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Clean Poetry/Rap Debate/Battle (Original work only)

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Started: 10/3/2012 Category: Entertainment
Updated: 5 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
Viewed: 16,606 times Debate No: 25972
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The Aim: To rap why other person is stupid/bad and you are good.

Round 1: Rap about why you are good only.

Round 2: Mixed defence/offence

Round 3: Mixed defence/offence

Round 4: Intensive offence, no defence

Round 5: Defence only

Not following this structure = Full Forfeit of 7 points to opponent.

All poems or raps must at least have some kind of rhyming and rhythmic scheme apparent to reader, not necessarily line after line but some scheme.


1. No Profanity (this is why I named this Clean Poetry/Rap), not even using *** instead of word is allowed, because raps with them are so unoriginal these days.

2. If more than four lines (so four lines is okay) in a row can be found on a Google search in a person's rap posted previously online, you will be full forfeit of seven points. The person must be an actual rapper, it's okay to copy some things from others but not 100% of rap definitely.

3. Must be a bit funny and original, don't use classic lines only.

4. Insulting mothers is lame... this isn't a rule but just letting you know what I, and hopefully voters, regard raps to the opponent's mother. Mothers are extremely special figures in most people's lives, it's not the way of rap in my opinion.

My round 1 Rap:

Yo, I'm about to explain why I'm rational,
But I'm also a madman,
I'm a thinker, hyperactively logical,
I always conjure insanely well thought-out plans,
I'm the most rational of thinkers,
When I need to be,
I put the thinker to the T,
And the genius to the G,
But when it's time,
To just let loose,
Not a care in the world,
Thinking's no use,
When it's time to be happy,
No time to be sad,
That's when the other side of me,
Is unleashed to be mad.

Some people call me insane,
They insult me, it causes pain,
I've grown up alone,
No one to confide in,
Like a dog searching for a bone,
But the skeleton keeps hiding,
I wished for love,
But my school mates and dad gave me none,
I was at the bottom of the food chain,
Wishing I was number one.

You might think that's a bad thing,
I wouldn't blame you if you did,
I've been bullied,
Been the victim,
Every day that I was a kid,
I was the kid,
in the corner of the class,
Waiting for the time to pass,
Always raised my hand up to ask,
Questions that the teachers passed...
Off as being far too smart,
I'd be the guy they tore apart,
The guy they hated for having a brain,
For having an emotional heart,
And hell it felt pain.
The students said I was a loser,
But I just stayed tough,
I've been through stuff you wouldn't dream of,
My childhood was rather rough,
I've lived in five different countries,
Believe it or not,
I've seen the cold winters of America,
And the UAE when it's hot,
I've lived in Kenya,
With power cuts,
In England with students that have knives,
I'm international,
No ifs or buts,
I've been to countries where men are proud to beat their wives,
I've seen real children starving,
I've seen guys fight to the death,
It's no joke,
This world is brutal,
That's why I'm mad and the best,
At being mad and rational,
At the same time,
So how can you ever beat me fool?
It's your turn to rhyme.


I accept this cool debate
I hope to find you to be great
Regarding copying other text
Copy even ten percent
Is a forfeit in my book
So please don't copy anything

And here's more things we should consider
A rhythmic theme is not all rhyme
For example look at mines
Filled with poetic rhyme and meter
Trochaic iambs line by line
Pro seems to not have either one
But try your best, we still have time

I've used more rhythmic measures
Than the pro side has to offer
Not only do I often rhyme
My meter is just pure sublime

Con's technique reads beautifully
Heroic couplet writing spree!
Debate Round No. 1


The objective of this contest was to rip me to shreds,
But all I see is you being a chick pillow fighting on beds,
I don't want no chick fight, When I fight there are rolling heads,
When I fight I have no regrets.

This is a rap battle, you aint even dissed me once,
You might think you dissed my rhyming scheme,
But that just makes you look like a dunce,
Your poetry is beautiful,
Your rhythm is amazing,
Oops, did I just say that all?
My sarcasm beeper is blazing.

Now listen here 'beginner'
your name might rhyme with winner,
But with every word I write on this page,
The fine line between you and defeat, gets eternally thinner,
Life is a game of luck,
Let's roll the dice, turn the spinner,
Oh dear I rolled a six I must be the swan from an ugly duck,
You're just another less attractive swimmer.

When you see my poetry,
When you feel it jump out from this page,
When you feel the 'you' in 'me',
When you empathise with my rage,
Only then will you begin,
To come close to the level of this beast,
You're a gazelle, I'm a lion,
I spit at you like it's a feast.
you stand no chance,
but you can try,
You're like a cancer patient,
Bound to die,
Are there tears forming at your eye?
Poor little baby, please don't cry.

I rule the roost,
All chicks are mine,
You're bound to loose,
Just wasting time,
Until my life story,
Has another victory,
And you're just another reason,
Why I worry,
For the human race's IQ,
There's tons of fools, just like you,
Think they're clever,
Think they know,
Tons of thing,
But it's just for show.

I know you're mister beginner,
You've just begun,
The worst decision of you DDO career,
Bad move son.
Peace out buddy, this is over, I'm done,
But have fun getting roasted,
You're a chicken, I'm the sun.

--------------------100% original work of RationalMadman--------------------


'When you feel the 'you' in 'me'
Flirted pro unerringly
I'm sorry I'm not interested
Here you're ugly lines are wasted

Pro calls himself the ugly duck
Deserving name; his face is muck

In response to mr. pro
It's not my fault I couldn't throw
A dissing at his excellence
You set the rules and hence
I followed them: no dissidence

It seems to me your first round lines
Are weak complaints, a bunch of whines
Who cares if you lived horribly
Who cares if you've seen tragedy

You're weak and trying to be strong
Your facade is just horribly wrong
It's easy to see through your lies
You're weak and foolish; piteous swine!

Now to make some more contentions
My opponent made concessions
By calling this beginner, aye!
At least a winner by a rhyme!

Pro is rather really meek
What you've got is nothing scary
I will show you pain to parry
That notion that you think I'm weak

I'd fight you til I'm brittle brine
Without an inch of skin of mine
I'd fight till eyeballs roll around
With limbs severed and on the ground

With searing coals behind my eyes
And daggers stabbing in my thighs
There's naught to stop me til' I'm dead
I'll fill you full of bloody red

My words will crush you, bone by bone
What's that nonsense? Stick and Stone?
Don't complain, there's naught to gain
You're agonizing thoughts are all inane.

The body must be paid for decadence.
Your blood should run aground in great penance

Are you afraid?
Oh calm your braids
You're girly habits should be stayed
Let's see how you will try to play
This game of being full insane
Debate Round No. 2


I laughed when the reading of your rap was complete,
You think that piece of poo.. oops I mean poetry is something with which you can compete?
Dear, oh dear, you have a lot to learn,
In hell, that's where you shall burn,
The hell is mine,
I'm the devil,
The fire is my words hurting you at a deep emotional level.

The fact that you interpreted,
The 'you in me' phrase,
In a way that displays your sick, infatuated,
Image of me in several ways,
Shows me just you interpret a metaphor,
You IQ is as low as your libido is high,
You seem to think with your penis,
and see with only your physical eye,
You're a buffoon,
Trying to fight me like a baboon,
But you forget I'm the king Kong of this terrain,
And very soon,
You will feel pain,
Pain in your sol, pain in your mind,
The pain will be so intense, I won't be kind,
Ill make you realise, help you find,
Just how much nonsense must be bold, italic and underlined.

You say I"m the ugly duck,
I said I"m the one who becomes the swan,
You just grow fat, old and ugly,
Your 'puberty' switch failed to turn on,
You have nothing about your physique,
To attract an female on Earth,
You call me foolish, TERM ME WEAK,
But you were both back to, and including, the instant in time that was your birth.

You say my face is muck,
You haven't seen my face,
If my face is muck I'm in luck,
You're is the colour of a mysterious race,
It's green in appearance,
Your eyes are bright red,
Oh dear sir are you sick?
Let me help you fall down dead,
*smack* is that better?
That plonk on your head?
A wake up call to reality,
Skinny-boy you need to be fed!
Just kidding, you're obese,
Oh wait I don't' know for I can't see you,
So if you wish to insult me, at least make your insults be true.

You think I'm a liar?
Think I'm a piteous swine,
Your rap's idiocy rose eternally higher,
With every word, bar, and line,
It was horrifically worded,
Your sense of poetic talent is rubbish,
If I had a genie and only one wish,
I'd wish for more wishes,
If that was disallowed I'd wish we were both fish,
I'd be a great white shark,
You'd be a clownfish, you're a joke,
You'd hide in your anenome, until you needed food and you'd poke,
You head out, next thing, you're bitten,
My teeth ripped off your head,
I'm dominant,
The ruler,
Biologically meant,
To speed up to the moment where you are dead.
Dead to me, dead to you,
Don't deny it, it's true,
I'm the alpha, you're the beta,
I'm me, and you're you.

I'm biologically designed,
In a manner that's to refined,
So streamlined,
I think you'll find,
I was built and brought up to be merciless and unkind.


Pro's disappointing these poor eyes
There's just no pattern why oh why?

Besides for some vague imagery
Coupled with a fail rhyme-scheme
There's really nothing there to read
Bad overall aesthetically

They're jagged lines you can't deny
With ugly meter ugly rhymes
At least attempt to make pattern
Or go conceal in dank taverns

What's with the dumb buffoonery?
Attempt a meter, please oh please!

Let's address this silliness:
Nonsense sharks and swans and fish,
Baboons and aliens in the lines
They render nothing bad of mines

He claims I'm weak.
He claims I'm dumb.
He claims he's sleak.
The claims of scum!

Pro clearly fails to justify
Faulty statements, framing lies
No evidence to claims up top
Nothing to support his BoP

The weakness statement made to Pro
Is not false as evidence shows
Let's take a look at just how low
His winning rate can really go?[1]

I thought I'd face some resistance
And not this insignificance
There's naught to read and naught to like
How will you fight these verbal strikes?

[1] [1]
Debate Round No. 3


This is round where I tear you to pieces,
This is the part where I show all who this is,
This is the part where I explain why you're just a little child,
You can't take pain,
You insult appearance alone,
Are you truly that vain?
There's thing called a skull bone,
Inside there's a brain,
Maybe you should use it...

You say my lines don't look even,
That's because I'd odd,
There's no system to this madman's writings,
The scheme is hard to decipher,
You're merely a rat I'm inviting,
I am the Pied Piper,
Merciless like a viper,
I'm horrific, I'm hyper,
Peed your pants? Should be wearing a diaper.

It takes a man with no plan,
To be me,
The only plan I have,
Is to forever be free,
From the chains imposed upon me personality,
By this disgusting, mistrusting, prejudiced society.

So my lines a jagged,
As is my soul,
I have many flaws,
I don't hide in a hole,
I let the world know,
Yes I'm flawed,
But when people read, or hear, my poetry,
Don't question its structure,
They all applaud.

I don't write to look beautiful,
Is this why you write?
Is it your insecurity,
With how you look when you fight?
This battle is not one of art,
It's just the martial,
My weapons is pen, I write from the heart,
I write like Slim Shady, yes mister Marshall.
You write from your eyes,
What looks good, even if it's lies,
Just must be written for the sake of appearance,
Do you have a phobia of a messy presence?

You infantile failure,
You ridiculous moron,
You speak of the appearance of lines on a page,
And expect onlookers to cheer you on?
Can you not dissect my poem,
Must you dissect the way it appears?
Well no wonder you're a beginner,
When you fail, you shed tears.
To overcome the pain,
You drink a few beers,
I'm the devil of you're religion,
I'm the pinnacle of your fears.

I put you in your place,
Your place is below all of humanity,
You overrate appearance, conformity and sanity,
Whilst not quite understanding all that matters is the art,
Art is not made to look like perfection,
It's made to move one's metaphorical heart.

You think putting a statistic of my percentage won,
Is the way a poet should prove his opponent wrong?
And Lyrically,
You fail, so bad,
You think some how,
You can beat me...

I'm about to turn your statistic from 100% to half that size in one debate,
You barely will affect mine, you're just a house, I'm the Empire State,
I'm a skyscraper, I touch places of the mental world you cannot reach,
I break barriers set up by society that you think one cannot breach.

You are a fool, You are a beginner,
You have no talent in thinking, let alone writing,
I'm bound to be the winner,
Victory is mine,
Yours is far from reach,
I am an ocean, you are a beach,
I erode you,
I corrode you,
I smash against you, leave you nowhere to go to,
You can pray,
To get away,
But when my words have had their say,
When I have the terrain of poetry with which to play,
I'm like Santa on the Eve of Christmas Day,
I'm efficient,
I can rhyme insanely well,
I look forward to your attempt at a response,
If talent where an odor, you have no smell.


I've been given lots of words to chew
So chew I will, I'll do it thorough too
Like a snake I'll sink my teeth in you
You may just end up being viper poo

What have you got: a worthless pheasantry?
What made you think free lancing lines are worthy?
You've made a horrid error from the start
By using style unworthy in these parts

Recall the context of this rap debate
Rhythmic rhyming must be clear to readers
Not only is the rhythm not innate
Your rhymes are those made by sneaky cheaters

Let's take a look at some of that false rhyme
It takes no skill to make these wastes of time
You need to see what pro was trying there
I will explain my statement; listen here

The juxtaposition of those ragged lines
Are the only ones that make the rhymes
I could mash words just as carelessly
And end up with disgusting poetry

For example this bad rhythm
Is made without my having to try at all; I'll still beat him
This is so easy it's not even funny
So why doesn't pro put more effort into his debauchery?
There's one more round for him, try to incorporate real rhyme within
So far there's none; debate context says I win.

And furthermore, there's just no real rhyme
I mean look at this mime
Of this crappy style written out without thought or effort
There's completely NOTHING but vague metaphorical imagery. With this, my opponent will be hurt.
See what I did there? I inserted a random line to make the rhyming work
My opponent contends that he has exhibited the use of great rhymes. What a stupid jerk.
The juxtaposition of the lines are the only ones making the end rhymes..
Let me come up with one just off the top of my head, I'll sour my opponent with verbal limes
Throughout this entire rap battle
My opponent is so full of failure, I'm sure he will waddle
The above two lines are called stupidity. If his rap-poetry is truly great
I'll concede automatically and do another debate.

Pro thinks that he's flying in freedom of birds
That structure is veiled within flailing words
There's so much in english that he has not heard
All I can see is a monstruous mess
With images weak without a good rest
Granted he shows metaphorical care
But bleak without structure; it is just bare

Since this whole round is the last for attacks
I'll joyfully do so, in my next acts
You think you're a bird a free acting snake?
You're nothing to me, I've wrath in my wake.

Down through the heavens I'll plummet to thee
And crush all your hopes and your small flying spree
I'll snap through your wings. Straight into the ground
Abound in great chains you soon will be found

With sickles and knives and acid debris
I'll wear you away with masochist glee
When nothing but pain grows into your mind
What you have claimed oh you'll truly find

I'll leave you with naught but a morsel of thought
Left only for you, weak ravashing rot.
Recall that small life, those short worthless goals
That have been made, now fruitless behold!

(anapestic dactyl lines
In my lines they intertwine)
Debate Round No. 4


You practically,
Can insult my style,
You can't tear me apart,
You can't make me seem vile,
All you can do,
To the best of your ability,
Is attack my way of writing poetry,
Instead of that makes this guy me...

To be true with you,
I've had enough of this battle,
You're like a baby who keeps shaking his rattle,
You can't take jagged lines,
Mystic structure,
Yes I got rhythm,
But my rhythm is not with how I write the words,
It's what I can verbally do with them,
I don't write to make it look nice,
I don't write to make it sound nice,
I write to give beginner's like you,
A worthy piece of advice.

My life has been tough,
My brain has been scarred,
My rationality is diminishing,
I'm becoming a retard,
That's what we all do,
This silly thing called life we go through,
WE have one goal in life,
To get old and die,
This is a goal we all strive to.
I just accept my goal,
Try to be,
As true to myself as I can be,
I don't alter 'me' too much for society,
Only enough for them to not reject me,
Oh dear I just rhymed 'be with 'be',
Oh dear you'll attack that most probably,
What a shame you have no skill and you most likely,
Are getting angry with how good I am, you just want to fight me,
Well sorry sir I'm going to rhyme thoroughly, quite rightly,
I'm terrifying, no denying, and if you dislike me,
Then you can walk a million mile sin my shoes,
As Eminem would say,
You'd have to be me from birth,
Not just for a day.

Don't judge me,
You don't know me,
You are just a beginner,
That is your name,
Beginning's your game,
You're a quitter, not a winner.
Otherwise why would you have a username,
to display to the world of this site,
That beginning things is how you hope to get fame,
Well that just aint right.
I'm more than a beginner,
I'm a winner,
I eat you up like your my dinner,
I gamble, sure I lose, my statistics show, I don't corrupt the spinner.
Sometimes it spins me lucky,
Sometimes it spins me cursed and ungifted,
But whatever is may spine me,
I'll let fate lead me until I fall dead.

My life is like a videogame,
Fate holds the controller,
If I fail at what I like to do I have no shame,
I'll get back up on my feet, rewind and do it again over.

So what if I've lost more debates than I've won?
So what if I tried and I got things wrong?
The thing is I pull through, improve and stay strong,
You think everyone's born a little chimp or King Kong,
I was not born a beast,
At poetry or debating,
I was not born to have the most or the least,
My talent's constantly fluctuating,
Sometimes I think I'm good at mathematics,
Other times I wish I could be ninja at acrobatics,
But whatever I do, I throw my heart and soul,
Into it, I don't quite, I dig deep like a mole,
If I'm doing math's I research the maths behind the maths that I'm studying,
I want to understand the reason for which I learn this thing,
I don't just go to class for the exams I must pass,
I go to school to learn,
It's a chore and a task,
That's why in my spare time I learn more, for I bask,
In the fact that if you tell me I've learnt enough,
I'll read so much more on the stuff,
If you tell me to read much more,
I'll just chill out because it becomes a chore,
You tell me back down,
Tell me dress this way,
Well I'll just turn around,
And tell you It's my life, I don't need to conform and furthermore I say,
Let me be the sunshine, let me shine on you with my rays,
I know my form,
I don't conform,
I see at night, I sometimes sleep at day.

The point I'm making is that I,
Will always think with originality until the day I die,
I'll always be the me, or as myself as me can be,
I will never back down to society,
I will never keep my head down and get by quietly,
If you wan to oppress the rationalmadman, you must do to violently,
Otherwise I will win,
Just like I shall win this debate,
I'm like a beach ball you pump air into and I refuse to inflate,
It's not about ignorance, or even arrogance,
It's about being true to myself, living life with no presence,
I wrote this poem with a structure far from normal systems,
It you can't decipher, appreciate or comprehend it,
I'm sorry but your brain must be entering self-destructive hell.

Thank you for this debate,
It was great,
I shall win.

If I don't,
Oh well, I lied,
I guess winning poetry contests is not my thing.

I hope I do,
But if the winner's you,
Well done beginner, you're victory is true,
If not too bad,
Peace out,
I've had,
Just about enough of rhyming this and that.


Instilled inside me is remorse
I've done my part until I'm hoarse
And yet the pro side doesn't see
The meaning in my poetry

The surface of my word assaults
Picks at minor minor faults
That's because parameter's set
Requirements are fulfilled and met

While I succeed in this degree
You spite me for not being free
By doing so you gave concession
To this battle no exception

I, by picking rhythmic assault,
Attacked the core; the nuts and bolts
Of a faulty form of verse
Forgive me I'll be very terse

I hope you read this carefully
And wish you don't skim pompously
Read the meaning of my words
Absorb this critic's rhyming cords

Deep in your soul within is bound
A hatred of the rules around
But what's the reason for this hate?
Contentious spirit so innate.

Ponder on your logic's tree:
The source of nonconformity
What makes the rules so good you ask?
Why should I, in conformity bask?

In retrospect my question is
What is truly wrong with it?
What about conformity
Don't you like? Explain to me.

I believe your upstart heart,
The need to be a man apart,
Is made by your environment
North Korea's decadent

But what about good policies?
Some used by good democracies?
How is it that anarchy
Will create full harmony?

To put it here quite simply
Just thinking of conformity
Makes you shudder restlessly
With no apparent reasoning

It's only the idea you hate
Uniqueness isn't always great

You ask why structure should be there
I'll tell you why with rhyming pairs
Look at ancient poetry
How did they last the coarse centuries?

They do because they have technique
Aloud they make harmonious speak
Patterns seen unconsciously
And people love it 'cause it's neat

'Buffalo Bill's defunct' is one
Although it looks like jagged fun
It has a structural rhythm too
It's decades old, not very new

I believe I've reasoned well
To defend my critique style
It's difficult to write with rhythm
Hours of time to make that schism

The damage has been done with structure
With good statements pro is ruptured
I have used way more support
Than my opponent does purport

Vote for con you know I've won.
Debate Round No. 5
4 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 4 records.
Posted by Beginner 5 years ago
I do not mean most of my mean insults such as 'stupid jerk'. Don't take it too much to heart...I just needed something to rhyme AND make sense. You know how hard that is *wink-wink*
This has been a very revealing experience to me. I hope it has been so for you too. By the way, have you really lived in North Korea? If so, how long? The regime there is horrible.
Posted by Beginner 5 years ago
I'm so scared for tomorrow....
Posted by Beginner 5 years ago
I've got the most important test of my life thus far tomorrow...I have to wake up at 6:00 and prepare. I won't get home until 2:00. (Pacific Standard Time)
Either I get my much needed rest and give myself one hour to do my last round tomorrow, or I give up my rest to input my final response. . .
I wish rationalmadman would, in magnanimity, give me an extension if possible. If not, I will give up my rest and do my best with what time I have...
Please extend my time. I just need 5 extra hours from the current time remaining. . .
Posted by Beginner 5 years ago
Just saying: Some of my I don't really mean some of my insults...if you've really lived and seen so much, I respect you.
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Vote Placed by hghppjfan 5 years ago
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Who had better conduct:--Vote Checkmark1 point
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Total points awarded:03 
Reasons for voting decision: I believe that both of you did great, but I believe that Beginner won because he did his raps more in peotry and RationalMadman was using rhymes to attack Beginner.