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Climate change is both real and a serious issue

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Started: 2/9/2017 Category: Science
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Debate Info
In the age of information, it is very easy to search for knowledge in the blink of an eye. With so much information available, it can be hard to determine what knowledge is true or false. Misinformation tends to be centered around controversial topics that have false evidence or include ideological ideals. One rapidly growing topic is climate change. Many people believe that climate change is a hoax due to "ideological and/or financial reasons,"(Citation 1). It should be noted that political views usually dominate one side or the other. Carbon emissions have been accelerating since the start of the industrial revolution. This is resulting in: global temperature rising, polar ice caps melting, and rapid environmental changes. It is said that this information is being faked to further personal and/or business gains. So what is it? Is climate change real or, is it being used as a front by greedy individuals? Let the best side persuade you.

Citation 1 - Wikipedia, "Global warming conspiracy theory"



I want to start off by mentioning that this my first debate with another person and this is a very controversial topic and I hope we can both be informative to each other

To start I wanted to address your source, in the source one of the first points it makes is that humans are the main cause of global warming, however there actually is a good deal of evidence that humans aren't the main cause, the earth has natural heating and cooling periods and around 1945 people were actually worried about the cooling effect (1) And this isn't without any evidence there is a petition signed by thousands of scientists (2). the general public and many environmentalists believe that since there are charts and graphs it must be true but humans also once wholeheartedly believed the world was flat.

It is widely believed and accepted that global warming is causing the ice caps to melt and this will cause "great floods" and whatnot but anyone who knows anything about displacement can obviously tell that's outrageous. Around 400 million years ago during the Ordovician period greenhouse gases were at levels 16 times more than they are at now and the earth was wildly populated with flora and fauna still capable of life.(3) This was brought about by volcanic emissions this can be read about in source 3. SO really the recent rise in carbon emissions inst actually that devastating at all.

Also al gores prediction of the melting ice caps due to the carbon emissions is false, according to this (4) in fact it has grown up to 50% larger. the Northern ice cap actually gained area roughly equal to the size of Alaska since 2012.
Its silly to say that humans don't make an impact on the environment, and I wont say that because we do have an impact but the earth itself has had much bigger changes in temperature before. to claim that humans are destroying the planet is crazy at most humans will raise the temperature by a couple degrees Celsius.

My closing thoughts are that I don't believe global warming is a serious issue the earth has had to deal with much more influential things than humans and ultimately adapts and changes because of it. The U.S. government has spent billions of dollars to fund global warming efforts (5) and this money could be used to fix actual problems that we have identified instead of funding research nearly as heavily as we are.

Debate Round No. 1


My first source was just an example of the structure that should be used and is not part of my argument.

You state that displacement will maintain the water levels. Water in its solid form is more dense than its liquid state. Therefore it takes up less space and by melting the ice caps the same amount of water would take up more room. Also there is a lot of the ice that is above sea level, the ice on top would melt and go into the ocean which increases the sea level. Get a graduated cylinder, fill it with water, and place a buoyant ball in. Measure the volume line of the cylinder, now push the ball entirely into the water and measure it again. You will notice that the volume line will increase. The same thing will happen with the ice melting into the ocean.

You state that humans will raise the temperature by a couple of degrees. That has an incredible impact. In fact, that is what climate change believers are worried about. This couple of degrees will change the world and reduce the health of the biosphere.(

The Industrial Revolution changed lives drastically, factories began to mass produce products, new tools allowed less farmers to create more food, and wealth inequality grew. This resulted in accelerated population growth and living condition improvements. A side effect was the demand for energy to power factories, trains, planes, ships, and to create electricity. Whether it was wood, coal, or oil, these energy sources when burned would release emissions that have been buried in the ground for millions of years. Not much emission comes from these sources, but in over 200 years we have increased the carbon footprint of the planet by 38%(1). This is increasing the global temperature which is resulting in: melting of the polar caps, ecosystem destruction, and is destroying our biosphere. Due to the excessive use of these energy sources we are also destroying the environment. Dumping trash and waste into the ocean and rivers of the world.
Increasing carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is creating a dangerous cycle. Carbon dioxide traps heat from the sun and causes higher temperatures. Polar ice caps reflect huge amounts of sunlight, and because of the increased temperatures these caps are slowly melting away causing even more heat to stay in the Earth. Beneath the polar caps is home to millions of pounds of carbon dioxide that will be released furthering this cycle. This process is exponential and is almost impossible to restore back to its original state with current technology. With the polar ice caps melting and sea levels rising, trillions of dollars in economies would be at jeopardy. Cities like New York, Singapore, Shanghai, Tokyo, would be destroyed. These changes would also displace billions of people in the process(2). Life is very fragile for multi-celled organisms, a change in the organism's niche will wipe them out. This is because they are well adapted to the environment which makes them very dependent on it. Deserts are expanding, ocean reefs are disappearing, and forests are vanishing(3). These ecosystems are home to millions of different species and the rate of extinction is rising at an alarming rate(4). Food webs and season cycles are being disrupted which are incredibly important to the system. Temperature increases are affecting sea level and ocean temperature. This in turn is wrecking the ocean currents that deliver heat evenly and quickly all over the world as well as sustain billions of ocean organisms.

Couldn't it be argued that those people against climate change are trying to further themselves. Oil and coal businesses would lose immense profits or go bankrupt if governments started to crack down heavily on the issue. Many government and educational sites are posting verifiable data on climate change.(1)

You have claimed that there was higher C02 concentrations during the Ordovician period and that flora and fauna was incredible. What soon followed suit was the largest mass extinction ever. The climate changed rapidly and the organisms that were best fit died off. This is why climate change is such a big deal. Yes, carbon emissions were much higher, however the suns solar output was incredibly low along with much larger ice caps to deflect more sunlight. In comparison, today we have a very high solar output and much smaller polar caps. Recent studies on the Ordovician period actually show that the carbon concentration was not as incredible as claimed (5). You brought in that people used to believe the world was flat. That is a common myth(6). The Earth is an oval and there are immense amounts of evidence to prove it. Yet people today still believe the Earth is flat(7).



As I finished writing and submitted my argument i later realized the exact point about the polar caps that you mentioned, and i concede that your right about that, but i still stand firm in my point that the polar caps aren't melting in fact they are growing and my evidence is in the link in my last post. But as for the rest of my argument i believe you, you are right and as I read your points i re read my sources and realized that they don't quite say what i wanted them to. i also cannot find any actual evidence that humans aren't the cause, so I concede, Good work Pro i enjoyed the debate and im sorry i cant finish it, i simply see your side now and cant find evidence against it. Im sure others could argue this into the ground but i dont see the point. Good Job, i would like to b=debate with you more later preferably a different topic. Good Job, You Win
Debate Round No. 2
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Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by wvrobles 1 year ago
I really enjoyed this debate, and the way on how both expositors has exposed their arguments, I definitive support NeuralNetwork, I'm a believer of Global Warming, and I think that we need to do any at our hands to make the diffence.

We just need learn that all life is important and we need to respect it, it has the same rights to be here, like us, when we will understand that we will learn to value something else that money.
Posted by NeuralNetwork 1 year ago
Well I got really busy and could not post the round, sorry.
Posted by Stupidape 1 year ago
Go Pro, naturalnetwork. Feel free to look at my debates for ideas.
Posted by Captain3 1 year ago
I just want to mention before i post my rebutle I dont actually believe in the flat earth theory, i was using it to say that you cant just believe all scientific studies there are. And i read the link and i apologize for being missinformed.
Posted by NeuralNetwork 1 year ago
This is my first time debating as well. Okay so I posted this without realizing that where I put everything was actually where my argument was supposed to go. As a result be ready for a very lengthy second round lol.
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