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Children should not be allowed to be exposed to internet for prolonged periods of time

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Started: 10/12/2012 Category: Health
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Prolonged exposure to internet makes people depressed, lonely and make them behave abnormally....Now think of children....


No, I am not agree with your point. Lets take its benefits that we gain during our daily life. But if you are talking about small children I am agree with that of course there is no debate on it. So if you are not , then there is also no need of talking, because it is indisputable that we cant imagine the world without Internet.
Debate Round No. 1


"Anything in excess is bad"-Good things however good they may be, become bad when they are done in excess.
Thanks for accepting that it is harmful for small children but I also want to add to your belief that prolonged periods of exposure to internet is also bad for people like us. I will take the case of social-networking sites. I don't say they are bad they help our long distance friends remain connected but what happens with our nearby friends is a big trouble.

People have lost their contacts and the relations are not like what they used to be. People are more interested to meet on internet and they deny your presence in front of them. I think it is just pointless. Also if we talk in terms of health of a grown up individual I think internet is taking toll on that too. For example there are many people who move aimlessly on the internet. We have got some limited motives and pages to visit and after we are done with it we think what should I do now in internet. So here I agree that when we need help we turn to internet. But after we get what is needed then, then what should we do. Most people are not of this attitude that now pc should be turned off, the usage continues. This becomes an addiction and with the word ADDICTION I mean to say people can't stay away from it. If you keep people with regular usage of 4-5 hours away from internet they become restless. They get depressed and they start behaving in a strange manner. Their work efficiency decreases. People remaining glued to internet all the time and not taking care of their health.

What I want to say is that prolonged usage is bad and people need to be advised about it.


yes, it is bad just for limited reasons ,but I want to say that there is no harm overusing it, because we have to, for example we have a lot of hometasks and we do not know anything about that and of course we will be glued to Internet if we want to get high grade. but, I am agree if your point is just in heath. it is indisputable that it has big impact on our health. hoverer, we should also think about other sides of our life. And even without help of Internet we can not imagine sometimes that we can do our hometasks ourselves. So it brings us a great deal of success. And working hard is important in order to be successful. so my point is that we should not ignore a little harm of we are getting just because of eyesight's, but we need to recognize that we can have medical service for it or wear a glass if it is necessary. it is human life everything can happen. So we should be aware of it.
Debate Round No. 2


I am the most stupid man on earth if I am saying that Internet is bad. It took years of research and development for our
researchers and scientists to develop what we call today as INTERNET. It is a very important tool which is both accessible and comes handy to the common man, an important resource of getting knowledge so that we can make use out of it.
That's why we people have got internet connections at our homes. It helps us to be a man of our dreams from just a mere ordinary person. I will not call it a GENIE(a magical creature who lives in a magical jar and fulfills wishes of his owner) but a friend that helps you traverse the path of difficulty and achieve your goals.

I am not against the internet since I know of the role it played in bringing the human race to the heights that was never imagined before. All the marvels of technology that we are witnessing today can be significantly credited to internet because someway or the other it has helped to bring them to the realms of reality. So you can see that I am not totally in disagree to the facts you have presented before me but I want to tell you that you have been deviating from the objective of our debate.

Researchers have told in their recent publish that prolonged use of internet is not good for people. People as we know are less vulnerable than children in coping with situations that require mental strength. So a direct comparison can be made in between grown up people and children. This automatically brings us to conclusion that Children shouldn't be allowed to remain exposed to the internet for prolonged periods of time. All parents who want welfare of their children and are worried about providing a good future to them should try to understand what this new craze has got in store for them. Because prolonged exposure leads to depression which is quite opposite to what kids should be, energetic and enthusiastic for a better future of both the child and the nation. Thank you......


No, i am strongly disagree with your point that children should not be allowed to be exposed to internet for prolonged periods of time. Becouse use of it is education program that they use.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by devient.genie 5 years ago
It depends on what they are doing on the internet. Absolutley DO NOT let them ingest nutrtion from a holy binky online or not. If they are infecting their brain with information that contains vile, wicked, sexist, homophobic, violent, gory, immoral, or information that causes their intuition, intellect, and instinct to atrophy, you are retarding their thinking process :)

However, if your child is exposed to the beautiful and inspirational truths about nature and the evolution of life, lets hope they spend every waking moment trying to understand life thru logic, reason, and evidence, instead of the supernatural.
Posted by WriterSelbe 5 years ago
If the resolution is that children should NOT be exposed to the internet for prolonged periods of time, then the instigator is actually debating on the wrong side...
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