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Comedian Dave Chappelle Should Consider A Career in Architecture For Orphan Bunnies

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Started: 3/11/2010 Category: Health
Updated: 7 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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Hello. I am in affirmation of "Comedian Dave Chappelle Should Consider A Career in Architecture For Orphan Bunnies". First points, yes?
Contention Won: Here is an orphan bunny, clearly with no home. If dave chappelle were to design architecture for said bunny, the bunny would have a home, making the world a generally better place.
Contention Foore: In this song, deep inner thoughts are evoked regarding life and death and how good it would be if dave chappelle were to consider a career in architecture for orphan bunnies.
Contention Fife: Here Ronald Mcdonald is seen eating the limbs of ORPHAN BUNNIES by a wrecked building. Ronald was able to destroy the blding due to its poor architectural design. We need dave's help!
Contention 6: There is somebody aptly named Dave Chappell (no E at the end) who is an architect. IT CLEARLY IS IN HIS BLOOD! GENETICS! THERMO-NUCLEAR WAR!
Contention 7:
Contention 8:
Contention 9: Dave chappelle once said, "I am Dave Chappelle". Well, said, Mr. Washington.
Contention 10: George Washington once said "Oh no, I didn't say that, Dave Chappelle did."
Contention 11: I once said "Oh, sorry. That was my mistake."
Contention 12: OMG
Contention 13: This is an unlucky number. DON'T LOOK AT IT!
Contention 14: Peter Piper picked a something. Because he realized that Comedian Dave Chappelle Should Consider A Career in Architecture For Orphan Bunnies.
Contention 15: This is why I stand in Affirmation of this resolution.


That, sir, was a complete and udder logical fallacy of epic proportions. My opponents argument is an ad hominem in disguise and it's fallaciousness must be stopped. I will continue to argue without intentional non sequitor. I'm not sure what that means.

Contention 3- Comedian Dave Chappelle pees whenever he does anything involving buildings. (
Therefore, while in a career for architecture Dave Chappelle will constantly piss his pants, disturbing the bunnies.

Contention 8?- Dave Chappelle does charity work for the homeless. (
The homeless eat bunnies.
Therefore, comdedian Dave Chappelle eats bunnies. Why would a bunny-eater help bunnies? I think YES!

Contention 4- According to, "everyone hates Hitler".
Comedian Dave Chappelle is part of "everyone".
Hitler is a bunny.
Therefore, Comedian Dave Chappelle hates bunnies. And Barack Obama, since OBAMA is Hitler.

Contention- According to, "Giant demonic bunnnies will cause the end of the world". There is no reason to create homes for animals like that.

Contention 7- According to the Huffington Post, 142% of all Americans believe that Comedian Dave Chappelle should not consider a career in architecture for orphan bunnies. Also, according to Barack Obama, "Bunnies suck. I f***ing hate those things. Also, Homie Q is bad".

cough*vote for me*cough. Please. I haven't won yet.
Debate Round No. 1


WOW. NEVER BEFORE IN MY LIFe have I ever seen such LIES SPEWED onto a keyboard which makes them appear on a computer screen.
Contention 1: It seems that the good folk at newgrounds have noted our debate (def not me). Now, each comment on a forum represents a billion people who have seen it, so 10 BILLION people agree with me! And if that's not a vast majority, I.
Contention 21:
Contention 22:
Bunnies interviewed Oprah Winfrey in the mos high quality and realistic interview to date. Oprah interviewed Dave Chappelle The bunnies have interviewed Dave through Oprah, and he must repay them. How? By providing his services as an architect for their orphans. It's only SENSIBLE! How could you be such a Nazisupporting bafoon?
Contention 33: Why did you look at that? You're gross.
Contention 34: Killer Klowns from outer space, like ronald mcdonald in my last speech, love to eat bunnies. YUMYUMYUM. Therefore, Davemust build places to hide the orphans so the killer klowns can't eat them.
I will end my speech by presenting the UNDENIABLE fact that my opponent is being so mayo.


I would like to ask all of you who are looking at this page to click the link my opponent has offered in his contention 1. It states: " ERROR – No thread with the ID you have specified exists. Perhaps it was just deleted, or maybe it never existed in the first place." This refers directly to my opponents case, meaning it does not exist. That means I win.
Also, in a recent survey in the amazing country of Djibouti,it was found that "127% of inhabitants believe that Dave Chappelle should not consider a career in architecture for orphan bunnies, 2% said he should, and 26% were undecided."
I have to say with sincere regret that my opponent, a liar, thief, and the sole cause of Global Warming and poverty, has stolen the rest of my case. Therefore, I am unable to provide a long argument. Thank you for understanding.
Debate Round No. 2


O, boy.
At the end of my opponent's last case, he claimed "Thank you for your understanding." I, however, do not understand, which means my opponent was lying about my understanding and mocking said lack of understanding. Therefore, he is a bad person who probably steals candy from children and those children from their parents and their parents from their jobs and their jobs from the economy. Therefore, my opponent hurts our economy with his LIES.
Also, to further prove my point,:
So you see,
Contention 12: That pikachu represents the destruction of bunny establishments. Only dave chappelle can build such snazzy architecture to protect the bunnies.
Contention 13: Bunnies can make delicious 30 second films, making them a substantial part of our economy and our hearts. And isn't that all that matters?
Contention 14: AHHHHHHHH
Contention 15: In an episode of Family Guy, Peter claims he needs "a jew". His need of a person who practices judaism represents bunnies' need of sturdy structures built by dave chappelle.
Contention 20:
Contention: That is all. I urge you to vote in aff, to support bunnies everywhere and to go against the irrational hatred of bunnies. Good day. Or night.


Dave Chappelle once stated: "I should not consider a career in architecture for orphan bunnies". For this reason, I negate the resolution.

My opponent stated that he "do not understand". While this quote sounds extremely stupid in this context, it means that my opponent doesn't understand anything, including the topic, which means I win.

In contention 1, my opponent asks "isn't that all that matters". No. That is not all that matters.

In the classic novel Go, Dog, Go by Dr. Seuss, it is stated that "Go, Dog, Go." This is referring to how bunnies everywhere should be set free, not be placed into architecture.

Lastly, my opponent ended his case by saying Good day. Or night. As you can see, he is trying to pit these two normally peaceful groups against eachother. Soon, day and night will battle to the death. That sounds bad.

You're jealous.
Debate Round No. 3


My opponent has made only one arguments to negate the resolution other than Dave Chappelle saying that he doesn't think he should build for orphan bunnies. However, contrary to m opponents RADICAL viewpoints, Dave was speaking a term in Yiddish that sounds EXACTLY like what my opponent CLAIMS that he said, however it actually means : "Hey, Judith. How was supper?" Which in no way supports my opponents side.
Contention 365 (or 366): My opponent's argument is false, fallacious, and supporting the evil wizard from the Princess and the Frog movie. How? Because I didn't see the movie because my "opponent" deliberately sabotaged my viewpoint of the movie and made me not see it. If that's not worthy of voting against, I don't know what is.
Contention 28 (or 29): DO YOU HATE PANTS? I SURE DON'T HATE babies.
Contention U (and sometimes Y): Dave Chappelle invented the modern bunny.
Dave chappelle IS the modern bunny.
Dave Cappelle MUST be an architect.
Deductive reasoning, my friend/enemy.
Logical conclusion.
Contention Realize (or realise): Here we can see former president George W. Bush taking a huge bite out of a kitten. The kitten population was soon wiped out. Do we want that to happen to bunnies do to their lack of buildings to hide in? Particularly ORPHAN bunnies? No, we do not. Unless you are a SERIAL KILLER!
Contention crevasse: Due to my perfect flawless logic, I win by default.
Please and thank you. Vote in affirmation.


jfmamstepsonpuppies forfeited this round.
Debate Round No. 4


It seems my opponent has forfeited. Which leaves two options as to what has happened. (a) He can't handle my extreme and flawless arguments or (b) HE IS A TERRORIST AND IS PLANNING TO DESTROY THE WORLD!!!!
Dear Santa that's bad!
Therefore, it is IMPERATIVE that you vote AFF, because if you don't, you are supporting the actions of a person who is on the opposite side that you are on. WHICH IS VERY BAD.


Although I say this with great displeasure, it is my duty (chuckle*duty*chuckle) to announce the events that have affected jfmamstepsonpuppies, known to her imaginary friends as Ichiva, the poor, sexually confused female from La`assa, Region d' Obock, Djibouti. Sadly, the pastafarian post-doctoral pacific islander has been afflicted with slight bruising of the finger and was unable to write an argument in round the fourth. The communist who has a passion for abortion and Ralph Nader's political views was attacked by a bunny as she was considering a career in architecture for orphan bunnies. As you can probably tell, the bunnnies to not want architecture; they want the fingers of pastafarians who enjoy euthanasia and have names that coincidentally sound like problems women can have when spoken aloud. So please, vote in negation. Its for the children. Nuclear genocide. Poverty. Global warming. Caclcium deficiency.
If you don't understand this argument, please look over my profile and read it again.
Debate Round No. 5
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Posted by homieq 7 years ago
I concur, fellow vigilante!
Posted by jfmamstepsonpuppies 7 years ago
this debate's awesomeness probably scared away voters who couldn't take it's awesomeness
Posted by homieq 7 years ago
I encourage users of this site to vote.
Posted by FREEDO 7 years ago
This is so bursting at the seems with WIN.
Posted by Koopin 7 years ago
This is a win
Posted by Korashk 7 years ago
This is going to be a great debate.
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