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Clinton's "House of cards," about to come crashing down

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Started: 3/6/2015 Category: Politics
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....a house of cards..... reputation
an organization or a plan that is very weak and can easily be destroyed The organization that looked so solid and dependable turned out to be a house of cards.

Is the Clinton's and Hillary Clinton's "House of cards," about to come crashing down The Clintons legacy, its becoming more and more apparent as time goes on has been one of deception, lies, and covert actions meant to hide their nefarious conduction.
Apparently the Clintons know of no other way of conducting themselves and the latest revelations about Hillary as Secretary of State deliberately setting up a separate personal email system apart from the State departments email system that all State department employees were required to conduct government communications on is just another telling episode in a long line of similar episodes involving the Clintons. Hillary Clinton decided, as always, that the Government rules while she was Secretary of State didn't apply to her. The house of cards that the Clintons have resided in is becoming more and more shakey, their personal history's the foundation on which Clintons house of cards sat on is full of flaues, Bill Clinton's affairs with different women, Dead bodies,Vince Foster, Sandy Berger absconding with archived records from the Clinton era when he vsited the National Archives, White Water, etc etc.
Now Hillary Clinton ,its been revealed had a personal e-mail system complete with server to conduct business while she was Secretary of State in disregard to government rules, will this be the blow that will bring down the Clinton's house of cards


I consider myself to be quite liberal and somewhat in line with the democratic party. I will gladly argue that Bill Clinton was the worst President and likely a serial rapist, but I don't think the Clintons are in danger politically.

Right now Hillary seems to be the front runner. She has been the successor to Obama since day 1. The beauty of the Clintons is that their actions are judged by their reputations and not vice-versa. "So what Bill lied, all politicians do." "She was pregnant; she must not have known where the money came from." Look at Bill's stance in the gay community despite the fact he signed DOMA and "Don't ask, don't tell" into law.

Here's what is going to happen: her opponents (right and left) are going to bring up the email, the lie that she evaded sniper fire in Bosnia, or her Brother's illegal business dealings. They're all too soft. She going to play the victim and that just feeds the Clinton lover fantasy that these two people give a crap about anybody but themselves.

"Wag the dog? He was responding to a serious threat."
Debate Round No. 1


You responded ," Here's what is going to happen:".... She going to play the victim and that just feeds the Clinton lover fantasy that these two people give a crap about anybody but themselves....." Sooner or later, those who love the "in your face," Clintons, and the democrat party are going to find a candidate who's doesn't carry all the unsavory luggage that the Clintons have carried around with them for so long, Bill's draft dodging, The Clintons, "I loath the military," with his Uncle Ray's intervening with the draft board on Bill's behalf.
Ever since the beginnings of the Clinton's earliest days back in Little Rock,Arkansas when Bill Clinton was governor and their shady dealing that the Clintons were involved in, and which sent others, who were a party to, to prison for their part in the Clinton's schemes, White Water, there has always been underhanded dealings that the Clinton's were involved in in one way or another.
There were and are those who had voted for the Clintons because it was a way for the youth of America to 'slap-down,' the older generation with their votes that they just couldn't pass up the opportunity to push the older folks around a bit but I believe that the young people who were happy enough to "Slap down the older folks,' when they started feeling the effects personally from sticking it to the older generation, when their choices to run the government started sticking it to them and their families,(Obamacare,) losing their jobs, and their homes, their actions of sticking to the old folks sort of lost some of its charms for them.
I have to hand it to the Clintons though for all their shady dealings, they still managed to hold their heads up high and carry on. Misdeeds like, lifting everything that wasn't tied down, absconding with things from the White House when they left office, only later to have to bring stuff back when The new President, it seems, needed the oval office desk to set at and the Lincoln bed to show folks who visited the White House... (Some favorite few even able to sleep in if the price and connections were right.)
The dilemma now for the leftist democrats is to find a candidate who has qualifications that might set them apart from all the former choices of the democrat party it would seem apparent that the democrat party has just about played out all their suitable choices to select from, but there still is one candidate that might prove to be a winner, The democrat party could cover the "politically correct" bases by choosing a "Indian woman to be the parties choice, Elizabeth Warren, a native American Indian, Cherokee..... "Elizabeth Warren..... claim to be Native American, specifically Cherokee and/or Delaware..."


A "House of Cards" collapse entails a lot more than Hillary not being elected President. For it to be a HoC level collapse, the Clintons need to see their base flee away, the undeserved respect that this couple have conned their way into vanish completely. Getting out-primaried by a more consistent liberal with far less baggage (Warren) does not constitute a fall from grace; it's losing to the better person.

Nothing Bill did will matter, especially what he did as governor (he did get 2 terms with that info out there). Hillary will just say "I'm going to be my own person", and her supporters will swoon at the archetype of the independent woman.

Between "right wing conspiracy","old news", and "attack of misogynists", Hillary has everything she needs to dodge all the bullets coming her way. Maybe she doesn't win the nomination, but she will leave this election cycle with a high favourability rating.
Debate Round No. 2


This is exactly the point here about Hillary and the Clintons, there comes a time when as much as the Clintons have been very useful to the democrat party at one time they now though, have more and more questionable actions that requires the democrat party to defend and its becoming harder to do as time goes on. Clintons involvements with foreign countries/ donations to the Clintons, "......Clinton the sentences of 16 members of a violent Puerto Rican terrorist group that set off 120 bombs in the United States, mostly in New York City,".... a state, by the way, in which Hillary wanted to win and become their Senator, for example.
The defense of the Clintons may not be worth it by the democrat party when the party can find a person who hasn't the history of such nefarious behavior as the Clintons have displayed all during their political careers.
You replied," getting out-primaried by a more consistent liberal with far less baggage does not constitute a fall from grace..."
It doesn't matter what the excuses are given to explain the Clintons loss, If Hillary/ the Clintons, don't win it will be most poignant and evidence that the democrat party hierarchy didn't back the Clintons this next time around.


Let's remember, Hillary lost in 2008 and the Clintons still enjoy widespread support. There is no reason to think this time around will be any different. If she loses, there will always be 2020 or 2024. But no matter what happens, a huge portion of the Democratic party lives in this fantasy world where Bill was a strong leftist president and Hillary is a progressive champion of the working class. The dream world is so much better than reality. Even without further political office, this couple will continue to collect speaker's fees and write vacuous best-sellers.

Thanks for making this debate!
Debate Round No. 3
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