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Chrome is better than Firefox

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Started: 10/8/2013 Category: Technology
Updated: 3 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Firefox is much better than Chrome:
1) Firefox can deal with multiple tabs much better, where as Chrome might have trouble running at an adequate speed with multiple tabs open.
2) Firefox has a cooler logo than Chrome.
3) What if your homepage(i.e. MSN, Bing, Yahoo, etc.) isn't Google. Then why would you want Chrome as your browser?
4) Firefox has been around longer and is more trusted then Chrome, which came out more recently.

As a conclusion to this round, I actually have an experience.

Now I have a somewhat older computer, and I have used Chrome since it came out. Lately, I began to have problems such as tabs loading slowly, etc. I looked to see what was taking up the CPU, and what was it? Chrome! I switched over to Firefox and now my CPU usage always hovers below 50%, AT THE MOST! I found out that the rest of my family was having this problem, and recommended Firefox, since we all used Chrome at that point. We switched over, and our problems were solved! My whole family now uses Firefox for ALL of our computers.

Thank you for joining the debate! Good Luck! :P


I will be playing the role of Devil's Advocate for this debate
1. The performance speed of a browser when multiple tabs open does not depend on a said browser, there are multiple things that actually come in hand when it comes to performance. First of, the computers hard ware plays the biggest role, a computer requires higher level processer to manage tasks like multiple tabs, and the performance can also be effected by how well internet speed is in your area.
2. This is complete opinion, and no evidence could ever change pure opinion, also this barley proves why firefox is better than chrome, which is more important? Flash or Substance?
3. Chrome for most people has been simplified to peoples convience, all searching and website connections can be done in the home bar (you can also search through different sites using the bar.) you can also change your home page and search engine in chrome's settings. so....
4. I would need to have a definition of "safe" safe as in safe from hackers/virsus, or safe as in protects your personal data.

Now for my arguments.
1. Chrome's webstore allows for many programs and extensions to be added onto chrome to make the experience of the browser far better, and altough firefox allows it too there isnt exactly a hub to find extensions and some extensions unlike the chrome webstore can be dangerous.
2. Chromes layout is far more user friendly than that of other browsers, you can search directley from google, other websites, and connect to websites, in one bar, unlike firefox and other browsers, making it an ease of acsess for people. Also the options and settings are all easily rounded up in one tab for ease of settings. You can also type a key term into the browser box and get access to said website without having to visit it first.
3. Chrome features that beat firefox features, Chrome has abilities firefox does not, for one, instant bookmark synch, it also has a feature called Greasemonkey scripts, that allow you to change the desing of websites or do special features. Some which change website background black to ease eyes, accept all facebook friend request at once, and so on.

Tune in to my
next debate and ill get into some techincal stuff :p
Debate Round No. 1


My English teacher from 7th grade taught me what devil's advocate was. :)
Not exactly a technical genius, so I won't understand all of this so try to put it in to...simpler text if possible :P

I'd like to address that con said the computer's hard ware comes into play when talking about how fast the browser runs. Firefox will run fast on ANY hard ware old, crappy, or whatever.


1) Firefox is the steady, fast internet browser we've used for a long time and we trust it. You don't need all these nick knacks from the Chrome Webstore or whatever. Firefox is fine without all these extensions you might need fro Chrome.
2) Okay. You have a point. This is the generation of technologically spoiled kids, and being able to do a Google search from the page you're looking at is such a convenience because you don't have to press the home button or go back to Google. Big deal. Get over it. It doesn't make Chrome the slightest bit better. If Firefox wished to do that they, could. You might also realise that Chrome was based off of Firefox, and has many of the same features because they saw it on Firefox and decided to put it into theirs. So they can't really take full credit.....
3) Sure, Chrome has all these cool features and Chrome looks cool and whatever. But to tell the truth, do you really need any of that? It's just there to enhance the experience and make you feel like you have better technology than others. Chrome is the trend of the moment, just how everyone is so excited about Apple as of now. They just want something new.

1) javascript:
Sometimes you need to test your site with javascript disabled. The only way to disable it in Chrome is going to preferences and disable it there. This is a real drag. In Firefox you can use the Web Developer extension by Chris Pederick to add a button to the browser toolbar to quickly disable and re-enable javascript any time you want. For Chrome there is also the Web Developer extension by the same developer but it does not provide a means to disable javascript. The problem is due to a limitation of the Chrome API exposed to extensions. It does not provide a way to disable javascript from extensions. There is a feature request for the Chromium project to implement the necessary support to disable javascript. The feature implementation was even assigned about 1 year ago to be implemented, but it never happened. Oddly users were disallowed to post further comments to that feature request.

2) History:
Sometimes you need to go back in your browser history to a page that was presented after submitting a form using the POST method. However, you do not want to repeat the request that was sent to the server when that page was served.
In some cases, which I could not determine the exact circumstances, Chrome asks if I want to post the form again and does not show me the page in the browser history if I do not accept to post the form again. Firefox does not have this problem. It always shows me the page in the browser history, even if it was the result of a posted form.

3) Memory/Extensions
Chrome takes up A LOT of memory! IT creates a separate process for each tab, which takes up a surprisingly large amount of memory. Google Chrome browser is relatively unstable in old systems due to high memory usage and CPU usage. The extensions in Chrome browser can also cause the browser to use high memory and can cause system to slow down.

4) Password Saving/Security
Google Chrome offers to save your passwords just like any other browser does. This is so that you do not have to type them in over and over again. These passwords are saved on the browser and can be accessed by looking in the Options menu. While this is a helpful feature, Google Chrome does not offer a feature for securing the saved passwords such as is found on Mozilla Firefox. Therefore, this is a security risk as the saved passwords can be read by anyone with access to your computer.

5) Closing a Browser With Multiple Tabs
Most browsers display a message whenever you try to close a window which has more than one open tab. This prevents you from closing tabs that you do not intend to exit. Google Chrome does not have this feature and if you mistakenly close the browser window, all open tabs are closed without warning.

6) Limited Right-Click Menu Options
Google Chrome is relatively newer than other browsers and so most of the people who now use it invariably used one of the earlier available browsers. Consequently, they are used to having a lot more options when they right-click in a browser. Chrome did away with some of these options and a lot of users are not comfortable with this.

7) Handling Multiple Tabs
Users who open a lot of tabs in one window may find using Google Chrome to be cumbersome. As you open more tabs, the tab headers become progressive smaller until all you can see are the website icons (favicons) of the different websites. This makes navigation difficult as you may not be able to tell which page is which if you do not know its favicon. The tab bar is also cluttered and unsightly. A browser such as Mozilla Firefox does not shrink the tab header beyond a certain size so that you can still tell a tab by its title. It then creates forward and backward arrows which allow you to scroll horizontally to find the tab you want. There is also a button at the far right-hand side of the tab bar that can be clicked to reveal all the open tabs.

8) Preloading
The kingpin element in Chrome is the browser's speed. Users find Chrome to be at the front of the pack. One feature that contributes to this is a preload mechanism that automatically anticipates what webpage you will go to next on a given site and then begins to load that page in the background so it opens faster once you click the link to the page. Preloading has its drawbacks, however. If Chrome predicts the wrong page, it might actually take longer to the load the page you visit next. his causes a big hassle that NOBODY wants to deal with.

That's it for now :D


1. yes, the speed of a browser is all techincal. RAM, Connection Speed, processer, and other bits of hardware will effect the performance of computer speed, if you have high RAM and a high end processer you could have a lot of tabs open on a browser with no slow down.
2. So a user friendly interface doesn't make a browser better, but the logo of said browser does?
3. These features and addons make browsing better and easier for all age groups, they are far important.
4. Wait, you can use an extension to disable java script, I thought those "nick nacks" arent important!
5. Honestly this sounds like an ease of accsess which like you said, was no big deal :/
6. Actually its good to have those other tabs/extensions take up data, this may sound odd, but all tabs and extensions will become their own process, allowing for the browser to run multiple tabs + extensions with the browser hiccuping or slowing down, which firefox does not do. [1] You can also disable addons youre not using in the settings to free up room. Firefox actually tried to start that in 2009, but as of 2011, its on hold.
7. I was hoping you would bring password saving up, heres a fun fact, Firefox is as unsafe as chrome is in terms of saving passwords. [2]
8. You need to be careful closing tabs, lol. Anyways, you can restore those tabs if you accidentley closed the browser pressing ctrl+shift+t [3] so this argument is invalid.
9. Its a new browser (as in 2008 -_-) so obviously adjusting will be needed, just like people who got fire fox for the first time ever.
10. Oh no lose a few seconds to loading, ah well.
11. You said eariler that Google Chrome had borrowed a lot of features exclusive to firefox, and also complained that who cares about ease of accsess with not having to go back to google to search, and if firefox wanted to do that they would. Well they did, a long time ago actually. [4]

Debate Round No. 2


Hahahahaha - You were playing the game with convenience so I decided to jump in also.

1) When I was talking about browser speed, I mean that if you put Chrome and Firefox on the same model of computer with the same RAM and memory, etc, then it would run faster. It also takes up less space.
2) I was kidding about the logo :P
3) Well, Firefox has these also. So it's not like Chrome is the only one....
4) Okay, I take that back, but only to some extent. A small amount is fine. Who wants to go to their settings every time? No one. But honestly, Chrome has overdone it.
5) Okay, it's a big pain in the _____ to go find all of your tabs again. So it sort of is convenience, but this is one of those more important things that are actually relevant unlike this grease monkey thing you were talking about.
6) Well, taking up data is fine to some extent, but when your computer is hitting 100% CPU usage when using Chrome, something is obviously not right.
7) Never said it was safe..... Can't imagine saving your passwords being safe on any browser. lol
8) Well, it is convenience so according to you, it does count.
9) Exactly. We trust Firefox, not Chrome.
10) Convenience again!
11) Ooops....Didn't know that Firefox did that.....

Again, this is my first debate, so thanks! Just need some practice. And I wasn't exactly the most informed person on the subject....


I honestly dont see much to repair here except maybe the cpu usage, if your computer hits 100% CPU usage with chrome your computer was filled up with crap in the first place. Also you need to back up evidence about firefox being faster than chrome on a same model PC.

In conclusion, chrome is better than firefox for reasons stated and repaired.

Remember when voting, vote for the best arguer, not which browser your prefer.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by oppai_lover666 3 years ago
An argument I really wanted to see but didn't is anything about open source :(( Chrome is a proprietary browser meaning they can do whatever they want and no one can see the source code. There could be a code that allows Google to phish your information out, and nobody but Google would know. Firefox is open source however, so anybody who wants to see the source code can. This creates a very safe browser as any coder in the world can double check Firefox and find any hidden things that could hurt the end user.

Also, TOR is ran through Firefox and that wasn't brought up :(( Anyways, good debate to the both of you! I would vote but I haven't yet finished 3 debates (1 done 2 in progress)
Posted by Strider 3 years ago
A search of Con's round 2 argument led me to this:

Any one can copy-paste. Next time use the information found and create your own belief by comparing it to other sources. Notice the title of the article. That the information alone shows us that the information inside only pertains to Web Development(not general public use). Make sure to cite sources to prevent future plagiarism.
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