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Children should do chores at home.

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Started: 12/4/2016 Category: Society
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Children should do chores at home. This makes them have responsibility. Also, it makes children more organized. This skill is very important. When they grow up it would be very useful because you should do chores as a father or mother. In fact, lots of parents like their children doing chores like washing the dishes. So I think children absolutely needs to do chores at home to make a happy house.


Thank you for your enthusiasm on this topic of "children should do chores at home".
In my opinion, it is not children's obligation to do "chores at home". As we all know, today's society is a society with its foundation on knowledge instead of labor. It is children's responsibility and obligation to fulfill their school work and further develop on their academic achievements. Although social behavior is also a significant element involved in individuals' development as a whole, however, "chores" are not involved in this category because children should spend their time helping each other with schoolwork and thus achieving the goal of social interaction with academic purposes. That, in my personal view, is one of the reasons why children should not do chores at home.
Secondly, the noun "children" is specifically referring to kids under the age of 18. Children's perspective of the world and attitude towards others are at growth at that age range. Doing chores has the possibility of leaving some antilabor opinions or deviate their perspective of the world. If doing chores has already become a habit of that children, what will he think when seeing other children at the same age who are not doing chores? Will he feel unfair, angry, thus rebellious? The comparison between children is an important factor of children being disgraced or laughed at, at school.
Furthermore, the competition between children is fierce and violent these days. They have to work harder and harder in order to get into a good university which can help them achieve the most, both academically and characteristically. If they cannot even make it into a university, or into a bad one, how can they learn both academic knowledge and character education well there? If they put their time on chores, and fail on the long-term development (college), will their parents (family) feel proud?
Although I do think that doing chores is, theoretically, good for the corporeal growth of children, it does not necessarily need to take place during the age under 18. In college, I believe, there is plenty of challenges for teenagers to face, including those chores. Therefore, I strongly support the notion that children should not do chores at home.
Thank you.
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Posted by TheBenC 1 year ago
And...I forgot to mention how fun it would be to have a kid grow up and go out into the real world without knowing how to cook, clean and wash his own clothes. That is a reality show I want to watch!
Posted by TheBenC 1 year ago
That guy said our society is founded on knowledge not labor! Damn, must be a good life he has because he never even noticed all of the farmers, construction workers, truckers, mechanics and millions of other laborers out there doing what it takes to keep the world alive.
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