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Colored Girls Useless

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Started: 4/4/2016 Category: People
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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They are useless as they thunk their are inferior to other and cause havoc.


I accept your debate. I can't wait for your opening statements.
Debate Round No. 1


txku.xii forfeited this round.


Well then...
Debate Round No. 2


Ok so I don't have much of an opening as this part will just close the debate , #1 they are the cause of homosexuality as they may make other race girls look as if they are not good enough for the men and thus the woman will look for better love within their gender and can scare men to a point men don't want to be associated with women thus homosexual, #2 they have depression issues , they cut themselves when depressed, #3 they are like rats they cause havoc on the earth then attract snakes, the men and this causes more havoc as snakes bit and harass humans so the rats would have cause damage then attract more damage this being colored girls


Your logic really is all over the place. I'll just rebute your points.

1) So colored women are the cause of homosexuality and they're gay too? What is wrong with being gay? Why exactly do colored women scare men but not women? Why do colored women scare people in the first place? On a side note, while colored people rank more in rates of LGBT that isn't their fault. [1] This also implies that I'd anyone is gay then they're useless.

2) Colored women aren't automatically depressed. According to this study, older white men have higher rates of depression than any other race/age. [2] Rates of self harm show that young white women are the highest group. [3] And even if they had the highest rates of depression and self harm that isn't their fault. You don't click on and say you're depressed one day.

3) As far as I know, there are no scientific studies showing that black women attract snakes. And how are black women like rats? How does this work at all? Why?

In conclusion, I would say you're a rather serious troll or a new brand of racism straight from Texas. That's all I have to say. Peace.

Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Not really sure how to get into this. Umm... Well first Con had much better conduct than Pro, as well as better spelling and grammar. Pro forfeited one round and offered rather illogical arguments in the last round. Con countered all of the arguments really well and the fact that Con took Pro seriously at all, with such a racist (or trolly) argument, is a statement on their conduct. Con won this debate all around.