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Christianity is a pagan religion.

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Started: 11/2/2015 Category: Religion
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I propose that Christianity is a pagan religion. That it is about sun worship and has nothing to do with God. Amen - (The Egyptian sun god. lol )

Con here's a url for the definition of pagan. "mic drops"
Debate Round No. 1


I think you just wasted a round. We all know what the definition of pagan is.
What is your defence?
What is your argument?
What is your position?


Alright, Christianity is a religion based on the teachings of a man named Jesus from Nazareth, Christians believe he died and was raised from the dead 3 days later for the forgiveness of every humans sin. they believe in and worship the Trinity (father, Son "Jesus" and the Holy Spirit), not the sun.

If your trying to say that it is a pagan sun worshiping religion because of all of the hidden pagan things found in the various holidays, that doesn't hold any ground because the holidays are not apart of the religion, they are just celebrated by some of the followers of it.
Debate Round No. 2


"The son dies on the cross" - This means that the sun, in the northern hemisphere, stops moving south; and for 3 days it stays in the same position, then, the sun is reborn and starts moving back in the opposite direction. Thus, Jesus is a figurative version of the sun's movements. Note - All figurative representations of Jesus have a sun halo over his head. The celebration of Christmas, which is globally universal, occurs on the 25rd of December which is the exact date of the transition of the sun's movement. Easter is also a transition point. Easter marks the time when daylight wins the battle over night. The days are now longer than the night hours. Thus, Easter is a celebration of the sun's victory over night. The twelve disciples represents the zodiac of twelve symbols. The fish symbol of Jesus represents the age of Pisces. Pisces is the precession period of Jesus.


ok, Christians follow the bible, correct? and to be a Christian you must confess Jesus Christ as your lord and savior and repent of your sins "which means turn away from not just apologize" It says in the bible that eternal life is a free gift and that those are the only requirements to attain it.

so, if I do not have to celebrate Easter and Christmas to get to heaven and live forever, that means I do not have to celebrate them to be a Christian, which means they are not at all apart of the Christian religion in any sense or form.

ok, so on Easter daylight "wins the battle over night" which in reality when you look at that without a religious view from either side "pagan or Christian" "the sun winning the battle" is just a natural occurrence that has happened before Christians or sun worshipers even existed.

and if the pagan view on "the sun winning the battle against night"
couldn't the Christian view on that event happening on the exact day that Jesus rose from the dead "Easter" represent Jesus "the light" winning the battle against sin "darkness"?

and you speak of sun halos on the top of Jesus' head in depictions of him, those are man made depictions and no where in the bible will you read about a halo, so if halo's are NOT in the bible and the Christian religion is based on the bible then that is a false representation of the bible and the Christian religion and is not apart of it, this is a given but because it is not apart of the religion it cannot be used as evidence of Christianity being sun worship.

if you can say that the pagan view on the 12 disciples is the 12 zodiac symbols then couldn't the 12 disciples on the Christian end of the spectrum represent the 12 tribes of Israel?

and for the fish symbol, does it say anywhere in the bible that you need to represent your faith with a symbol of a fish?
no? Then it is not apart of the Christian religion and cannot be used as evidence in the way you intended.

this was a fun discussion, good luck in the voting period!
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Spartinman60 2 years ago
I think this is a troll debate lol, the definition of Christianity proves it not to be pagan, I'm just really curious to see why he thinks that it is, I also want to let everyone know that I'm arguing from a non-bias point of view, (I was raised a Christian and later in life practiced Wicca "which is a pagan religion" and I am currently agnostic.) I don't know if that matters just thought I would throw that out there.
Posted by Jonbonbon 2 years ago
Yeah he probably is.
Posted by palmertio0 2 years ago
Jonbonbon, I'm pretty sure Akhenaten is a troll. He's debated against gravity (and somehow won due to the stupidity of the person arguing for gravity)
Posted by vi_spex 2 years ago
the bible is the ant hill
Posted by Jonbonbon 2 years ago
This is either a troll debate or a highly misformed opinion.
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