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Climate Change is real and caused by humans and can/should be stopped!

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Started: 4/10/2016 Category: Science
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Round 1: Accept challenge and give 1 paragraph intro.

Round 2: Create argument and rebut.

Round 3: Add to argument and rebut.

Round 4: Rebut, add to argument, and make 1 paragraph closing.

I believe in the fact of climate change, I believe in climate change due to 99.5% (the actual stat according to many many sources, do a basic Google search) of all scientists believing in it. I believe in man made climate change due to 97% of scientists believing in it (according to many sources including the US Gov and UN). I believe in climate change being a problem as the scientific consensus does too, and I believe we can take action as if we are a major cause of it, we can stop doing what we are doing to cause it.


Humans do not cause CLIMATE CHANGE,

cutting grass with non renewable resources does.

Humans do not cause climate change, refusing to live closer to your choice of work does.
Humans do not cause climate change, planes burning jet fuel as an alternative to slower flights does.
Humans do not cause climate change, neglecting to grow trees in concrete jungles does.

HUMANS are incapable of causing climate change,
Its everything we preference that causes problems.

like not growing food, flat ground, and damned house pets.

I'mma smoke ur turkey.

SO it's ur shot. Lay out ur case. you can argue with mine later.
Debate Round No. 1


You just admitted that humans DO cause climate change, you said 3 main ways humans DO cause climate change INDIRECTLY, but they still do CAUSE IT!

I am going to add to your argument in favor of the idea of climate change being caused by humans! By the way, your making this to easy, challenge me next argument.

Humans do add to climate change by cutting grass to often, as you said, due to there being less plants to transform extra carbon dioxide into oxygen.

Humans do cause climate change by choosing to live far from work, as you said. It takes longer to get to work, using more fuel, creating more harmful exhaust in the atmosphere.

Humans do cause climate change by having jets use jet fuel instead of alternative methods, which do make flights slightly longer, but in most circumstances that isn't much of a problem.

Humans also cause climate change by not planting trees in cities, which reduces a cities carbon footprint.

Now that I am done refining your arguments for me (just had to do a little bit of editing) I will start to rebut what little there is to rebut.

You said "HUMANS are incapable of causing climate change, Its everything we preference that causes problems." You said we are incapable of causing climate change, but my only problem is that, in the same exact statement and in the same exact argument you said 3 different ways we DO cause climate change, maybe a better way to put it is 3 ways we cause climate change by NOT doing!

I am going to add to your arguments for my side now, now that we both agree climate change is real, let's not talk that argument as that is much longer, let's focus on if it's caused by us and if it's a problem (unless you agree that it is, please tell me if you do as it will save me a lot of time) and if we should take steps to fix it (again if you agree that we should try to fix it, please tell me in your next argument or somewhere).

We cause climate change by growing to much livestock, cows for example, release more methane (a gas 84 times worse than carbon dioxide for the atmosphere) than all the cars in the world combined. If you add in other livestock, like sheep, chickens, pigs, the release of methane is equal to almost triple all the exhaust from the cars in the world.

We also have 13 "super" cargo boats, ya know those large ones that carry around those large colored shipping containers. Of course there are more than 13, but there are 13 of a certain model, a huge one. Well each one of these boats releases almost enough exhaust into the atmosphere in a year as all the cars on the planet. Meaning after you add together the yearly exhaust from all these boats, it equals almost 10 times all the exhaust from all the cars in the world. If we just use more efficient boats, or find another travel method, we could prevent this exhaust from entering the atmosphere.

We are reducing the ozone layer which protects the earth from x-rays, gamma rays, and ultraviolet rays, and from the green house gas effect through the use of many different types of chemicals for example sunscreen and hairspray, this is obviously caused by us.

We can fight climate change by switching to renewable energy sources, which would save us from running out of natural gas and oil in the future and also prevent climate change.

As you see there are many things we do to create climate change and we could stop all of these things to combat climate change. We are the problem and we are fixable.



You see, I have never seen the Ozone layer. I have seen many a great things, inspirational things, miracles even, BUT never have I seen evidence of an Ozone layer actually existing.

You see, the Ozone layer that you refer to, supposedly has a whole in it. No? Now observe oil in a tray. Ice on water, or an Atmosphere for example:
The density of the matter arranges it appropriately so that the densest is at the bottom and least dense at the top.
Where would we get a whole?
Are you asserting that the entire OZONE layer as a whole, is a specific molecule stretched across the top of the sky, which has become apparently smaller, so that there are openings? Or that another molecule in a higher or lower area is now bubbling into it, and the OZONE remains the constant volume?
If there was a whole, then the solar radiation is poking through in a few spots, spots one could expect the change? Or is this region of the atmosphere stagnant?
Regardless. I find it strange that you present it as evidence of Climate change when I have never seen it.

However, I would like to ask.
For how long have humans been tracking the temperature of the planet day per day, at Morning, Evening and Night?
Is it not possible that climate change is not real?
Is it possible that we have something of a pattern that is simply progressing from the current norm?

If an animal was to run out of water. It would not evolve to its surroundings. It would die.
If an animal no longer had the food it lived on, it would not adapt, it would die.
If an animal cannot outrun it's predator, it does not learn from the situation. It dies.
If an animal did not pass on it's knowledge, the youth does not attain it, and thus science does not take place: perpetual primitive instincts.

Clearly, and this is a short list of distinct reasons Evolution is not real,
Animals would not evolve and adapt to their environment. The entire eco-zone would collapse. The end.

But have I seen an animal face extinction do to climate change? Or do I feel that they are threatened by a few degree change? NO.
Polar bears will move, and use new hunting tactics, because they are PolarBears, and they have God given talents they ill implement to live in his world. Fish? No fish lives in water that does not fluxuate in temperature every day, Do I think the water will kill them if it gets warmer? NO.

DO I believe in Climate change, YES. But do I think that it IS real. No, I can't put faith in that statement.
Do I think it is important? Of course. BUt I am the guy who hates every person who cuts grass with non-renewable resources with a vengeance. I hate planes. I hate cities. I hate cars. I hate Burning the Petrolium I think our Race will need in the future to face new technological heights with prestige - when we can use Ethonal.

BUT, did we Make the temperature change?
SHOW ME, SHOW ME, the Ozone and maybe I'll accept Climate change. Until then. You have no case.
If you wanna help climate change, You need to attack the against that destroy he earth, not raise hysteria.

I don't say I want to kill every atheist on the planet. I say, I am sure they deserve to be dead. Thank God atheism is the self-destroyer ~does the dirty work for me, and when shitt gets deep, excuses the necessary course of action (purging rapists, home invaders, perverts, corrupt politicians & tyrants, and indulgent, bigoted doushbags and the whores who sponsor them).

Can you prove Climate change?
NO. The fact is the evidence hasn't been studied long enough and there are too many contributing factors. Would I encourage all actions necessary to pervade it? Of course. By default those actions are God fearing/loving.

Debate Round No. 2


I hope you are joking, "I have seen many a great things, inspirational things, miracles even, BUT never have I seen evidence of an Ozone layer." The ozone layer is not a literal sheet/dome of ozone covering the entire planet it is just huge quantities of Ozone (O3) in the upper atmosphere. The ozone holes are more of areas with less ozone, much less, so much less in fact that it does seem to be a whole in the ozone protection from UV and ionizing rays!

We are able to get a hole as ozone is near the top of the atmosphere, not much is above it, and of course sinks down into that hole, therefore you are right it's not a vacume in the atmosphere, its a hole, a void without ozone. Ozone is what protects the planet for a most part from harmful rays such as UV and ionising rays (Gamma and x-rays)! With the hole missing, half of the green house effect is put into place. These rays aren't just cancerous and dangerous in other ways to use, but they also heat up the surface of the planet, which normally if fine, NORMALLY when heat enters it just leaves, but green house gasses such as methane and carbon dioxide (which in small amounts are fine and needed, but we are pumping much more) block this extra heat/energy from the Sun from escaping back out into space!

The ozone layer again as you seemed to not understand, is a layer of ozone (not only ozone) in the upper atmosphere, this ozone is in addition to what makes up the atmosphere, and this ozone usually stays in the upper atmosphere (on the rare occasian or it drops into the lower atmosphere or is created here, he get sick has it is poisonous to breath) along with the other ingredients in our atmosphere, helium, carbon dioxide, air, nitrogen..... The ozone hole is just an area of the upper atmosphere lacking ozone, which again is what protects the planet from much of the electromagnetic spectrum (light, including gamma and x-rays, UV and Infrared rays, Microwave and Radio waves).

You said you have never "seen" this part of climate change, of course you don't do you see trees taking in CO2 and putting out Oxygen, NO, so it "must" not be true. The almighty, non-scientist nobody doesn't beleive it to be true, we must just take his word for it!

The ozone hole is over the southern pole, so if you were in Antarctica right now you would likely feel the rays, as in you would get sun burns and a tan (yes even in the arctic as long as there is sun and rays, you would also likely get skin cancer after a couple years of exposure, why don't you test your theory out that it doesn't exist, maybe you can prove skin cancer to be a myth made by those evil athiests too).

You asked how do we know that the climate is changing at a un-natural rate, good question, this held us back from acting on climate change for a long while, until we figured out the answer. We know that the planet's temerature has changed over thousands and millions of years, ice ages are proof of this (we know those happened due to glacier fossils which cover the earth meaning that the temp would of had to be much lower), and there have been times in history where we beleive it was so hot that the poles melted completely, but all of these events happened over hundreds of thousands if not millions of years (ice ages being the exeption, they happened over a number of thousands of years). We know that the Earth's temperature hasn't been changing in the past due to the effects that climate change has on weather, el nino (a storm caused by disrutption of wind currents, caused by climate change) has only came to exist in the last 20 years and is definetly caused by climate change.

You do not understand that this is a debate on climate change and not evoultion. Also you talked about extintion, extintion does not prove evolution false, animals die when things like you said happen, but when effects take place over long periods of time such as a forest eroding into a savanna or desert, the best of the species living there will survive and pass on their traits over and over again the best wills survive passing on the best traits to survive their changing habitat, if they don't change fast enough they die, like you said, but often they aren't faced with such imiediet threats! An example of evolution is tictalic, the ancestor of all land vertebrates. The tictalic species evolved slowly overtime, fins that were able to push themselves up out of the water, this happened as the members of the species with the strongest fins would pass on there genes and the ones with weaker fins would die out. These fins over thousands of years would get so strong they could act as primitive arms that drag tictalic onto land to escape predators. The air bladder of the fish evolved to act as a single lung and this way, over time through many mutations that helped the species survive, they evolved legs, then they got bigger, spread out across the planet, and the species we have today evolved.



"You do not understand that this is a debate on climate change and not evoultion."
... WHAT do you mean?
You said I don't understand this debate is not about Evolution. Are you incoherent? Or just a twat?

You go on to say, that it is FACTUAL and PROVEN and SCIENTIFIC to suggest that the world is hundreds of thousands if not millions or billions of years old. HA. Science is Observation, in order to determine fact from theory. SO that doesn't support your case that the OZONE is real.

In correlation to your proposition: We can see oxygen come out of leaves. Fire needs fuel. It burns on oxygen. Fire doesn't go out in container with leaves. One valid example. YOU git. You say you're a scientist (informed and aware) and I am not, but I can prove you're an idiot, and you lost.

Now, It is not wrong to call an idiot an idiot. So I am not unformal. Nor am I being unprofessional. But fro an idiot to call anyone an idiot is idiocy. So watch your step. You can't stipulate I lack evidence in God because YOU "have not seen" it. I simply stated that I have not seen the Ozone.

And regarding the OZONE, the term 'Gullible' comes to mind. billions of dollars in media & military embezzlements go into rocket science. Doesn't mean they found an OZONE.
Also, the atmosphere is supposedly 190 000 km high, while the space station is only 3000km high. Where is this ozone? Near the Top you said? Oxygen the super heavy gas.

OZONE hole over the south pole folks. Where no one including my opponent ever saw it. borderline delusional. To be so defensive and offensive over it's existence.
I never heard anyone in my life ever say Cutting grass with non renewable resources is clinical insanity, criminal and is also denial of the Word of God {the form of denial being: destroying the world, vanity, delusion, earthly attachment, selfish, bigoted, a waste... poor expenditure of time and land. etc...)

BUt that's okay, Because I didn't join this debate with nothing in my pockets. SO I'mma roll you out flat for being a bigot and attacking my religion which you obviously never investigated prior to wanking yourself - HARD.

As a theoretical physicist I can determine that everything has a maximum potential for holding energy. That the energy follows the path of least resistance. Thermal dynamics playing a very key role in this.
{The sun draws energy in and expels energy at an equal rate, creating Energy pools, not gravitational pull, nor energy thrust. As an example. thus explaining physics, and suggesting all contrary theories came out of the as of a 'toad'.}
[For as you see, atoms cling to one another. They don't part. Thus, if you have a mass of molecules, that mass will forever stay the same size so long as it remains in a vacuum, and it will not disperse. Thus the sun will always soak up and expel the same amount of energy and never burn out, unless a foreign element contaminates it's chemistry after following a path of certain dynamics. Not Gravity, but slip-sliding/slip-streaming in the path of least residence.
DO you follow me?
The earth as a whole, atmosphere included is the same way. It takes in and expels the same amount of energy every second of the day. Not letting go if the sun goes out, and not soaking more fi the sun expanded. 100% capacity is met and determined and doe snot change.
Specific objects in our atmosphere can change temperature, because the body as a whole can move it's energy and fluxuate the balance of nature.
I'm a Christian, this is my religion.^^^ the better version of physics. The proven, factual version. The Christian Gordon Version. BIATCH. I patented that Theory.

WEATHER change is real. Climate change is a a$s-hat spouted by self righteous-atheists to pretend they care as they continue to advocate atheism to womanizers, corrupt politicians, lazy boyfriends, self-indulgent people and people who Get SOOoooo emotional during conversations with God that they black mail him and refuse to use logic because of the emotional enmity they built Up.

My point. You don't understand HOW climate change can be NOT real, and therefor you can't hold your in in this debate.
You have to understand my side of the debate to argue with it. ~"You can't say God isn't real simply because YOU never seen him." {PS. blackmailing God, saying you'll promote atheism if he doesn't talk to you is the biggest blasphemy there is** blasphemy against the HOLY SPIRIT (Good Will)}

But if your cherry-picking, I suggest You read my argument. Cause I'm coming back next round with another load.
Debate Round No. 3


I am surprised that such a novice at debate and at fact, yet you have such a large vocabulary. Your arguments seem to fly all over the place, I can only compare it to the videos on "illuminate confirmed" that to be funny try to find connections between pretty much everything and the illuminate.

You explained that climate change is not real by explaining evolution isn't real and you explained ozone isn't real by saying the earth isn't more than a couple thousand years old.

When you are wrong or made a mistake in your argument instead of admitting it (a mistake about how you formed your argument), you are arrogant and reply with some vulgar word.

You seem to believe that nothing can exist without you or the church seeing it, or without someone physically seeing it. This is false, if a tree falls in the forest with no one there to hear it, does it still make a sound? YES. If there is a lightning storm, and no one is there to hear the clap of thunder, does it still happen? YES!

I refuse to argue with someone that cannot argue against the current subject with any tactic besides somehow changing the subject or by saying you don't see it so it can't be real or by forming something from your imagination or form somewhere you read online (such as your fire example, fire needs oxygen, but it does not take in unlimited amounts, unless the planets atmosphere was for the most part lacking oxygen, fire would not be attracted to leaves as they don't need a new source of oxygen, they are getting there need).


I said,
"Cutting grass with non renewable resources was idiocy."
So my opponent, lacking substance to support his own claim,
Says "HA! look at this fool." and he wasted his entire round two debate, pointing out what I had already said.
He then goes on to deny that animals that have no food or water, can't outrun seasons or predators, can't catch prey etc... some how evolve. And that evolution thereby suggests that millions of years of change in the climate is or is not real, but regardless had no evidence to prove that.
NOR were the last 90 years of temperatures recorded, day and night, day to day, or even month to month.

Then he goes on for two more rounds about the OZONE, because he had no other claims to make than, "there is a hole over the Antarctic"
sure sure,
and McDonalds isn't being attacked by BurgerKing, Wendies, A&W and all other privately owned restaurants who also sell burgers for $7 because they sell cheap burgers. To debunk the Myth, ~ McDonalds sells so much meat it's always fresh. Derp.

But the OZONE
Gullible strike a bell?
I agree Eating up non renewable resources sucks for the future,
"Hey dad, Can I ride the motorbike?" *kicks kid* "Nope!" ** BRRM BRRRMM ***
and polluting water is retarded as shitting in it.
But You can't bring evidence the OZONE is real here so bring substance to the debate.
I made it easy on you. Billions in government embezzlements in media and military, and you went head over heals for the topic of debate used to disillusion the masses. :P Pulling some strings here :P

But what is the difference between 'Climate' and 'Weather' ?

I had no debate here. I was playing. Because I thin it helps everyone to read what I say about things.
You just happened to be atheist, so your brain stopped working, as apposed to a theist, who thinks their opponent is so stupid there is no point in communicating.
Debate Round No. 4
14 comments have been posted on this debate. Showing 1 through 10 records.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
Hmm.. #3, was Pro's entire debate thesis.

You can't assert I never tried to defend my side off the debate if You never read it. Because I did in each round. LOL

I did not introduce irrelevant topics, Nor did I mount UNWARRANTED attacks.
His lack of logic originated somewhere, so I pinpointed it to allow him to verify how his logic strayed:
thus he could understand how I manipulated him.

I say, "cutting grass causes climate change." But then I say "climate change isn't real" and he says, "HA looks who says it is real." How easily he is swayed from making his own arguments, when I did not prove climate change existed. LOL SO he forfeited 3 rounds of debate because he Foolishly thought he had one up on me.
Posted by echelius 2 years ago
Also, GoOrDin just tried to disprove the opposing side of the debate instead of trying to prove HIS side, so I would think in any debate that would make him the loser.
GoOrDin also violated basic debate rules by: (1) introducing topics that had no relevance in an effort to make the opposing side stray from the real debate; (2) mounting unwarranted and uncalled-for personal attacks on Sanders2k16; and (3) making no argument built on a sound and proven foundation.

I would hope that GoOrDin learns to be more professional when debating in the future.
Posted by echelius 2 years ago
Well, I just want to say that I think that evolution IS real because GoOrDin has obviously proven that he is a Neanderthal.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago

YOU were not argueing with "ME",
you were proving Climate change was caused by man.

you dodged your que three times because I provoked you, and used misdirection to make my own arguments round per round stating that I was right to be the Con in the debate.
Who won?
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
My version of Physics exceeds all predating theories in accuracy and excellence. It is flawless, and uses all observed science as reinforcement.
My Christian Physicist Theory explain in the debate is an accurate account of our reality, and can be proven. Easily.
more over it is applicable to a more indepth model of our universe.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
I feel guilty I insult Bill here, but he promotes the most bigoted arguments used as though they are genuine genius.. regularly, to an impressionable youth. who sue arrogance as their debate tactic afterwards because bill ahs the power to be on TV meaning he is recognized by professionals and adults.
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago

lol, "read a wikipage"
Posted by GoOrDin 2 years ago
u cant stipulate over my faith lacking evidence. I have plenty. U delusional twat. however, I'll set my arguement
Posted by Sanders2k16 2 years ago
It does not matter if you have seen the ozone layer, have you seen oxygen coming out of leaves, NO, but it happens. The ozone layer is not really a layer, it's just large amounts of ozone (three oxygen atoms make up the particle) in the upper atmosphere. Large enough amounts that it shields the planet from radiation.

The ozone layer has been proven the same way that I we know the upper atmosphere is made of oxygen, we have obviously been there (any plane!) and we have measured the contents of the air. WHICH WE CAN DO thanks to Science and not Christianity which held back scientific research for a thousand years. But know that we aren't in the dark ages of the church, we now much more, and we can actually do intelligent things for the human race and for ourselves not for the church!
Posted by Sanders2k16 2 years ago
Atheists have been found to be more intelligent than worshippers of God.
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