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ClassicWho Is Better Than NuWho

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Started: 12/18/2012 Category: Entertainment
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This is a debate discussing whether the classic series of Doctor Who is better than the new series of Doctor Who. This will be based on opinion. No need to show off and use big words if you don't want to. This is just a friendly discussion. I will take the position of pro, meaning I believe ClassicWho is better than NuWho. Not that I don't like both. To me, Doctor Who is Doctor Who, no matter what year it's from, but I want to know what other people think about the two eras.

Here is how it will work:

Round 1: Fan ranting, mostly. This round is kind of off record, so talk about whatever you want. For example, I personally think that Spongebob Squarepants should finally be cancelled already! I mean, that show used to be great, but now it's just embarrassing...

Round 2: Debate actually starts. List some facts to support your position. You know the drill.

Round 3: Rebuttal/final statements.

This debate is open to anyone, although I would prefer to debate with someone who actually watches the show. Of course, I don't think anyone would be interested if they weren't. Anyway, as my math teacher always says just before a test; "Good luck, be careful, and have fun!"


I totally agree with the sponge bob thing, however i never really liked it.

i do really like doctor who and if i ever went on master mind that would probably be my specialist subject. the newer series though.
Debate Round No. 1


ClassicWho is my choice to debate for only because there is more of it to enjoy. Maybe after NuWho is on for forty years, I will change my opinion, but for now I am going with ClassicWho!

The older episodes, admittedly, have some pretty embarrassing special effects (bubble rap used for some strange space disease and a cardboard TARDIS in the earlier episodes), but the stories are brilliantly written. The ones written today are as well, but they have all the special effects to help them out. ClassicWho is great even without all the computer-animated monsters and digitalized laser shows. It is quality entertainment.

Also, ClassicWho was first. It set the stage for the new series today, which would never have existed without it. Half of the story lines in NuWho relate to (aka, steal from) older episodes. It also lasted for a good forty years, so that has got to count for something!

Oh, and two words: Tom Baker. 'Nuff said.


I take into consideration that the older ones are (obviously) the first of their kind, however if it werent for the new series Dr Who would have been forgotten, eventually.

and yes even though the new series use all these special effects and CGI, this is not what makes the nuWho good it is the amazing script written by the great stephen moffat and Russell T. Davis. these scripts that they write are some of the best storys to be told on saturday night T.V.

Another reason that the NuWho is better is that they last just under 50 minutes, this is 20 minutes longer than the original episodes.

The comedy that is written into these episodes is sublty yet hilarious. The 3 actors that have taken up the helm have been great and portrayed the character well but still bringing it into the 21st century making the character more relate able.

also Matt Smith and Karen Gillan, NUFF SAID!!!! ooft

good luck.
Debate Round No. 2


Doctor Who will still be forgotten eventually. It is terrible to think, but yes, it will eventually. I hate endings. I suppose that it will be forgotten later, because the series has been updated, but this has nothing to do with the fact that ClassicWho is better than NuWho.

Yes, NuWho does have great scripts, and so does ClassicWho. I mentioned this in round two.

ClassicWho showed a half hour episode once a week instead of a fifty minute episode, which you mentioned, but each STORY (or serial, whichever) was at least four episodes, making each story at least an hour longer than most NuWho stories.

After reading what you said in round one, I'm guessing you haven't seen many ClassicWho episodes. You say that the comedy in NuWho is hilarious. So it is ClassicWho. Just watch any episode with Tom Baker or Sylvester McCoy. Jelly babies and the Doctor's annoyance at being called "Doc". Funny stuff!

You like Eleven, Amy, and Rory? Try Four, Sarah Jane, and Harry Sullivan.

I suppose in the end the two eras are both brilliant, in their own ways. We could argue for years and never get anywhere. Thank you for joining this debate. I like to read peoples' different opinions.


I agree so much both eras are and will forever be great pieces of television. However the new era of doctor who is and (will once again(in my opinion)) the best version of doctor who.

i do however believe that the new era is more relatable to the new audiences that will grow up with it. But the process will continue, the children growing up watching Dr Who will pass it onto their children and so on. So in hindsight I beg to differ that Doctor Who will ever be forgotten.

i thank you for listening to my opinions it has been a nice debate, i hope you have a great christmas and whoever wins i shall be happy.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by harrypotterfantng 5 years ago
Thank you for debating, you are a great sport. I hope you have a lovely Christmas too (and I hope you'll watch the Christmas special! I can't wait!)
Posted by Dan0303 5 years ago
Posted by harrypotterfantng 5 years ago
Wow, that was quick!
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Reasons for voting decision: I find both equally good. But due to some plot errors I must go with classic.(ex: 'time for angels' the angels look at each other and can still move.)