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Circumcision, unless used for medical or religious reasons, ought to be banned.

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Started: 2/26/2017 Category: Society
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I will be arguing that circumcision ought to be banned with the exceptions of religion or medical reasons.

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Round 1 - Opening statements
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I will be arguing that circumcision should be allowed in all scenarios unless it presents a risk to the subject. Until the age of medical consent, the decision can be made by the parent, but after the age of medical consent only the person being circumcised can make the decision.

I will argue that:
1. Circumcision has the medical benefit of reducing the chances of contracting HIV and other STDs, and is therefore a justifiable decision for a parent to make for a child.
2. If we allow it for religious reasons, there is no reason we should not allow it for other, non-religious beliefs.
3. Adults should be able to make decisions about what to do to their genitalia, and it is not the job of the government to prevent them.

I look forward to your arguments.
Debate Round No. 1


That's fine however..

Number 1 is a bit useless. I said except for medical and religious reasons, so that point is useless. For number 2, I have never heard of non-religious reasons. For your third reason, this is mostly for children.

Now onto me.

Reason 1 - Unitary Track Infections
According to a study by the AAP, circumcised babies are less likely to get unitary track infections.

Reason 2 - Pain
Circumcision has been shown to cause bleeding, intense pain and swelling of the penis.

Reason 3 - The child might not want it
This debate is about children being circumcised (I forgot to add that). The child didn't want it and most cases didn't need it, so I ban until the age of 18 should be reasonable.

Reason 4 - Needing to do it for medical reasons is rare
According to one study, only 1 child out of 250 needs circumcision for medical reasons.

Reason 5 - The reason why it became so popular (for non medical and religious reasons was because of Kellogg.
Yep. The cereal. Kellogg was.. A weird guy. He made circumcision popular because it made youth less sexual and it "prevented masturbation." They were lies (he also believed cereal prevented masturbation, if my memory serves me correctly.)

Reason 6 - We have foreskin for a reason
Here are a few reasons why (copy and pasted off the daily mail):
- Providing bacteriostatic action around the head (inhibits bacterial growth)

- Protecting the nerves to keep the penis sensitive during sex (where the foreskin also acts as a rolling device " otherwise thrusting would hurt more and feel a bit pinched),

- Distributing natural lubricants

- Storing pheromones for releases on arousal " making us more attractive to our other halves on a chemical level


- Acting as a sleeping bag for the shaft, keeping it safe and warm

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Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by KalleAnka123 1 year ago
Also, getting circumcised to avoid STDs is a medical reason
Posted by KalleAnka123 1 year ago
Excuse my ignorance, but what other reasons are there to circumcising someone? For fun? Medical and religious reasons are the only two reasons why people circumcise their children.
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