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Christian Conservative Youth are The Worst

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Started: 1/29/2014 Category: Politics
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At such a young age you should not have an ideology that you are so strongly for. I'm still very young and don't actually have an ideology so I just say i'm moderate cause I'm really on no ones side. This all really boils down to their parents who raised them to feel so strongly about one side. I feel that they still lack alot of knowledge to know what to believe especially only ever been taught one side of the story. I'd like to hear from an actual conservative young person.

Websites showing A Conservative Teen magazine


Who are you to decide what goes on in someone else's thoughts? Parents have their own beliefs, and of course, would wish for their children to follow. But Christianity is not something that is forced onto the next generation, it is a personal decision. I am a Christian, I chose this at a young age, but I did not decide this without doubts of my own. Of course, my parents taught me about Christ, but I received another version of Him through school. A version where Christians are thought to be blind, but calling people blind doesn't automatically mean you have vision.
Debate Round No. 1


Parents can teach children what they want it's there kids but you shouldn't brainwash your children. Children are the future and giving them only half the story will cause them to hate the other we shouldn't close off or make up facts you're spreading lies to your kids. Also alot of young conservative kids are even against some actual human rights mainly for LGBT community and often those who hate are the ones to attack first. I've looked more on the subject of what children are taught here are some links -
This link shows what some parents and teachers are teaching their children a religion based on fear to me is not a good one so I disbelieve in their lord and believe in my own.

I can also put down my own personal experience as a kid I went with my dad to a religious meeting or something like that. I could not believe what I was hearing at one point a priest told me as a female I would have to choose to either become a nun or a mother then a puppet show was put on. The story was about a boy who wanted to watch Harry Potter and wasn't allowed as told by his Guardian angel. But the biggest thing we were taught to be fearful of hell a child shouldn't really be taught of hell in that way I was so scared when I found out I went around crying because I thought I could go to hell if I were to die any minute and I was only six. We are also taught as a teenager that human sexuality is a bad thing I disagreed saying that it was a natural part of humans we experience lust and yet we were taught to ignore it. I made a list of things that I were told were sinful

Meditation that was not christian
Thinking of Sex
Talking of Sex
Watching stuff about Sex
Watching things about Magic
Being Gay
Birth Control
Other religions
Greens (Political Party)
Questioning God and the Bible

And Science

That to me is quite a list and I even forgot a few you might say well weren't your parents Christians yes but not conservative I learnt the list from others being priests to really religious people. My mother believed in evolution and both my parents believed in equal rights for everyone. I'm angry that kids have no one else to go to not their parents or friends and even teachers cause I didn't.


To start, I find the article you posted extremely exaggerated. If you have ever stepped in a truly BIBLICAL based Christian church, you would understand that they do not teach that we, as humans, are worthless. But are lost. The God I believe in loves me. He must be pretty irritated when His people turn their backs on Him. We are like children, chasing after the "toys" and useless material things that can never satisfy. If you are a parent, you would understand how hard it is to experience your child not listen to reason. If I ever have kids in the future, I can already tell how hard it will be to give my children vegetables when they have the distractions of sugary sweets. Fruits and veggies are difficult to put in any child's diet, but I know that its better for them. Although, they may not know that yet. This is just like the miracles and stories of the bible that are hard to believe for us. For example, the crucifixion is thought to be too brutal and many question God's ways. I mean, who would send their only son to die such a brutal death? The answer to this is simple, is it fair for the clay to say to the potter "Why did you make me like this?", "Why did you do this to me?" No it is not, for the clay has no understanding of the potter at all! Trying to understand God's ways is like an ant, trying to explain to another ant, why humans do what they do.

I truly apologise for the "Christians" that are confused and make Christianity look like a very hateful belief. But I assure you, a true church does not attempt to brainwash their children, but awaken their children. My parents did not make me to go to church, I chose that myself. My dad was raised in a Catholic home, and shared his experiences to me. To him, he didn't belong. It was a world-view that believed rules and good deeds were the way to God. But what they don't understand is good deeds can't make up for our human nature. Our "good" deeds, matched up to God's perfection, is not really a comparison at all. Catholics are trying to walk towards heaven, looking back in fear of hell. So they try to cover up their mistakes by being the best they could be, which doesn't work.

I agree with you, human sexuality is natural, I experience lust everyday. But the difference is, I do not ignore it, I use it as a constant reminder that shouts to me "I CAN'T DO THIS LIFE ON MY OWN". If anything my addiction to pornography has taught me just that. Your list of stuff that you were taught not to do are apart of life, and people who commit these actions are not to be put on trial in church. "The church is not a museum of good people, it is a hospital for the broken" (I got this line from a Christian poet)
Debate Round No. 2


TheLadyofTheInternet forfeited this round.


It's fine, thanks for the debate anyway...
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by TheLadyofTheInternet 3 years ago
Sorry about forfeiting I calculated the time wrong and it was a tad too late I was hoping you could forfeit the round too but it's okay if you don't it was my fault in the end so I don't blame you if you still want to write the round argument.
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