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Christopher Columbus is less remembered becouse of the mission failure.

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Started: 6/28/2012 Category: Education
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We know that Christopher Columbus discovered the America first. But he thought that was the Northern India. After him Amerigo Vespucci sailed through the Atlantic ocean and discovered a new continent. But this land the same land where was opened by Columbus. But of the opposite to the first trip, Vespucci brought enormous wealth back from America. What about Columbus, he came back with an empty sack what had to brought fully. So, the empires counted his mission failure.


Chrisopher Columbus is well known for having "discovered" North America for the European peoples but the truth is that other explorers, with different motivations than Columbus would eventually have reached North America. The immediate effect, in fact, of Columbus' landing upon North America's shores was not necessarily drastic, it would be decades, centuries in fact before colonization and such began and thus, the in the grander scheme of things, Columbus has not been important.

On the other hand, if Columbus had succeeded in uniting east and west in terms of trade he would not only have been more congratulated at the time (for bringing the trade goods he might have brought back) he would also be remembered as a great explorer for uniting the two through sea.

Ironically (and this is somewhat irrelevant, but whatever) the northwest passage will be opened in several decades time, due to rising sea levels...
Debate Round No. 1


Yes, to some extant either Christopher Columbus or Amerigo Vespucci served for the development of Europe in time. They were faithful "ferocious" "soldiers" for Europe welfare life. Their work was in some case a single-sided beneficial effort. After their discovering many many African indigenous people forced to be sold out to the America, enormous wealth of Asia and Africa was dragged, as if carrying the wealth was child's play for conquerors.
But on the other hand, their mission opened the way to the world for transferring from feudalism to capitalism regime. We should not turn a blind eye from it.


Although Columbus' explorations may have led to industrialization and capitalism, his immediate effects were far less dramatic. On an immediate level, Columbus did in fact very little and this is why his explorations are less flaunted than those of other explorers who do not necessarily mark critical points in history but did do a lot of exploring, and achieved their purposes. One might suggest that the creation of the first European settlements in North America and thus the beginning of the exploitation of their resources was what caused the eventual usage of those resources to transfer from feudalism to capitalism. Columbus marks an important point in that transition, but anyone else could have marked that point and who knows what could have happened if Columbus did, in fact, open up a trade route to the east.

Had Columbus begun trade with the east rather than "discovering" the Americas, industrialization and capitalism might have occurred regardless due to the competitive nature of feudal Europe at that time. In fact, other civilizations became capitalist/industrialist without having to exploit the resources of an entire continent. Feudal countries have become capitalist without the help of resource exploitation, examples of this range from capitalism in the medieval Islamic world to capitalism in mid - 19th century medieval Japan, although one could argue that the latter was influenced by Europe.

However, there is no saying that trade between west and east couldn't have had dramatic effects as did colonialism, and there is no saying that this could not have increased the possibility of the rise of mercantilism and merchant capitalism just as colonialism did. Columbus, as I have argued, might have been just as remembered, if not more, if he had connected east and west, maybe even more so depending upon what you would put in place of North America, although that can be left to the realm of speculative fiction.
Debate Round No. 2


What can say about selling out the indigenous Africans to America?


But would that have happened without Columbus? Certainly. Columbus is not as remembered as one might think for being the first to "discover" North America because so many others could have don the same, and the consequences would have been the same. Columbus was not even proving that the earth was round, as the intellectual elite of Europe at that time had knowledge of this, passed down from the Ancient Greeks.

Columbus is significant as a point in history, but as an explorer himself he pales in comparison to others whose exploits were far greater than his. Had he truly reached Asia from Europe he might well have been better remembered, because the effects would have been more immediate - Christopher in reality did not make contact with any of the great nations or empires of the Americas. In fact, Christopher was not the first to arrive in the Americas, what with the Vikings in ca. 1000 CE and (possibly) a Chinese vessel in ca. 1422 CE.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by Clash 6 years ago
Just so you know, Columbus was not the very first to discover America. Long before Columbus, various indigenous people like the Indians had settled and explored different areas of the Americas. And so Columbus and the Europeans came, and did what they do best; colonize them and killing them all.
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Reasons for voting decision: This seemed like really more of a discussion then a debate. Con seemed more committed to talking about the issue which while being generally more useful in discerning truth, is not useful in winning a debate which is what this is. Pro did a good job of showing other possible reasons for Columbus' lack of remembrance in relation to other explorers (he didn't colonize or settle, nor did he link Eastern to Western trade routes).