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Children should not get an allowance no matter how little or how much the work.

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Started: 3/7/2013 Category: Society
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First round will be acceptance of the challenge. Complete sentences are not required. Try to make valid arguments.


I accept this debate and I believe that every child should have an allowance.
Debate Round No. 1


Yes all children want an allowance for money. I am 15 and I have an allowance, but I refuse to take it. Children should learn to take care of their chores. They should not get paid for taking out the trash, mowing the lawn, and doing the dishes. If a child wants money they should come up with their own way to make it. If a child works for 2 hours a day on chores during the weekend in the summer and asks for an allowance, then they are not learning anything. Yes they are learning that hard work comes with rewards but they are not learning responsibility. A child will soon grow up and have to do the exact same things they are doing now in the future. But they will be expecting a reward of some sort, and will be disappointed to know that the only reward they get is the reward of a clean house and yard. If taking out dogs is a responsibility and there is no allowance then they will always do it but as soon as the allowance stops coming. Is when the chores stop being done. Children should not get a reward for their responsibility.


I have 3 reasons why children should get an allowance for chores


1. "It teaches children good work ethic."

Allowances teach good work ethic by simulating a real job. If an employee works hard and does his/her work they are bound to get a raise. This is the same with allowances because if a child takes out the trash, washes the car, removes the graffiti that someone spray painted over night, mows the lawn, etc. and works hard to do a good job, they should get paid.

2. "It saves the parent's money."

Say if someone earns $200.00 every week for a job and gives their child a $20 weekly allowance, you don't have to worry about wasting your money on what your child wants. Like say the new Call of Duty game is coming out soon and your child really wants it and you have to pay most of your money. If your child spreads out a $20 allowance for 3 weeks, they could go to Gamestop and buy the game instead of the parent taking out $60 from their own paycheck in one week.

3. "It teaches that good things are enjoyed better when you wait."

If your child wants Call of Duty and you just go there and buy it for the child they will eventually get bored of it quicker and try harder to beat the game. While if your child saves an allowance, there is a better chance that they would do their homework and chores before they enjoy the game.

Pro has not fulfiled his burden of proof yet!

Conclusion: Allowances teach children responsibility.

Debate Round No. 2


Jonny_Boyy78 forfeited this round.


Majducator forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by darksky.kristine26 5 years ago
I'm tied on this debate already. See, I'm a teen, and I'm expected to do my chores everyday, such as cleaning up any mess in the kitchen, sweep/vaccum the kitchen and the living room floors, do as much laundry as possible, and scoop the litterbox.
While I'm not paid an "allowance", I do get some money every now and then for "all the good work I've done." (as my mom puts it.)
So really, I'm on the fence for this one.
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