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Coeducational schools are better than the single-sex ones?

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Started: 12/7/2017 Category: Education
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As for me, I see education as preparation for the future life, so in my opinion, co-educational schools can tackle this issue much better than the single-sex ones:

One of the good things about enrolling students, especially kids in mixed-gender schools is that they learn that our society is composed of both men and women. If they are taught and motivated to interact with both sexes, they can use this skill when they graduate in college and be in the real world where men and women co-exist, especially at work. In other words co-educational schools promote socialization and improve communication skills, which means that students will not be afraid of talking to the opposite sex as well as make friends with them.

Another important thing, which I would like to highlight, is teaches equality. With both male and female students attending classes together and participating in class activities, these students will be able to learn about equality between men and women. As opposed to single-sex schools, co-educational schools treat students equally with no preference to sex, thus, when assignments are given, there are no special treatments and students are graded and evaluated on their performance and not on gender.

Furthermore I have found an interesting fact that male students' exposure to female classmates can have a calming effect, which shows that simply combining boys and girls in classes has an effect on behavior. Studies show that the higher the percentage of girls in a co-educational classroom, the better the academic performance for all students (both male and female). In high school, the classrooms with the best academic achievement were consistently those that had a higher percentage of girls. A higher percentage of girls lowers the amount of classroom disruption and fosters a better relationship between all students and the teacher.


Can"t agree with your statement about "happy coexistence of men and women. For children of all ages, interacting with the opposite sex can cause anxiety ,self-consciousness, etc. For instance dating might divert a girl away from her studies, or changing hormones could cause a boy to become less involved in school. So you see that single-sex classes are wonderful because there girls can learn without playing dumb to attract boys, focusing on their appearance and dealing with male classmates" sexist behavior.
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Thank you for your answering!

But I think that co-educational schools, on the contrary, challenge sexism. Hindering interaction between boys and girls we also hinder the respect that naturally develops when both sexes interact regularly in the same environment. It is much easier for a boy to develop stereotypes about females when he does not see them in an environment promoting equality. In co-educational school students have a chance to express themselves and share their views which will teach boys and girls about equality when it comes to sexes.
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