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Computers are Better than Consoles

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Started: 12/10/2014 Category: Games
Updated: 2 years ago Status: Post Voting Period
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So, there has been a debate going on for a very long time. It is Computers vs. Consoles. There has been a long dispute over which is better. When the first Xbox came out, i was awed by the technology. Being able to play games in 3-dimensions was awesome. But what i didn't know was that there was one so-called "console" beforehand. It was called the computer!

If I took everything i know about both consoles (xbox 360 specifically) and computers, computers would totally dominate the consoles. Before, I was in favour of the 360. But when the PC came out, i realized i was living on a lie. There is a reasonable explanation and clear arguement why PCs are better than consoles. And that is what i will explain to you...

First of all, most desktops (And even certain laptops) have more processing power. They can, very simply put, run better on games, rather than consoles. Most games, such as the COD franchise, have run smoothly on consoles and PCs at a decent FPS (60-120 on both). But consoles faced a bigger challenge when they got hand-to-hand on larger games, such as GTA 4, or Battlefield. They couldn't really run it with very high, and detailed graphics. So, they made something called optimization, which is considered as "putting a game's graphics down so it runs better and faster." But because of more advanced technology in computers, we don't need to optimize, but run on a decent FPS with VERY high graphics.

My second and last reason for this round is that computers are more easier to play on. Some people are much more reliable on a controller, i get that... but some people aren't. They rather play on something that seems to be complex, but much simpler than a joystick... a KEYBOARD. Almost anyone can learn and play on a keyboard and mouse. It feels so much... smoother. Compare games like any first-person shooter. I don't understand how people can aim with a wiggly stick. And that comes from a person who has played those sort of games on a console. (yes, even i'm bad...) With a mouse, you are more accurate and more responsive with your movements. Clean-cut accuracy.

So, that was my arguement. Disagree with me? Be a Con in this debate, and say why CONSOLES are superior. Thank you very much, and torrah!


"Before, I was in favour of the 360. But when the PC came out, i realized i was living on a lie. There is a reasonable explanation and clear arguement why PCs are better than consoles. And that is what i will explain to you..."

Xbox 360 was released in 2005. The PC came out in the 90's..

You said a keyboard is easier to use than a controller.. well, thats an opinion, but I disagree. I'll tell you why..
A keyboard has 59 buttons. A controller has 12 and 2 joysticks.

There are many more games for consoles than there are serious computer games.

Consoles are roughly $400 brand new.. a $400 computer would not even remotely give you the graphics and speed of modern consoles.

Lastly, Pc's are notorious for viruses.. consoles are not.
Debate Round No. 1


"There are many more games for consoles than there are serious computer games."

That, my friend is false. There are hundreds and hundreds of games that are "PC exclusive" and not for consoles. Take the ARMA Series, for example. They are never let out on the console, simply because the creators can't find a way to set the game up for console users. The basic standard controller needs more functions/buttons to work. Also for games like S.W.A.T, Killing Floor, and many MANY other. And for those games that DO come out for the console as a port, they are an outdated version for the superior PC version.

Also, I can see where you are going with the $400 computer. Usually, a good, fast computer can cost around $800-$1,000. I can sort of agree with you on why consoles such as the Xbox One or PS4 can give you better speed based on a $400 computer. But we aren't just talking about games here. Consoles can't do the numerous things a computer do. You can record from a computer, you can edit files, you can create powerpoint and word documents. Hell, you can even make your own games on it. Now, try doing that on a modern-day console. Tricky huh? And all with the benefit of playing games.

Two more things...

1. I don't see your argue on superiority based on graphics. (either i didn't see it at all, or you didn't give a strong opinion.
2. When i was talking about my computer in the last round, i meant that i got the xbox 360, and then i found about the benefits about the computer, not when it came out. Sorry...

Well, there you go.


1.) You recognize that a good gaming PC can cost $800-1000.. while an xbox one / PS4 is $400. I think the affordability would make the console a better option for a majority of people.

2.) You still have not clarified how a keyboard is easier to use than a controller. I would argue the object with the least amount of buttons is easier to use.

3.) If I want to bring my xbox to my friends house it is very lightweight, compact, and easy to do so. If I only have one desktop in my home it is very difficult to take with me. Not only would I have to undo many more wires but then very gently carry my CPU. Once the computer is taken apart and ready to go, I have more than likely lost my home wifi and will have to go through the not so convenient process of getting it back. To make a gaming PC practical to bring with me I would need a gaming laptop.. on average cost around $1,200 for one with a little screen thats lacks display quality.

4.) The Nintendo 64 was released in 1996 and I still play it a couple of times a month.. I challenge you to find a working PC from 1996. I believe this speaks volumes about the life expectancy between the two. A PC from 2005 is undoubtedly much slower than it was brand new.. while xbox 360 still functions basically as it did out of the box.

5.) "But we aren't just talking about games here. Consoles can't do the numerous things a computer do." The context of all previous arguments in this debate have only been about gaming. It is no secret that PC's can do more and are more practical.. but this is why they are much more expensive.

In conclusion, there is not doubt a PC can be better at gaming than a console.. but not at a consoles price tag. A good gaming desktop is 250% the cost of a PS4 or Xbox One.. which makes it impractical for the average gamer. If we are talking about a gaming Laptop than the price is increased by 300%. Add the fact that a console has a longer life expectancy compared to a PC and I believe the "better" of the two is the modern console.
Debate Round No. 2
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Posted by DevinisGenius 2 years ago
consoles are better for playing video games if your not an unsocial loner. Ive never seen someone invite a friend over to play video games on a PC before????
Posted by TheDarkLord95 2 years ago
Thanks Cristnogol for understanding.
Posted by Cristnogol 2 years ago
A $400 PC still crushes any console.
Posted by rich.brisbo89 2 years ago
By the time PS9 comes out it'll have Linux (since Linux might be the majority system on PCs by 2050).

When the PS3 came out (I got a fat model for 500-600 dollars) it broke, but before GeoHotz jail-broke the PS3 it had the option of installing a distro of Linux on it without restrictions. Sony PS4 has an open source OS, but it's probably been jail-broken in secret and won't be released publicly because the hacker will have fear of being sued by Sony.
Posted by BillionBrainCells 2 years ago
How is this not specific to gaming!? Read the initial argument by dark lord and show me one sentence that is not talking about just gaming.
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Reasons for voting decision: BillionBrainCells made good points about the cost and usabilility of consoles vs. pcs. DarkLord responded with the functions of a PC. Th debate wasn't specific to gaming, so I'm going to hand it to DarkLord.