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Choosing a homebirth adds unnecessary risks and is irresponsible.

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Started: 3/4/2009 Category: Health
Updated: 8 years ago Status: Voting Period
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Women have a right to choose where and with whom they would like to give birth. My question is why would a woman choose to have her baby at home when she has the option to be at a hospital or birthing center? Even if you have a 100% complication free pregnancy, labor can quickly turn sour and you might need a doctors intervention. Not to mention hospitals are sterile, and have every piece of equipment needed in case of any emergencies that might occur during delivery.

In the event of wanting a natural birth(no pain medication, etc.), why not do so in a safe surrounding in a hospital or birthing center? The difference between that and a home birth is, if a problem ensues there will be trained Obstetricians there to intercede. Some of the problems possibly being:" maternal hemorrhage, shoulder dystocia, eclampsia, uteran abruption, prolapsed umbilical cord, or other obstetric emergencies which would require immediate medical care not available during a home birth" (American Medical Association).

If mother or baby died on the way to the hospital in any of the above situations it would be an unnecessary tragedy. Why would anyone put they're newborn at risk in this way, or themselves? My ancestors had they're babies at home but they also frequently lost they're children and died themselves. Also, in the case of a lower income family, there are many state programs availabe to help you have a baby practically cost free. So I want someone to take this debate to explain to me how having a home birth over rules doing everything in one's power to keep they're newborn child safe; which is a parents most important job.


The Fact of the matter is that people have had what we would now call "home births" for hundreds of years. When man first appeared we have had births without hospitals for the simple fact that we had not have invented any yet. Yes newborns did die at a higher rate than now, but with the rise of technology, home births are becoming safer and easier to perform.

I will concede the fact there was a higher chance of death with a home birth, but the problem was the fact that people did not know how to perform a home birth properly. In that light if you cannot perform a home birth properly then you would of course have a higher risk of death.

It all comes down to How you handle the situation. if you handle it correctly then the home births will have a minimal risk.
Debate Round No. 1


As I said in round one, the advantage of now having hospitals has brought down maternal and infant death. Your right, with the rise of technology births have become safer. Please tell me what technology you have in your home for a home birth?

Thank you for agreeing with my saying that home birth's are more dangerous than those in a hospital. This is very important, as this debate is over home births adding unnecessary risks to baby and mother. Also, even when using proper birthing techniques, any of the emergency situations I quoted above would be devastating. If the mother were to have a hemorrhage she would die of blood loss in a matter of minutes. So you say "it all comes down to how you handle the situation" there's no way to handle a situation requiring surgery and blood transfusions at home.


Saves Money
The good thing about a home birth is that it is low to no cost. A woman would not have to debate whether on not to have a kid based solely upon income and availability of a hospital. Also a doctor can be present if the family wants a doctor to be present. It is again the choice of the family. Also much of the equipment is available to the family and can have it set up in their house.

Religions like the Christian Science and other religions like it believe only in that God will save them. Not only is it a religious choice. I also believe that most people who are afraid of hospitals will not go to a hospital even if they are expecting a birth.
Debate Round No. 2


candice forfeited this round.


Camuls forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by gonovice 8 years ago
I voted basically for camlus because of the idea of what he was arguing...even though both sides didn't post their final argument. I have to agree with the con, because it is some womens religious or spiritual beliefs that hospital births are wrong. Those women also understand that if they need hospital care, they can get it....
Posted by Rob1Billion 8 years ago
interesting. Apparently this debate is a few months old yet both debaters fell off the map before it was completed, and no one ever even showed up to vote! Quite odd.
Posted by candice 8 years ago
I was trying to post my last argument before the time was out and my computer froze up!!!!!! ARGHHHH....
Posted by gonovice 8 years ago
If you have questions about homebirth, you shouldn't be looking for answers on a debating website. Not everyone on this site is qualified to give you that information.
Posted by Danielle 8 years ago
"So I want someone to take this debate to explain to me how having a home birth over rules doing everything in one's power to keep they're newborn child safe; which is a parents most important job."

^^ That doesn't reflect the resolution. I'd imagine if the resolution reflected this request, this debate would be taken up a lot sooner, possibly even by myself. I'll still consider it.
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Vote Placed by gonovice 8 years ago
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