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Started: 2/11/2015 Category: Philosophy
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Claustrophobia is a widely known fear. My belief is that all humans have claustrophobia, just at different levels. We can be confined in only a certain amount of space until we become scared. Also, some people may have different reactions to this fear. They may feel lonely or afraid. Some people might be able to cope with this fear for longer too.


I thank the Pro for instigating this interesting debate.

I'd like to define a couple key terms (all definitions from Merriam Webster)

Claustrophobia: : a fear of being in closed or small spaces

My opponent is trying to prove that all humans have claustrophobia. However, claustrophiba is a fear and evidence show that it is possible to feel no fear. A disorder called Urbach Withe Disorder destroys the amygdala, which is responxible for fear. This person, and all people like her, do not suffer from any level of claustrophobia. As such, my opponents case falls.;

Good luck to the Pro.
Debate Round No. 1


FerdinandMajelen forfeited this round.


I extend all points and ask for courtesy points.

If anybody could help me figure out why all my opponents forfeit in the comments please do so.
Debate Round No. 2


I'd like to apologize to the Con for their inconvenience. Though there are good points I will bring back a part from my first argument, they may be able to cope with it for longer. How long were they kept in the confined space? Could she havve been kept in there for longer?


I apologize to the Pro. If you look to several of my other debates, my opponents have forfeited and not returned. I did not mean anything against you particularly. I was venting for missing out on several other potentially interesting debates.

My opponent has tried to show that my evidence in inconclusive by pointing out potential flaws. However, he in know way refutes that the condition does exist and that is does cause a lack of fear. It is not that she is able to cope with it, she feels no fear from anything. Claustrophobia doesn't affect her in the slightest, so duration wouldn't matter.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Conduct to Con for the forfeiture. Sources to Con since he used the only sources in the debate. Arguments to Con as he was the only one to really post an argument this debate.