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Cloning is wrong/harmful

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Started: 1/13/2015 Category: Technology
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I don't think cloning is wrong.


First off I would like to know what you think of when you think of cloning?
The second question is wrong/harmful to whom?
For instance it may be wrong for any person to clone another person. Or it may be harmful to the clone which has been made. Or it may be harmful for the person performing the procedure.

So if you could please define what you mean by cloning?
Cloning an entire human being? as in the movie The Island
Using cloning of embryos/stem cells of humans with the intent of never forming a conscience being?
Cloning animals?

There are quite a few ways cloning can go. Perhaps do a quick wikipedia search to identify what you want to debate
Debate Round No. 1


I am so sorry. Actually the topic is human cloning is wrong.
I am against this because I think it could be very useful. Clones could be made and do useful things for us. Like clones of soldiers could be made to stand at the border in order to defend our country. Our work would be done and original soldiers would be safe.


Ah well I definitely believe cloning a human is wrong for several reasons.

Imagine a scenario in which you meet the most amazing, loving person ever. They're everything you have dreamed of. Kind, compassionate, fun, laughs all the time at your jokes. Is just perfect for you. You talk and talk and talk some more. Now after 6 months of the most incredible relationship you've ever had this person comes to you with tears on their face and of course you ask what's wrong? Why are you crying? And they respond by saying "I'm so sorry I should have told you but I'm a clone and I must go fight in your war." Now you and this person (clone) know full well the chances of clones surviving is less than 10%. For they are just cannon fodder, if one dies you can just clone another like you said right?

So let's say you can clone this person again. The person looks exactly the same but has no memory of the past 6 months you have spent with them (assuming of course memory is not able to be replicated as current science is definitely limited in that regard).

Or could you imagine if the government came to your door tonight and bagged you saying that they own you BECAUSE YOU ARE IN FACT A CLONE and are sending you off to do _______ (whatever bad thing you think the government would use clones for) and feeling that is totally fine? I mean after all are you 100% absolute positive as to exactly how you were born into this world? Were you there watching yourself being born? Could not your birth certificate (if indeed you've ever really looked at it) be completely made up? Could it not be possible you were just cloned days ago with all the memories of the "true person" who you were made from?
Is it right for the government or whoever then to use you as they would a test dummy?

I would definitely say it would be wrong to "own" another being simply because of how they were created.
Whether you are born in a test tube or born in the womb, all should have equal value.

Now if you want to say that if in the future we have the ability to create "zombie" clones, as in they are brain dead and merely just bodies with very little brain function that is a different story. Even so, I would say that is wrong too. For cloning is just a different way of creating a human being. In essence we would essentially be intentionally creating mentally disabled humans for the purpose of serving us as if they were robots for us to control and own. If you want to argue that either we should use mentally disabled persons for our own benefit, or that it is different then we can.

In summary it matters not is to HOW we are created or formed. That is not what gives us our value and rights. Therefore, to say I have the right to use a person who is identical (what about identical twins and triplets in real life?) to me or someone else is wrong and indeed harmful to the person/clone.
Debate Round No. 2


Kriti24 forfeited this round.


adomman forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 3
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I always wanted a twin brother
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