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Communism is a good system

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Started: 12/24/2016 Category: Politics
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First of all welcome to the debate if you are willing to accept
My argument is; I think that Communism is a good and fair system because it allows everybody to be equal, I dont think true communism was used yet and Stalin and Mao ruined the face of Communism. I believe in Marxism.
Prove to me that Communism is not a good system and that another system is better.


Hello there.

On the surface, communism appears to be a utopian premise. After all, how can it be argued that equality is a bad thing? However, communism is a very bad system, and I shall be using two main points in my response. (A) Communism is immorale and unjust. (B) Communism can never be successfully implemented.

Taking money from the rich and giving to the poor is stealing. The idea that wealth is unjust is ludicrous. Why should somebody work hard their whole life, only to have it given to somebody who doesn't work as hard? That doesn't seem fair to me. Maybe equal, but not fair. But what about a millionaire, who can have anything he wants at the snap of his fingers, while a single mother of three begs on a street corner? Yes the mother is in need, but taking from the millionaire might not be the solution. Maybe one of the millionaire's ancestors was in the same position as the mother, but worked hard until he was rich. You don't know how hard the millionaire works, and the notion that he owes something to society is ludicrous, as at one point in time, his family had to work hard.

If everyone earns the same, then where is the incentive to seek higher paying jobs? Why bother training for years to become a heart surgeon if you earn the same pay as a bricklayer? You would not. Therefore there would be no highly-skilled workers, as there is no monetary incentive to work hard and achieve the job. Therefore, this communist society would be packed full of low-skilled workers, and would fail, as there would be nobody doing the higher paid jobs. How can a society survive with no doctors healing people, no politicians making laws, and no scientists advancing humanity? It cannot.
Debate Round No. 1


So, thank you for joining this debate.
Responding to your first point and also your second point at the same I disagree that it is immoral and unjust because there would be no need for money at all anyway. The use of money, as Karl Marx stated, would be eliminated. You would work, and the government would in return give you your basic needs and a home. You still work hard and you get what ever you need to live.
True Communism, in my opinion, has been seen already, in Israeli Kibbutzim. You would get assigned a job, and you do it. The next week someone else does that job. And from those jobs and the money the owners of the Kibbutzim earn from the livestock, etc they sell it and make a profit, and the people live happy. And as I stated above if you work and do what you do you get basic needs and a home. So I think, responding to your second point that you would get assigned a job, do it, and that's it. People have dreams and aspirations anyway, so maybe people will try to become those jobs either way, it's human nature.


First of all, allow me to apologise for the time it has taken me to respond. I'm sure you can accept that Christmas is a time where family comes first, and online debates second.

Currency is required for society to advance. Before the invention of currency, items and goods were bartered with at fluctuating values, and this made it incredibly difficult for people to value what they owned and what they owed. Currency serves as an official 'I.O.U', as in if everyone in society agrees that the currency has value, it can be exchanged for goods and services. Abolishing currency makes no sense to me. Why would you destroy a method of convenience for everybody? Currency makes everything easier, simpler and safer, as everyone knows how much they have.

You also mention 'True Communism', and that it would work on a system where the government assigns you a job, you do that job for a period of time, and then somebody else does that job, and you change jobs. This to me, is problematic. Again, with this system you have the problem of highly skilled jobs. How can somebody train to be a doctor, for example, when every week they are changing jobs? How can one individual complete his weekly job to the required standard, when he has only done it for a week? It is impossible. I fail to see why a society would opt for this ridiculous and dis-functioning system, when traditional career paths exist. I don't know about you,but I would much rather have a surgeon perform keyhole surgery,and who has spent seven years training as a surgeon, as opposed to someone who was a plumber last week and had not the slightest medical experience.
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Debate Round No. 4
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Posted by Jammie 1 year ago
Thank you. I hope you realise why communism is not a good system.
Posted by iiTriggatomic 1 year ago
You win, Jammie, I have not much to say, you are correct.
Posted by Dirty-Morgs 1 year ago
jammie won by a landslide
Posted by LordDeclan 1 year ago
Marxist here, happily watching this debate.
Posted by PhilosophicalNoodles 1 year ago
Fellow communist here, how are you? i'm ready to watch this unfold. :D So I wish the best of luck to you two. Hi Jammie.
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