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Christian rap battle

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Started: 8/31/2014 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Just basically rapping Christian lyrics off the top

Look, i hear political leaders around me fightin' over power, they jealous
But my people in this government are lookin' for the one King, we zealous
Cuz after all these things we take in bliss, i'm scrollin through the syllabus

First round acceptance


I accept.
Debate Round No. 1


I been sittin' here, dwellin' on all the sins of the world
Then i wage holy war on all evil beings, pick up the sword
Rest assured, i enter the war board, burn enemies to the floor

Divine blood flowin' through my blood contained since the Adamic mud
I'm burnin in fiery passion, ten thousand times evil shall pay than the flood
I ride on all my spiritual enemies, firmly embodied in the Lion of Judah
singing this war song 250 years long, central truth, absolute not Buddha

I got a blood-lust for those evil forces that be dissin us
I don't need to be a G to exterminate thee n' bust
I get all my energies from the God in whom i trust

I make the Lord my stronghold among the sheepfold truth be told
Shootin' my enemies left to right with arrows, holy terror unfolds
Yes i have an all consuming anger on the unrighteousness
For negative energy is invested in moral unfaithfulness

Won't murda physically, but i will murda evil spiritually
Lyrically, i move in extreme maneuverability, inflammability
Principally, inside the divine being i am indestructibly
Even though this flesh corrupts me, i still stand in stability

So don't think that God is pure sugar sweet, cuz God is a warrior
He fights n' defends his people, so salute the messiah or make him angrier
Drench in the blood of his wrath, or in his mercy, God has absolutely no barrier


I'll murder this kid legitimately like clinical abortions
On a death and killing spree of Biblical proportions
I'm only here to put an arrow through this guy and his pride
I'm someone you shouldn't "cross" like Christ when he died!

Christians celebrate the holiday season with a Christmas tree
While I rhyme with so much divinity even God is sick of me
Pro can't hear what I say so he has to greet me with "pardons"
You doing what you not supposed to do like Eve in the Garden

When it comes to rap battles I'm as hard as can be
I'll put a part in Pro's skull like Moses parted the sea
Thought he had the upper hand? I'm turning the tables
Pro's a junkie, when it comes to 'cain ("Cane") he's more than able ("Abel")

My opponent's the type to get hype and type on a message board
With big words from scripture that's really boring, to me, less is more
The next plague that arrives will probably include infected sores
Because his mom's like Mary Magdalene; probably an infested whore

When it comes to this rap game he has no bold penmanship
Plus nobody cares about his rules anymore just like the Old Testament
I bet in Sunday school he was the most awful student
He would would dim the lights just to jerk off to Gospel music

Just like God with the trinity I'll divide Pro into three pieces
Then watch his soul rise to heaven so he can meet Jesus
When he looks upon God for his judgement at the pearly gates
He'll get rejected quicker than a fat girl with a dirty face

Debate Round No. 2


Mentally, i'm writin' some metaphysical concepts on Papyrus
Mythologizing you has never been easier than that deity Osiris
Cuz between you and him, both of you look like reincarnated Cyrus (1)

your right i'm doing what i ought not to like Eve, so look where we landed
It's cuz i'ma man rulin' over a sissy fruitcake like you, so get backhanded
The only knowledge you flaunt is your preconceived notions movin' like oceans
One minute your skeptical then the next you believe, you just go with the motions

I didn't know you could read, by your profile pic, i judge you a drinker
Blabberin' bout what you think is real then claim to be a rational thinker
You really wanna play with me, you really wanna die?
I'm the butcher, mm emcees, these steaks are high!

Puttin' you in your place, that place called Abaddon
Movin' you from Eden all the way to the port of Sidon
Rippin you to shreds till the place has been flodden

You think your rhymes are clever? Get hit with this cleaver!
You been under the hidden spell of the dark deceitful deceiver!

You need to do a scriptural analysis before you come to an end: paralysis
I'll bet your time is over without lookin at my pyrex livin' in the projects
You fall over like the goddess Isis, i scream "your dead" n' add emphasis
I change you like Hitler's axis, put you in a temporal stasis in synopsis
Like the Synoptics, i divide you into several fragments in a synthesis
I'ma create lyrics just as God did in his first ten divine utterances

Your going to be decimated ever since the day you were created in a-bio Genesis
Your not one of us, we don't need a Bible, just look at this text, we're doin an exegesis
The only reason your a narcissist n' believe God doesn't exist is cuz your pissed
That i don't even have to use these fists, so your not worthy, just slit ya wrists

Like Cain, i'm murderin' you with these bars hittin' your head
Like Abel, your sufferin' from the disposition that you are dead




Rational_Thinker9119 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3


If you as an intellectual can't flaunt Bible knowledge, as a thinker, you thinkin' south
Stop jibber jabbin blabberin' about that which you know not of n' keep it out ya mouth!

If it was up to you, the whole world would be illiterate, degenerate!
I'ma split you in half like the firmaments n' keep it all separate!
I will blind you, make you look at the sky n' behold God to venerate
Diss me in this battle,cut the small talk, i let my bars excommunicate

The worst thing you can do in this rap battle is forfeit
Back out of this battle, cuz i'm way too legit to quit

You think you a rational madman, gettin' knowledge like a roman!
Yet you can't fathom the absoluteness from a single biblical poem!
All you do is worship ya self cuz man has uplifted the spirit of Science!
Biblical influence still greater at the flip of a page, just pure silence!

While scientists were discovering the galaxies in a space mission!
Intricate wisdom was being spread around like oral transmission!
When you speak of evolution, people run away so you snarled!
That's how we know the Bible will conquer the whole wide world!
You mad cuz we practice metaphysics, we trust in what we can't see!
While you rant all day, tryna stand solid, what it really means to be!

Get on yo knees and pray to God and respect the name in reverence!
Cuz your not of this higher intelligence, ya blinded by your arrogance!
Let me break it down to ya, it's either God's way or the high way!
It won't matter what you say, cuz either way you gon bow one day!

From this day on, let Truth_seeker be thought of an irrational mad-man!
Cuz i'm crazy, i'm murkin you like the Taliban all the way in Afghanistan!
Ever since the day of Noah, the world ended by a flood, next is in fire!
A proof of that is Christianity demolishing the whole Roman empire!


(Response to Pro's second verse)

His head's big, if he's the king like David it won't fit in his crown
I still murdered him Biblically even if I forfeited a round!
Pro's love of penis entails he'll receive all that he can take
He is like Eve in the garden, just a girl following a snake

Your mother's poon looks like a slice from Boston Pizza
I'm sick 'cuz of my rhymes; she's sick 'cuz of Gonorrhea
You say I'm going through passable motions but that is just bogus
You're just pissed as the whore is older than the stone tablets of Moses

Clearly you are like the Devil in Hell's kitchen, just a bottom feeder
But like Satan I'm only here to play you and all the gospel readers
Pro is nothing like Jesus Christ your savior you are not a teacher
I'll do you dirty like Judas did plus double cross your preacher!

Am I a drinker? Damn right so get me a bottle and fast
Even Jesus turned water into wine, he probably wanted a glass!
At this point it's obvious that Pro's style's through
His rhymes are like The Bible; extensive vocabulary with no entertainment value

His mother gives felacio so much she lost her taste buds
But she's a squirter, having her in bed is like re-enacting the Great Flood
All I have to do to beat him is dig deep and summon anger
I'll get more pissed than Jesus would with a bunch of money changers

You're so wack that nobody wants to see you spit one rhyme
You say I'm evil, well, even Lucifer was an angel at one time!
Plus, believing that your rapping is just that dope
Is like believing Noah actually put all the animals on that boat

Pro you aint gettin' paid but you're getting raped
You aint an Egyptian slave but you're getting whipped into shape
I'll cut you like Jason from Crystal Lake while you watch Prison Break
Just to send you to God's kingdom now that's a different place!

This is do or die, going up against me in a battle is suicide
Plus I did "nail" his girl so best believe that twat got crucified!
His heart isn't real so his nickname is pacemaker
He'll die like Christ but the only difference he won't rise 3 days later

(Response to Pro's third verse)

I don't have to be a prophet like Samuel to predict you are going to lose
Like knocking a peach against a counter I will leave you with a bruise!
Pro couldn't get a girl even if she was ugly and her beef curtains were hairy
Judging by the way he raps when he types he's clearly a virgin like Mary

I'm big and he's smaller when I'm spittin this rhyme
This is David vs Goliath but Goliath is winnin' this time!
To kill you I'll make sure you drown, you're already drownin' in wackness
So I'll just stick Pro's head in the Holy Water like John the Baptist!

This nasty bum? I will slash his lungs
And harass his mum until the Rapture comes
Make her blow me off then grab her toungue
Just to cut it off for raising such a bastard son!

Her vagina is so dark and wide like a cave but she loves fetishes
I went in and said "Let there be light!" like the Book of Genesis
All Pro did was cry to his dad but the best move is to let it be
His dad didn't care, Pro said "father, why have you forsaken me!"

Acting like Jesus but he can't feed the masses with bread and fishes
If he acts like hes Saint Nicholas he'll get bags of sh*t for Christmas
That's fine with him, bags of sh*t were on his wish list
I'm killing Pro so badly that even God's minding his own business!

I would bet my last dollar that Pro has never had a girlfriend
My lines are "fire" like how he thinks The Bible says the world ends
Why don't we believe you? ... You're lying for starters
Since you want to follow Christ then you too can die as a Martyr!

This battle still has more to come but there is no doubt he's done
Like Hebrew slaves when they see Egyptians I bet you will run!
Crying to your knees as you glance at the sun
Wishing that you never battled Lucifer in this battle of puns!
Debate Round No. 4


Wow...what can i say...

Your momma so stupid when i said logic, she was thinkin of logic (1)
She literally came to the conclusion that your not born out of it
Yo, we went to the back n' i can prove that she can really spit
N' i'm not talkin bout rap, i'm talkin' bout when she can lick

You dummy, haven't you read the phrase "less is more?"
No! It's because no one taught you to read,

I'ma take a break from being theological n' be philosophical
I'm about to prove this fake emcee he is pure mythological

To disrespect me is going to take a mind higher than a supercomputer
You throwin' a bunch of garbled mess..well aren't you the sharpshooter (2)
Do the math: this is mind over a dark matter, yo head on a platta, no confusion
To think you can beat a lyrical mastermind has got you in the wrong conclusion
I'm dismantin' your axioms into atoms cuz your facin' an immaterial diffusion
Your mistaken if you think you can rap, if i'm real that makes you an illusion

You can't think philosophically let alone logically
If i hit you, you would then believe in neurology
I'm beatin' you now, there is no false dichotomy (3)

Here's a riddle, what you call a noob who thinks he's king?
With a shirt sayin "i rap to prove you can't"? a red herring (4)
Yes i said a red heron (5) when it comes to me, no comparing

Power up my mental capacity, leave you grinded like a mine did
Logically destroy your immaterial self, leave you open minded
My intellect is in the clouds, i crash land n' leave you dumbfounded







It's like Pro thinks he just bought a starer kit
He loaded his last round with sources 'cuz he knows he lost the argument!
How pathetic is that? It is clear he don't mean sh*t to me
He wants the 2 points while I'll get 3 like the Trinity!

If yall think your impressed by his unentertaining bars? Don't buy the hype
He should lose conduct points due him spewing garbage with the wack rhymes he typed!
It's so bad, one doesn't even need to read the screen to tell it's awful
He's a weak sheep in wolf's clothing I got my own 12 apostles!

I'll attack you and slap you, that's true
You'll write about it like I'm Jesus and you're either Mark, John, Luke or Mathew
Even your dad abandoned you just to be a rotten bum
It reminds me of John 3:16 he gave his only begotten son!

You're Christian so when you're in the Church yelling "Hallelujah!"
I'm with your sister in sex positions of the Kamasutra
Your uncle used to sit back and watch your father do ya
Your traumatized like Job from the Bible, I'm like God you're Buddha

I'll pick him up in the West and throw him to the stars in the East
Everytime he cuts himself the Devil calls it the Mark of the Beast
My lifestyle include's fancy resturants you can't afford Denny's
I'm a huge room full of banded cash you're two wrinkled up twenties!

Plot twist; I'm going to fight fire with fire and win source votes as well
You used Wikipedia, that's wack, old, and just boring as hell
I'll even use more sources to solidify the win
Then piss on your grave and laugh to exemplify the new 8th deadly sin

Pro he said "I'm dismantin' your axioms into atoms" like it implies terror
But axioms can't be physical like atoms; that's a category error!
His mother's knockers are world wide like Abrahamic religions
With tits so big that she even started a bra hammock tradition!

Since Pro wants to play his hand in the "vacuous source" game I will surpass it
I will put and end to his soul and place his body in a casket
Now he's nothing but a worthess peice of rotten meat for the maggots
In this Christian rap battle I'm colorful while his picture is static!


[1] "Trinity" []
[2] "Twelve Apostles" []
[3] "John 3:16" []
[4] "Hallelujah" []
[5] "Category Error" []
[6] "Abrahamic Religion" []
[7] "Mark of the Beast" []

Debate Round No. 5
1 comment has been posted on this debate.
Posted by Rational_Thinker9119 3 years ago
Crap I forgot about this, I will do the next round, my bad for the forfeit.
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Vote Placed by bladerunner060 3 years ago
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Used the most reliable sources:--Vote Checkmark2 points
Total points awarded:40 
Reasons for voting decision: I'm surprised at rational--a forfeit? Life happens, I suppose. But conduct's obvious. As to arguments, well, it was a rap battle, and therefore wholly subjective. But I found Pro's "flow" to actually be at least slightly better, and he didn't forfeit a round (though, admittedly, Con posted his round as a 2-round-in-one on the next round).