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Coin battle (gamble)

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Started: 1/12/2015 Category: Funny
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This will be a coin battle, I'll explain the concept of the game. (Note: this is new for me as it's an innovation)

1) I, pro will select heads or tails from a coin (quarter pref)
2) Then con will get the opposite end of what I pick.
3) After both pro and con have received their side of the coin, then both pro and con will have to entrust the voters
4) the voters will need one coin and voters will flip the coin and whatever the result of the coin is for ex. if pro selected heads and the voters flipped the coin and got heads, then pro wins and vice-versa.

My resolution:

Goodluck to con and goodluck to all and have fun!

¨Gambling is like life, you don't know when you're gonna die, but you still live on¨ - Man of wisdom


I accept your challenge. And what of the winner?
Debate Round No. 1


Brian123456 forfeited this round.


I wish my opponent good luck.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by Zarroette 2 years ago
By coin battle, I was expecting quarters to be on the front line with heavy machine guns, battling it out. This is clearly not the case.
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