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Christianity is a peaceful relegion

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Started: 8/21/2016 Category: Religion
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Christianity is a religion that is less violent by nature compared to many other religions


religion is war by disbelief..

evil can not exist without religion
Debate Round No. 1


so what you are saying is that
1: good and evil do not exist, due to the evolutionary perspective that there is no good or evil, only nature and survival of the fittest. humans made up the concept of evil and that really, anything is ok because the fact that a stronger human is "surviving" religion makes up the concept of good and evil so if there was no religion, then there would be no concept of good and evil.
the fact that 4 terrorists hijacked 4 aircraft and flew them into buildings is not survival of the fittest. Suicide is not survival of the fittest.

2: religion causes ALL evil in the world.
If a man goes on a shooting rampage in an office because he hates his work colleagues, or his boss, and is mentally unstable, it is religions fault.
If I get drunk and accidentally run over someone while driving drunk on the way home, It is religions fault

please make a proper argument and not just post a statement
and this debate is about christianity, not all religion


health is good, and evil dosnt exist in reality

so if christianity never existed you couldnt get knocked out? your ramblings are insane

the imaginary examples you have provided do no good for me to tell you what the cause of his actions are.. it isnt real.. but lets say that, his colleagues loves teasing him because they believe he is gay, religion.. bit extreme example here

yes it is always the case that it is religion that is at fault.. in any case..

i am saying, no religions are peacefull... it requires war for religion to exist
Debate Round No. 2


"i am saying, no religions are peaceful... it requires war for religion to exist"
cool bro, this makes no sense
you haven't given any examples or anything, you have simply stated your opinion.

I'm starting to think that you are the one rambling on.

the debate was that Christianity was a peaceful religion, you were supposed to argue against that by giving examples on why Christianity was not a peaceful religion.
you simply are stating your opinion.....back it up with evidence.


religion is war by disbelief..

your idiocy has been revealed, there is no need to destroy the rubble of your weak position
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by vi_spex 1 year ago
religion is war by disbelief

war=negative thoughts about others or self
Posted by Huron0 1 year ago
The Old Testament God killed more people than Hitler has. And Buddhism is actually way more peaceful. Besides, the believers choose if they want to be peaceful or not.
Posted by mapleleaf173 1 year ago
I'm no expert in scripture, so if this is a theory debate (ie should Christianity be intrepreted as peaceful) than I don't think I can debate. However, if you'd like to debate the historical record of Christianity as a whole, then I'd love to debate you. (Also compared to what religion exactly is Christianity more peaceful? I can think of some pretty pacificist religions).
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