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Christianity and Evolution can coexist.

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Started: 12/1/2013 Category: Religion
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Despite popular belief, Christians can in fact believe in evolution, or at least parts of the evolutionary theory. Why must one believe solely in one theory?


Pro, I would like to thank you for this opportunity. Please do not find any of this offense. I do not mean to. Best of wishes to you! Let us have a fun and exiting debate round.
Voters, please do not account personal religious views. Please just go with what is based on the debate. Thank you!

Theory-a supposition or a system of ideas intended to explain something, esp. one based on general principles independent of the thing to be explained.
A theory is an idea. This is a major key to prove why they cannot coexist. It is an idea that makes no sense. While the Pro is giving unproven ideas, I will be using scientific theories that are backed up with evidence.

Believe-to accept as true or real.
Now, the statement that Christians can also believe in evolution in obviously true. Anyone can believe in anything they want,thus that statement is down.

The Pro is giving me a case, but with no back up evidence. He is stating that the two can exist at the same time, but provides to evidence. So, I can say that cats and dogs are the same thing, but this doesn't work because I have no supporting evidence. Also, he never states which parts of the evolutionary theory. This causes many problems. Because he has not stated which parts, there is no way for me to attack this. So, the Pro is being unfair and putting me at a disadvantage.

1)The bible states in Genesis chapter 3 that sin entered the world after Adam and Eve ate the forbidden fruit. The Bible also clearly establishes that Adam and Eve were both humans. The evolutionary theory states that evolution occurred for homo sapiens to come. For this to happen, Adam and Eve must have come from evolution. But this contradicts the bible. Thus, the fact that Christianity and Evolution can coexist is a false statement.
2)There are evidence that some animals evolved over time to become what we see today. One animal coming from dinosaurs. But, the bible states that the Earth was created by God. If this was true, there is no way some modern day animals can be here.

It is obvious that the Pro was unable to support his claim in his opening statement. I would highly rate an Con vote to this argument.

To your question, I will answer. One can believe in more theories, but these two theories contradict each other.

I await for a Pro response into round 2. If pro does not counter all my points, it stands, and I assume you are not countering my point because you agree with it.
Thank you!

Debate Round No. 1


Reece1 forfeited this round.


As the Pro is unable to refute my evidence, I see no reason to which why Pro should win this debate. He leaves a case of two sentences. As for Con, me, has been able to counter all of Pro's case completely. He leaves round 2 empty handed, so I have many strong arguements still standing within this debate. So, the only voting option avaible is Con.

Support my arguements
My first arguement states that the bible and evolution contradict each other. The bible is known also as the story of Christianity. So, if evolution proves and disagrees with the bible, it is impossible for these two ideas to ever be possible in unison.

Thank you! Vote Con!
Debate Round No. 2


Reece1 forfeited this round.


Impotant Note:
Please vote on what the debate is based on, and not your own personal opinions. Thank You!
Once again, Pro is unable to provide counter arguements to keep thier arguments in the debate. Thus, my arguements are the only things that stand. Thus, only a Con vote is possible.
Vote Con!

Thank you Pro for providing this debate. For everyone who voted, also, thank you very much.
Have fun everyone!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Romanii 3 years ago
When I say "creationism", I am generally referring to a literal interpretation of Genesis, and in that sense, there is no way Creationism can coexist with science.

However, if, by "creationism", you simply mean that God created the universe, then that in no part contradicts science, because God could have created the universe with the laws of science and nature.
There are many fundamental concepts of science that have no valid explanations for them:
-what causes gravity?
-what IS energy?
-what causes mass?
-what causes random mutations in an population's gene pool?
The only explanations science can offer to answer these questions are purely theoretical and are no more believable than the theory that a divine force is behind them.
If anything, the divine force theory is MORE believable because billions of people around the world and throughout history have attested to the existence of that divine force.
Posted by MrV666 3 years ago
To Cygnus, I reply with the moment humans discovered moral wrong and right. At the moment a creature establishes good and evil, they have developed a soul. That does not mean I am a Christian that believes in evolution. I believe in the possibility that there is a creature higher on the universal food chain than humans, bound by the same laws we humans are, could, in theory, have set in motion the evolutionary process, ignoring the biblical claims of instantaneous creation. That is how evolutionary-creationism could work. The creation of the raw material. The natural molding of said material over a period of time.
Posted by pickypacker 3 years ago
Creationism cannot be reconciled with evolution. They are two distinct belief systems. Creationism require and is dependent on God not chance.
Posted by Cygnus 3 years ago
One immediate question that I have for a someone who believes that Christianity and evolution can coexist is at what point in the evolutionary timeline does a human acquire a soul? Cro Magnon? Australopithecine? Homosexuality habilus? Or are modern humans the first to acquire a soul?
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