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Classic is good than pop music.

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Started: 9/26/2014 Category: Music
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello. Anyone could deal with me. I will wait.
Debate Round No. 1


OK. Only one argument.
1) The music buying public did not come to the consensus that "complexity" or "expert skill" should be the barometers for music quality. Even more to the point, classically trained musicians are simply experts at classical music not music in general. One of the most ludicrous and illogical statements I have ever heard is that "anyone can do pop music"...It always sounds like the not-funny-at-all punch line to a bad joke. 1000s of new pop acts fail everyday to even sell a 1000 copies of their album, BUT ALLEGEDLY ANYONE CAN BE A POP STAR. I dare any Classical musician to attempt to outstay the likes of Beyonce, Michael Jackson, or Tina Turner! The fact that people you think are untalented are allowed to make CDs is no winning argument either; right now there are 1000s of classically trained musicians that my personal music coach and 100s of others can not believe were allowed to obtain a degree in music. More to the direct point, NONE of this is relevant because the general public is not under your assumption that "complex music made by expert musicians" is the end goal or even important for music. The GP believes a song should move you, and they have chosen the various phases of pop music the last 100 years by continuously buying it!"

2) Classical Music is a misnomer at best! Are you referring to Baroque? Romantic? "Modern"? The ancient music of Africa, Asia, Australia, and South America came out at the same time, so why isn't it called Classical (you know why)? Anyone every pondered why this "inferior" music seems to resonate so well with people across all socio-economical stripes, while "classical" music seems to only appeal to the Upper Class/Elitist mentalities? Because "people are stupid"? Answering yes leaves my point made.


Pop music lacks musicality and is heavily compensated for by marketing, hype and publicity. Classical music has more value.
In today's music industry people like Justin Bieber, are becoming very famous, but can you really say that they talent when it comes to music? They are part of a factory line, just one big process of songwriters, lyricists and composers that put things together for them its not the same and doesn't have the same quality.

But unfortunately people today aren't into quality, and that's with everything. Whatever is quick, easy and simple. Be it fast food or fake wood. Because of this, some tend to feel that since it is so popular it must be just as good as the other stuff (home cooked meals, real wood, and classical music.) when it just simply isn't.

A quote from a book says that "enthusiasm doesn't equal talent" the same can be said for effort. A student can put a lot of effort into writing a math test but still fail.

The classical music that has survived today is examples of brilliant music not like pop that dies out and people forget this music carries on for years and years. Are there pop songs that will be remembered for centuries? Maybe but only a minority and pop lacks the textural complexity of classical music.
Debate Round No. 2
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Reasons for voting decision: Most of the debate is completely neutral, however Pro gets S&G and Convincing Arguments. I say this because the title of this debate (written by Con) is in horrible grammar. I give arguments to Pro because he/she managed to give better arguments and make more sense.