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Children should not be allowed to vote.

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Started: 11/27/2016 Category: Politics
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Yes, I am a 15 year-old child at the time of writing. I can see there are many children who vote 'No'. However, I believe children, should not be allowed to vote - as emotions, something prominent in boys and girls like us, often cloud our judgement - for example, you wouldn't normally try and negotiate with a man who just stabbed your mother, would you?

I think that, until children have demonstrated and proven to show understanding of the world in more depth - far, far deeper than racism, police, Trump, African children starving and dying from malnutrition, friends, and many other things that you might consider apparently 'important' - then they should not vote. I would advise that you read a book on social psychology, and how human beings mentally function in general. Such books just prove how predictable us children can be - whether it be actions as a result of "edgy" delusions, why people talk bad about themselves to receive praise from others... it's actually all very sad, how simple *some* people can be.

But enough of the digression. Let us take one example: BREXIT. I notice that many children (here in the UK) voted to Remain in the EU in mock elections. Why? Well, obviously because of a difference in ways of thinking, of course. Because they strongly support unity, equality, etc.

But what is so good about unity? Why force the value of unity onto others? If there are two groups, one of, say, conservative white men, and the other being followers of Islam, why should you make them uncomfortable (if they are) and force them to live amongst one another? If they want to be segregated them leave them be!

In fact, I find myself supporting one side (and this applies to anything) not because I like them, but because I hate what the other side does. The Remain campaign - viciously shouting abuse and constantly accusing the Leave campaign of lies and whatnot. That was, pretty much, the only thing they did. The Leave campaign did not hurl abuse and criticism back - and instead talked about the benefits of leaving the EU. They were outright victims - and did the good thing and ignored them. And guess what? Leave won - people were, by then, tired of Remain's 'scaremongering'.

The way in which my classmates that day acted made me realize my hatred for Remain supporters even more. Someone at the front of the classroom shouted "We're doomed" and almost everyone around me joked about how life was good while it lasted and getting deported. I felt disgusted by their defeatist attitude to the referendum. It showed how childish they were - like throwing a tantrum when they didn't get their candy. It showed how weak they were - giving up hope when things didn't go the way they wanted it to. It showed me, yes, that this is us children in a nutshell.

No, I do not think I am mature. I only support the rational and logical. When we act on emotions and impulse, we usually do not think of consequences. I would even suggest that 25 would be a good age to vote - when most of us have experienced more than enough to make unbiased decisions.
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