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Clean/Renewable Energy is the ideal source of energy (Over fossil fuels)

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Started: 9/22/2016 Category: Science
Updated: 1 year ago Status: Debating Period
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Okay, first, I will start off by stating my arguments, and introduce my topic.

I believe renewable energy is the ideal source of energy for the future for many reasons

1. Renewable energy will never run out
As fossil fuels do run out, as they are non-renewable, renewable energy will not. They come in natural forms such as sun and wind which are things that will never run out.
2. Fossil fuels pollute earth and melt polar ice caps
As shown in numerous studies, the use of fossil fuels has melted the polar caps greatly and have raised ocean levels several inches.
3. Easy to get
As for fossil fuels, you have to go drilling deep down into earth, for renewable energy, it's as simple as getting sunlight.


I think that fossil fuels are better than clean energy.

1.It cost to much many to get solar panels to get sunlight.
Using fossils fuels you don't have to spend much money and you don't have to buy it one by one.

2.Renewable energy takes up all the energy below the earth.
Using renewable energy you have to find energy beneath the earth which takes up our energy source.

3.Renewable energy is harder to link to make it work.
For renewable energy, you have to go underground and get energy, then connect it to where it's suppose to be.
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Posted by THEDEBATOR333 1 year ago
Fossil fuels WILL run out someday wether or not it's in a year or 100 years we will probably never know but we do know that they will run out eventually and to prepare for that day we should be trying to create renewable energy sources such as solar power or even an electric car. In this case nether side is right or wrong we just need to think about the future because nothing lasts forever and I would much rather drive an electric car and have lightbulbs running off wind power than nothing at all.
Enjoy your debate,sorry for my rant
Posted by CallumFerguson 1 year ago
I hope the argument against renewable energy is some form of satire. Your concern with renewable energy seems to be one of economics. I fail to recognise any substance behind all three of the points you made but here is a very short summary of answers based on what I believe you are saying.

1. Sunlight is free, the cost of the manufacture solar panels is outweighed by the energy collected and used over it's lifetime.
2. I refer to a famous saying in physics "There's no such thing as a free lunch". This refers to the law of energy conservation which tells us that energy can neither be created or *destroyed* i.e. in the case of the Earth, any energy used from internal, heat energy would be eventually returned to the system in other forms of energy so it cannot be "used up".
3. Methods of harvesting renewable energy can be far less complicated than methods of harvesting fossil fuels. i.e. Offshore oil rigs which need to drill deep into the Earth's crust to pump crude oil great distances by pipe line to a place where it is broken up into useful products by using huge amounts of energy.

To the person for renewable energy. I would question if it is not a waste of your "energy" to even try and argue this point to someone so clueless.
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