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Communism is a better than capitalism

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Started: 5/3/2016 Category: Politics
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I believe that communism in its purest form is ultimately a better form of government when compared to capitalism.


I am con. I think that capitalism is better than communism.
Debate Round No. 1


To begin, let me define what the communist ideology is really all about. Communism is a political ideology that encompasses Social and Economic systems, property is to be owned by the classless society and not by any one singular individual, resulting in a working population which submit the fruits of their work back into their country, in return, the workers receive an equal amount of payment. The purpose of communism is to prevent large corporations or the "bourgeoisie" as Karl Marx called it, from taking control of the country, so to fix this, communism suggests seizing the means of production. Please take into consideration that Communism has never been tried to its fullest extent, Josef Stalin and Mao Zedong did not execute this political ideology effectively or correctly.

My first point is that Communism ensures both Healthcare and Education to citizens. Healthcare has been a prevalent issue in politics, in every nation, whether it is a virtue or human right. Capitalists tend to make healthcare a matter of corporations, which allows them to raise prices as much as they want and essentially take advantage of the consumer, furthermore meaning that the poor go without healthcare, and if they wish to receive care, they end up paying out of pocket. Even further, the more time that the poor are out of work due to illness/injury/etc., that is the more time they are not working and putting money in their pockets. In a communist country, healthcare is offered to every worker, this essentially means that they spend less time at home recuperating from illness and more time working to benefit their country. Overall, a more productive working class is produced. Now onto education. In america, we mostly all get education. But we fail to recognize the corrupt system that our schools get funded by. In wealthier areas, schools tend to be of better quality, receiving more grants, and more experienced teachers. As for the lower income areas, schools tend to receive less funding, which means lower quality, less experienced teachers, less grants, and overall less opportunity. As for higher level education, colleges and trade schools are also subsidized by the government, so everyone has a change to receive higher level education, for free, something capitalists scour at the thought of. They essentially pay back into it by obtaining jobs that require their special education and training. To conclude this point, the Proletariat and Bourgeoisie figure produced by Karl Marx, is evident in current day Capitalism, whereas Communism guarantees equality.

My second point is that the classless society generated by Communism, is better than the Capitalistic class system. Since the beginning of mankind, there has been competition, competition between man to get ahead of one another, once that man is above the other, he takes advantage of his brother. This is an applicable analogy to a capitalistic society, where some are privileged, and some are not. Take for example, Andrew Carnegie, he started off poor and worked his way up to be the top producer of steel, but that is all people look at. Andrew Carnegie, was not the one physically producing the steel, the workers were. They were put under extremely harsh conditions, with bad hours and wages, while Carnegie was sitting back, collecting the income. A communist society is ideal because it eliminates this competition and corruption. Instead of there being a pyramid of factory owners and workers, everyone is equal. No one gets unfairly taken advantage of and the fruits of production are spread evenly amongst society. Essentially, the workers are working for the benefit of themselves and their country instead of the benefit of the capitalists. An equal society is far more ideal than the unbalanced capitalistic society, where a handful of rich control thousands to millions of poor.

Tying in with my second point, my third point is that capitalism permits competition, although, the wealthier corporations swallow up their competitors, essentially establish monopolies. Greed is a common trait found amongst the wealthier of society, the desire to get more and grow larger, this desire fuels them to take over their competitors so they may become even more wealthy. Buying out the opponent is not the only way to victory, actions are also taken which essentially destroys the company by either lowering their revenue or sales. This allows for a smaller margin of the wealthy. Unlike communism, capitalism encourages minority rule, so a smaller amount of people have control of a larger whole of people. This basically means that the wealthier control the jobs, where they are and how many there are. This means that companies can be shipped to another state over night, devastating a community and putting many out of jobs. This also means that they are taking away the individualism and freedom of the workers, meaning they are virtually tied to their jobs and nothing else. Capitalists are able to control vast numbers of people, make them obey their command and have tasks done the way they want it, all while at the same time, destroying the competition in multiple ways for their own benefit.

Capitalism is a cancer to our society, it destroys individualism and freedom, it guarantees no social benefit, and encourages unhealthy competition. With Communism, everyone is the same, no one can get ahead and take advantage of one another, a worker in a communist society knows they can receive education and healthcare, aswell as other amenities and privileges which are guaranteed as a right, where as in a Capitalist society, they are considered virtuous. Communism is only fair for humanity, it is the most humane system economically, socially, and politically.


My first point is Communism Destroys Health Care. Ambulances are joke under Communism. They are no staff, no emergency equipment of any kind, and arrived not just hours later but days. There are drivers who would stop on the way to the hospital to pick up hitchhikers in order to make extra money. Often the ambulance drove straight to the morgue.

My second point is that under Communism the people have no incentive to work. Under communism people make the same no matter your job. Doctors make about the same as a McDonald's cashier. It is also bad for farmers. So, there are no crops because the farmers do not want to work hard due to the fact that they receive little payment.

My third point is the examples of the countries that used communism- The Soviet Union and China. You can just look at the results of these countries and see that communism is not better than capitalism. The people in these countries starved to death and many innocent children died. The people are also mistreated under Communism. This does not happen with countries with capitalism.

My fourth point is The communist system fails judicially. The justice system only favors the people in power. One man from Romania said "We had no due process, we were guilty until proven innocent. And the police was not there to protect us but to harass us.

The communist system did not allow us to pray to God, believe in God, own a Bible, or have Bible studies in the home. It was against the law! Only in marriage, baptism, and death were we allowed to go to church. Funeral homes did not exist so churches were the logical places for last rites." As one can see communism is not better than capitalism. There is little to no freedom at all.

Communism also fails economically. This same man from Romania also said "There were chronic shortages of everything because planning was done centrally by the communist apparatchiks who pretended to know what economics was. I remember being six years old and standing in line with my mom at 4 a.m. in frigid weather to buy one liter of milk, butter, and sour cream. Sometimes, when the store opened at 6 a.m., we were told that only 30 people in line would be lucky enough to buy that day because that is all the truck had brought in that morning. The rest of us had to go home empty-handed." So, as one can see communism fails economically.

With communism in most cases people do not have the right to vote, and if they do there is only one candidate to vote for. There is also usually only one political party. So, the people have no say. This is completely different with capitalism. The people actually have a say in their government.

I think I have made my point that communism is a disaster on every societal level and a failure in every country that has tried it. Even the few remaining communist countries are now beginning to move away from this failed model, yet the United States is charging full steam ahead. So, as one can see communism is a total disaster and is not better than capitalism.

Debate Round No. 2


This is a short response to your argument. The faults brought forth in your argument are not false, but they are not sufficient evidence that Communism is bad. The examples you used were from the Soviet Union and China while they were under "Communist" regimes. But that is not applicable, the leaders in both of these countries acted more like dictators, have whatever they wanted done. They are not pure communist societies, which I what I am arguing for. That being said, points containing evidence relating to former "Communist" countries fail. To add to this, we can examine why did atrocious examples of communism fail? The answer is simple, capitalism. Capitalism is the sole root of why it failed. Capitalism took off in the 19th century, but it ended in catastrophe. The great depression was a result of capitalism, because the government could not intervene and it was left to the private sector in the beginning, like before and as it was beginning. Then the government took a play from the books of communism, and started providing aid for civilians. Much more humanitarian than capitalism...

Starvation was brought up when refuting communism, but we all know that this happens in Africa and other third world continents/countries/states etc. People are in fact given more rights by communism.

When communism is practiced, everyone is given purpose, they are given jobs, supplies and assurance in life. No one is left behind.

Communism in its purest form is the best political ideology that can be used. Capitalism permits only a small margin of people to make out okay in the end. It permits discrimination, class division, sexism, and other forms of bigotry and unfairness. There are some fruits within it, but those fruits do not go to the people.

For these reasons, I Affirm that Communism, in its purest form, is the best form of government that can be used.


You said that "Starvation was brought up when refuting communism, but we all know that this happens in Africa and other third world continents/countries/states etc. People are in fact given more rights by communism."

The people are not given more rights most of the time they are oppressed by the government. The leaders rule with force, and if people speak out against then they executed or thrown in prison.

So, with capitalism the people have a bigger say in their government and this makes them happier and content.

You also said "When communism is practiced, everyone is given purpose, they are given jobs, supplies and assurance in life. No one is left behind."

The people are assigned a job they do not get to choose. So, they do not have any freedom to pick their career. This makes the people unhappy such as the farmers so they will not work hard. This results in little food for the people and in some cases starvation.

With capitalism you have a choice to pick what you want to do in life. It is not fair at all under communism that a person with a good career such as a doctor gets paid the same as a fast food worker.

I am sure everyone would agree with me that this is not fair at all.

So, as one can see capitalism is better than communism.
Debate Round No. 3


JSkirda4 forfeited this round.


As one can see capitalism is better than communism.
Debate Round No. 4
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dude answer back on my debate so that it can be over
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We discussed the debate in person. All has been resolved.
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capitalism is not a form of government...
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