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Commercial Debate

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Started: 12/30/2014 Category: TV
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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This debate is a commercial debate. We will show each other commercials that we deem effective in showing their main goal.

Effective - producing a result that is wanted : having an intended effect (

The only rules are that the round 1 is acceptance (no posting commercials yet), limitation of two PSAs, and you do not need to post a commercial that tackles the same topic as your opponent.

You can write some text talking about the commercial if needed.

Good Luck!


This sounds pretty fun, looking forward to this "debate".
I accept
Debate Round No. 1


This commercial connects with people viewing on a personal, emotional level. It gets its point across that we all have a story to tell and it's worth telling.;
Debate Round No. 2


This commercial is very emotional, and nostalgic, since it deals with an event that we all are going to go through.


If you would consider this a commercial, it an emotionally devastating commercial that illustrates the negative impacts of what is trying to be broadcasted by the commercial itself:

If you find that too long, then this, it's pretty self-explanatory:

Debate Round No. 3


I do think that was little long, but the dog commercial left me with tears.

This commercial cannot be played on other sites, so you will probably have to go to Youtube to watch it.

Thanks for the debating, and your commercials made me feel very happy.

Vote Pro!


Alright, thanks for telling me that that commercial was too long.

It has a surprise ending (though you can tell what is happening by the title), and I think that it conveys its message very well.

Loved your commercials, thanks for debating. Vote con, and vote for puppies!
Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Ragnar 2 years ago
Next time...
Posted by Blade-of-Truth 2 years ago
I'm going to vote on this per round. Since it's 3 rounds of submitted commercials, I'll award 2 points per round with the 7th point reserved for a tie breaker scenario.

R2 - Pro. While both presented good commercials, Pro's was extremely impactful. The reenactment of a crash brought a sense of reality to the message that was being presented. We were able to actually see what they were warning us about. For Con, I'm not sure what the point was. Are they selling camera equipment? Are the just giving a shout-out to people who make films? In regards to clarity and impact, Pro takes this round.

R3- Tie. Pro's strategy of emotional appeal is pretty apparent at this point. In his case, the commercial was effective, and relied on a familial relationship to connect a feeling of "lasting". Con's was the exact same though. In hers, it also included a familial relationship which went on to reflect the "lasting" effects of the car. Since both were basically the same, this is a tie. In regards to her first clip, I don't count "short films" as commercials when they are 10 minutes long. I'm glad you decided to put another one in as an insurance policy.

R4 - Pro. Pro relied, once more, on strong emotional appeal. The thing is, in regards to commercials, it works. The dedication of the handicapped friends really did well to capture the message Guinness was saying about quality of decisions. Do I think it's a little bit low for them to use a handicapped scenario, yes, but this is the world of advertising these days, and if I stop being an non-emotional robot for a minute it works on me too. For Con, the commercial was a little too opinionated for my liking. They try to impose outwards ugliness on someone's inner feelings regarding racism. Sure, in some cases people are openly racist and it's ugly, but it depends on subjective views of the subject. That commercials opinion was a little too stretched.

Overall, 5 - 1, in favor of Pro. Fun debate to read and vote on :)
Posted by Lexus 2 years ago
I know! It was even made the the UN, I loved it.
Posted by PapaNolan 2 years ago
That racism commercial was hilarious!
Posted by PapaNolan 2 years ago
Sorry for the long commercials...
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