Technology
Updated: 4 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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The first round is for acceptance only. No arguments should be placed in the first round.

*This debate should go for three (arguments) rounds.
*No new arguments should be placed in the third and fourth round.
*Sky's the limit on this debate, though.

Looking forward to a good debate...
Good Luck to whoever accepts the challenge... :)


i accept ur challenge
i am new to this so go easy on me hehehe
Debate Round No. 1


(I also am new here. I just joined here to practice for our event these coming days. So, Good Luck!)

I say that children should be allowed to own and use mobile phones.

Point 1. Children should be able to cope with the technologies we have and that they should be comfortable with it.

This is one main reason why they should be allowed because when these children grow up and barely had encountered technologies in their life, they would become ignorant to technologies. In these situations also, they are prone to be jealous and become envious to things their friends have but they themselves don't. These children would also then have limited sources on whatever they do or talk about and they would have less knowledge about things surrounding them.

Point 2. Children should be taught to be less dependent and develop interpersonal skills.

Children also should be exposed to environment where they could learn much for themselves and by themselves through these mobile phones. They should also learn to talk more to people where they could practice their language and their being interactive to people. At this point, children should enhance communication skills wherein it is needed throughout of their lives and by their independence, they could learn on their own much more than having no mobile phones at all.

Point 3. These phones keep most people safe and informed at most times.

Children should then be taught how to use the phone for their own good. It is now up to guardian or parents to teach their child/children the right way towards having a mobile phone. These phones should not then be used incorrectly. It is because children could now inform their parents or whoever their trusted person is on how the child is doing. This is also because the parents or guardians would then know and stay informed about where the child would be going and know where to go if something wrong happens. This is one thing children should have to inform their parents if they needed help or contact friends to finish something up together or contact family members if they're far away from them and needed help or just to greet them.

Concluding, children should be allowed to own and use mobile phones.

I now let you make your arguments...


I think that children shouldnt own and use mobile phones

I understand that you believe that children should be able to cope with the technologies of today but some children abuse technology. There is a serious problem going on in the USA and its called cyberbullying. Cyberbullies abuse technology by using it to torture other children which can result in sucidal deaths. Also children meet strangers online. These strangers can be potential sex offenders and children can meet up with them one day and can never be seen again.

You say that children should be taught to be less dependent on technology, but them having these mobile phones actually cause them to be more dependent on technology. If people come up and download applications that can tell them the definitions of things or they can read the newspaper or books, what makes you think that children won't do it.

Some parents and guardians do not teach their children right from wrong and they dont teach them home training. If these parents don't do that, what makes you think that they'll teach them the right way to use and operate a mobile phone? If more parents taught children morals and how to handle themselves like young adults there wouldnt be teen pregnancies, teens with STDs, etc.
Debate Round No. 2


Why shouldn't they?

Now, you first pointed out how children should somehow not cope with the technologies of today because some abuse technology. I am aware of these abuses that some children use these phones for gambling, pornography and/or bullying. Yes, all of these are true but such acts have already been done even though phones were not yet popular and widespread. I believe that these abuses can not be easily avoided and that these problems can only be dealt with through good parenting and moral education. The reason why cyberbullying spread in some schools is because of being got carried away and not fighting back nor complain to elderly persons of what is currently happening. In result, they receive no help nor advices and thus resulting to suicide. These events could have been avoided if only schools offer and practice good manners and right conduct where children would learn to be defensive for themselves. Regarding with the children meeting up with a stranger, it is actually not the phone to be blamed but the child using it instead. It is now up to the parents to ensure their child's safety and for the child to be extra careful in everything the child does.

Secondly, I apologize for not clarifying my second argument. My second argument should mean that children would be developing their independence and interpersonal skills. By independence, I mean that they would not be asking help anymore from any of the elder persons regarding a certain question but by answering the question themselves.
Even without this idea, you continued to rebut my argument and ended up teaming up with me. You said that if people can download applications using mobile phones, what makes me think that children won't do it. Which is exactly why children should own such phones for the reason that phones make almost everything easier for them.

Lastly, you said that some parents do not teach their children right and wrong. Yes, I believe that some parents don't but this should not be the case since not only parents are there to guide them but they also have some good friends, relatives and teachers. It is actually up to the child to bring up his/her attitude towards his/her environment. I also believe that many parents teach children about good moral and about handling themselves like young adults but the child's decision is the child's decision and not the parent's. The child can refuse to obey them and thus resulting to ending up with a wrong choice and further on results to teen pregnancies or teens having STD's. Also, looking back to the topic, it says 'Children should be allowed to own and use mobile phones.' You stated that "what makes you think that they'll teach them the right way to use and operate a mobile phone?" I would like to answer that in this way: If parents don't teach them good attitude and morals, then they would be more likely ignore the child and the thing that's more likely to happen is that they won't be giving the child a phone. On the other hand, if they would, the results are obvious. The point I am trying to say here is that if children are allowed to own and use a phone, it doesn't mean that they should have one. Most parents give children phones because they want to ensure the child's safety and when the parents are informed and they give their children the right phone in the right time, then abuses would be lowered.

Therefore, I could still conclude that children should be allowed to own and use mobile phones.


mayachantell forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


Having the arguments extended...

1. Phones Keep Children Safe.
2. Phones Promote Independence From Any Person.
3. Phones Develop Interpersonal Skills.
4. Children Should Be Comfortable With Our Technology

It can still be concluded that Children Should Be Allowed To Own and Use Mobile Phones.

Thanks to mayachantell for making refutations though. God Bless Us All. Vote Straight, please. :)


mayachantell forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Juney 4 years ago
Why don't you make one and I'll accept it.
Posted by Maxence822 4 years ago
I accept your challenge too
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