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Christians in the US are not oppressed

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Started: 2/17/2015 Category: Economics
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Some christians in USA complain about being oppressed. I will be arguging and proving why Christians in the US are NOT oppressed in this debate. The contender MUST present their arguments in the first round.



I would be happy to argue either side of this debate, myself being an agnostic. Now, there are a number of ways to look at this, but I would like to propose, that not only Christians are being repressed, but we are repressing ourselves in the scope of political correctness. I will have two main arguments for why I believe you should also vote CON.

Contention 1: With recent civil movements, Christians are the ones being blamed
With so many recent fights for justice from just about every community one could think of, Christians are the ones being blamed for being close-minded. This has caused the image of the church to come under fire, when in fact, churchgoers are not opposed to most of these moments. According to Christian Post, almost 3/4 of 1,400 people surveyed said they thought churchgoers as "hypocrites". In most cases, Christians are not even opposed to what's going on. An article from the International Business Times found that in demographics other than evangelical white males, Democratic voting has increased. This is showing that although there are a few negative-thinking "Christians" don't taint the entire religion. A few bad eggs don't spoil the dozen.

Contention 2: All hardline groups are being persecuted in a PC World
In a strive for being politically-correct world, both our traditions and our culture are taking a hit. We are now teaching our children that saying "Freshman" instead of "Ninth Grade Student" is wrong and immoral. Now, Christians are not the only group under fire in this category, but it is a great proportion. Being politically-correct is a good thing, but there is a point where it begins to get ridiculous. Teaching the next generation to always favor being PC instead of speaking their minds is putting their autonomy and freedom of speech at risk.

With concluding my first constructive, I would like to reiterate to my opponent and all those voting that Christians have held a majority in the US, but since the rise of counterculture against religion, Christianity and other fundamentalist beliefs are being oppressed. We are not alone in this, but regardless, this cannot stand in a country where the freedom of religion is guaranteed.
Debate Round No. 1


Before mentioning anything, I would like to note that I am not trying to attack Christianity. I am only referring to the few who complain about being oppressed. Now without furder ado, I shall present all my arguments.

1. Christianity is the dominant religion in the USA (and the world)

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Christianity is the most popular religion in the USA and that is a well known fact.

Christians can not be oppressed because they are the majority. Non-religious people tend to be the main people attacking Christianity which only makes up 16% of the US. And not all non-religious people try to blame Christians for being dumb and closed minded. Even so, Christians still outnumber them by a lot.

People in the US can go against Christians and blame them for being close minded if they like. However, Christians are all around them, churches are more common than resteraunts.

Forced Christianity?

The Christians who tend to complain about being oppressed shove Christianity down people's throats. They claim "They are spreading the word of god and saving people from hell." But what they are really doing are being hypocrits shoving Christianity down people's throats.

Many of these Christians tend to also dis-believe in Evolution and possibly other scientific ideas. Christians who complain about being oppressed usually want Creationism/Intelligent Design taught in schools.

They are then hated on for wanting Intelligent Design taught in schools for a reason. Evolution is well known as a FACT to current scientific understanding.

I do not have much time left so I would like to wrap up my arguments here.



Oppression is defined as the state of being subject to unjust treatment or control. I will be working to prove two of the words that definition: unjust and control. Oppression has nothing to do with being the majority, or for being eager to share their message with you. A Pew Research Group study found that across the world, mostly in countries that are strong allies with the US, a majority of their populations are not allowed to practice Christianity. Now, I know that we are debating about the US, but we can see that regardless of a strong majority, it is possible to be oppressed.

Now, moving on to my opponent's second argument, there are no statistics nor warrants to justify his(or her) claims, but I won't attack just that. They say that there is a reason for "hating" these Christians for wanting Intelligent Design in schools. Now, this is not what we are debating, but the theory of evolution is scientifically accurate, but it does not discount the existence of a God. There is no reason both evolution and a God can coexist, only that humans were not made from nothing.

There was not much substance to these arguments, so I don't have a lot to attack.
Debate Round No. 2


triangle.128k forfeited this round.


I would like to reiterate my previous argument that being the majority doesn't necessarily protect someone from oppression. Because we are being so politically correct, we are restricting our own freedom of expression and freedom to practice any religion or no religion at all.
Debate Round No. 3



The countries in which Christianity is banned is not in US. It is also against religious freedom. While oppression by a minority may be possible in some cases, In USA, there is religious freedom. Oppression caused by a minority really isn't possible or very unlikely when everyone is living under democracy.

If someone mentions they are an atheist/agnostic, they get more hate then they do if they mention they are Christian.

Like I stated before, even though there are atheists who tend to attack christianity, that is a minority. Oppression is a strong word and just some atheists and agnostics attacking christianity really doesn't count as oppression.

Christianity actually may have an influence over public life. Atheists and agnostics may actually be the ones facing more oppression than Christians. Since Christianity is everywhere and there are some people shoving Christianity down people's throats, Christianity is defininately not under attack in the USA.

I would like to also note that the Christians who claim about being oppressed are the Christians who shove their religion down people's throats.

Additional Arguments

"In god we trust"

In god we trust is printed on US currency. "One nation under god" is also a part of the Pledge of Alliegance. This is just one way Christianity may impact public life.

Insane amount of Churches

There are more Churches in the USA than resteraunts. There are hundreds of churches all around you, just look up churches in google maps. While there should be more Churches in USA than other religious buildings due to the majority of the population, the amount right now is just insane.

Churches are exempt from taxation

Title says it all

Atheists being banned from holding public office

There are seven states that ban Atheists from holding public office. There are none banning Christians from holding public office. The group closest to being oppressed are atheists and agnostics. Not to say they are oppressed though since oppression is a pretty strong word.

I rest my case,



cmeyer73 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


Con forfeited


cmeyer73 forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by ZenoCitium 2 years ago
@ArcherEON: When did being the majority or minority determine oppression?
Posted by triangle.128k 2 years ago

There are some Christians who complain that they are being "oppressed." I am not referring to all Christians, I am only talking about the few who complain about being oppressed.
Posted by Lee001 2 years ago
This is a troll debate. In the U.S we have freedom of religion, its clear were not oppressed.
Posted by NoMagic 2 years ago
Boggy, I think the groups you do mention as "complainers" are the oppressed groups. They have a legitimate complaint. I personally hear lots of Christians claim they are oppressed because they must live in a world that allows things they don't agree with. Such as gay marriage. Some Christians seem to think if a gay couple can marry, the Christians religious freedom has been adversely effected.
Posted by BoggyB 2 years ago
As a Christian, I don't feel oppressed here in the US. I can't really where Pro got this idea of Christians "complaining." Christians complain the least in my opinion. The people who complain the most are the femenists, and LGBT community, and ethnic groups raising attention towards racism/prejudice. Now it's not wrong that these groups are doing this, but these groups are FAR more vocal than the Christian community.
Posted by ArcherEON 2 years ago
Christians in the US are the majority, saying they are oppressed would be absurd. No, it IS absurd.
Posted by Stefy 2 years ago
Shoutout to the sane person who instigated this debate! It is a welcome sight.
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