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Cleanliness is important!

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Started: 12/4/2014 Category: Miscellaneous
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Hello and welcome! I am challenging this to you, (Matt) because you, my friend deny the importance of a clean room, but to further this, let's expand this to not just a clean room, but other things as well.

The focus and sole purpose of this debate is based upon whether "cleanliness is important" or not. In which case, I will be required to give the BoP and my opponent is left to prove me wrong. I wish you well, Matt!

Round rules:
Round 1- accept and begin argument (opponent)
Round 2- argument and beginning of rebuttal
Round 3- full rebuttals
Round 4- conclusions (no further arguments or rebuttals)

Debate rules:
1. Civil manner
2. No vulgarity
3. Be considerate
4. Ready to learn
5. Use VALID sources only
6. Have fun!


Thanks to Marie for making this. I'd shake her hand as a gesture of good will, but she'd make me use hand sanitizer and that'd be dumb :P

Since she's taking full BOP and all I have to do is refute her arguments from her round one, I'm just gonna make a few opening remarks about the resolution at hand and what we're really debating.

The entire origin of this debate spawned from me messing around with Marie on a G+ hangout where she noted that one of my drawers was partially open in my room, and making a note about how messy that was. Me being the annoying troll of a person I was, I went ahead and opened all of the drawers in plain view of the webcam so Marie could watch as I intentionally annoyed her. Ahhhhh good times.

That was the origin of this debate (that and she doesn't like the fact that I never make my bed). So for the sake of clarity on what we're discussing, I move we limit the conversation about cleanliness of one's living space rather than as a general idea or concept not only because it's more reflective of the initial cause of disagreement, but rather that arguing about cleanliness as an idea is really problematic.

First, it's problematic because it's super vague. Are we just talking about making sure we shower once a day or are we talking about brushing after every meal, making sure you floss twice a day, dusting every week, etc. etc.? The actual ground up for discussion is really vague.

Second, it's problematic because there's no real brightline on what it means to be a clean person and to be a not clean person. At what point do we cross the line from being clean to being unclean, and vice versa? You can talk to five people and get five different answers.

Third, it's problematic because the scope of the debate would just be staggering. Talking about cleanliness can get us to talking about anything from brushing your teeth to vacuuming floors to using bleach in the bathroom. There just isn't enough time to touch on all of that.

So because of it, we should be limiting our discussion to the cleanliness of a bedroom rather than just cleanliness in general.

With that I'll pass it over to Marie and say Good luck and you smell :P
Debate Round No. 1


Thank you Matt for being a sport and deciding to accept my debate offer as we had initially discussed. And I see you decided to make this humorous so AWESOME! Let's get down to business and have fun discussing this topic! (FYI, I wouldn't make you use hand sanitizer I'd make you use hot water and soap because it's healthier that way!) :P

Yes, as my opponent addresses this was a pinpoint to just a room, however I wanted to not just direct it at a room but also other things, but on account to matts request, let's stay to the room then of the cleanliness is important.


As per my opponents clarifications, yes, this will be solely upon whether the room of an individual should spare that cleanliness is important. Why, because to keep clean is to abstain from possible illness do to being unsanitary, and to avoid pests/rodents, and to maintain an organized environment (I.e. Which includes general factors of living outside of your own room).

To begin, having an unclean room can resort to an unsanitary life that may perhaps bring about illness. Reason being, if a person negates cleaning there can be mold or bacteria and even grease within the room of the walls or cracks of the baseline borders of the room. So if a person were to touch the walls or any of these things even on a persons dressers can possibly bring about sickness to the individuals well-being. It is urgent to make sure all areas of the room is kept clean. Using a sponge or cloth with hot soapy water or using bleach or possibly even some type of wippey to make sure that the areas within an individuals room is sanitary and safe for the persons health. Even inhaling the filth of these possible unsanitary situations may cause some unexpected illness. Am I joking? No. This in fact has been known to happen. So imagine if a persons room is like this, how the entire home setting might be like?

Next, because of an unsanitary room, shouldn't be surprising if there are pests or rodents wondering around in your room much less in your home. These are also a form of being unsanitary. Having live creatures about in your room would only be because of a lack of cleanliness. It would not happen 89% of the time if a room is kept cleaned. People often assume that buying pest or rodent material to rid the creatures, but remain unclean is just a continual invitation to permitting them to return. The point of those materials is to get rid of them completely but deprived efforts to cleaning and keeping up cleaning the individuals room is not a source of great change to getting rid of the pests/ rodents.

Furthermore, keeping a room clean consists of being organized because with organization your liable to keep things safe healthy and presentable. How you live just within your own room may define or result to how you live outside of home. It is not an opinion but a fact. Being organized avoids flammable situations from occurring such as a few pair of clothes set close to a plug socket will cause a fire hazard. Or leaving shoes or other things in the middle of the walk way to your destination can or may harm yourself and others who may enter the individuals room. Sure having a messy room you as an individual may be able to know where your belongings are, but what if hypothetically something happens to the individual and someone else is required to go and search for your believings? Would that be fair to the person trying to help you out? No, therfore organization is just as necessary.

Finally, having a clean room is definitely helpful, healthy, safe and presentable for yourself and others who may enter the room. Neglecting to clean is just plain laziness and not caring for yourself and others around you and with that mentality outside of home will show forth from you as an individual. (When I say you I mean anyone btw).

I'll now hand the debate over to my opponent and wait for his "serious" rebuttals! *hint hint* :P


Thanks to Marie. I'm gonna take a liiiiiittle bit different of a tact to approach this resolution.

While she, maybe rightfully, focuses on the word "cleanliness" in her case, I see a different word to focus on: important. What does it even mean? What does it mean for something to be "important" as opposed to being unimportant?

Merriam-Webster(1) defines important as something "marked by or indicative of significant worth or consequence". This is really crucial to understanding the resolution because we could sit here bantering back and forth all day about the health implications about washing one's walls (I'd fall asleep in minutes from boredom, but we could do it!), but if we don't address why it's important, we're not actually talking about the resolution.

But what does it mean for something to have worth? How is something prescribed as "worthy" and under what circumstances can something be prescribed as such?

(this was my fancy way of shifting the topic to philosophy, if you couldn't keep up :P)

Mark Mercer describes it as what's within our own self-interest. He makes the claim that our decisions, i.e. what we put value and worth into, are decided by what we would prefer rather than some objective metric. He writes(2):
  • "A little more elaborately,weak psychological egoism is the doctrine that behind any action whatever that an agent performs intentionally, ultimately there lies the agent’s expectation of realizing one or more of her self-regarding ends, an expectation without which the agent would not have performed the action. If weak psychological egoism is true, no one ever performs an action intentionally except that they expect to become happy or to forestall unhappiness, or to maintain their self-respect, or to get others to see them in a certain light, or to realize some other self-regarding end, in or through performing it; if an agent does not expect to forestall his own unhappiness or to promote his self-image, or whatever, in or through performing an action of some type, then that agent will not intentionally perform an action of that type."
We can see this exemplified in every day behavior. I eat ice cream as a snack over the grass in my front lawn not because the ice cream provides me with some kind of better sustenence or that some all-mighty ruler has declared ice cream to be the ultimate snacking substance, but rather I ultimately would rather have, that is to say it's within my own self-interest to have, ice cream as a snack than grass. Similarly, I drive my car the four or five miles to work that I drive not because car driving is an objectively better mode of transit (avid environmentalists would have you believe that it's the cause of all of the earth's problems), but I would prefer to not walk half an hour to go to work when I can drive there in five minutes.

This means we can restructure the resolution a little bit without affecting the meaning too much. "Cleanliness is important" can thusly be read as "Cleanliness is within my own self-interest". This means that all I have to do is show that cleanliness can be outside of my self-interest, and the resolution becomes negated.

This puts my opponent in a bit of a predicament here, mainly because this debate's existence is a very solid reason of why cleanliness isn't in my self-interest. The mere fact that I'm disagreeing with my opponent on the importance of cleanliness shows how little I value it currently. In the seventeen years I've lived in my home, I've never once had a problem of "mold" or "grease" on my walls getting me sick, so it's certainly not within my self-interest to care about such things. Moreover, I've never had a problem with pests or rodents coming into my room, therefore it's not within my self-interest to care. I've never had a fire hazard in my room nor are people injuring themselves over anything on my floor, so it's not within my self-interest to care. Moreover, the only person who comes into my room is usually me, therefore making it appear presentable to the non-existent visitors to it is pointless, therefore not in my self-interest.

As such the debate becomes something of a truism. I've listed why it's not within my self-interest to care about any of the things my opponent listed as reasons to care about cleaning your room, and the mere fact that this disagreement exists shows that cleaning my room isn't in my self-interest. As such, it's not important to me, therefore negating the resolution.

Have fun Marie! ^_^


(1) -
Debate Round No. 2


Matt, I'm sorry I haven't had a sit still opportunity to state my next round but I didn't want to completely ff either. Hopefully by the next round I'll have mine ready.

Again, I'm sorry.


It's fine, just use the next round.
Debate Round No. 3


ElCorazonAma forfeited this round.


"Hey Matt, we need to do a debate!"
"Hey Matt, take our debate!"
"Hey Matt! You gonna chicken out of our debate!"


Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Genghis_Khan 2 years ago
LOL @ zaradi's final round
Posted by ElCorazonAma 2 years ago
I fell asleep and this happens.... Oh well... Lol
Posted by ElCorazonAma 2 years ago
You would laugh... :(
Posted by Zaradi 2 years ago
Posted by ElCorazonAma 2 years ago
Omg!!!!! I forgot about this debate!!!
Posted by ESocialBookworm 2 years ago
Posted by ElCorazonAma 2 years ago
Omg!!! Matt!!! Good round!!! Lol. Sheesh I'm gonna do my best the next round though lol.
Posted by TheLastMan 2 years ago
Hah. Fun debate.
Posted by ElCorazonAma 2 years ago
Hey now... Lol Matt is alright haha jk! I idc about winning just getting my point across ;)
Posted by 9spaceking 2 years ago
my god...GCL challenging the mighty Zaradi...
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