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Computers are better then playstaion 4

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Started: 5/14/2015 Category: Technology
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Are Computers better than ps4I think the computer is better than the ps4 because many games are made for the computer and modifying computer games is easier to modify. For instance Minecraft is really easy to mod. Also you can buy stuff off of websites like amazon ebay and many others. You can read on computers but you can't on ps4. So thats why I think computers are better than ps4.


Ps4 is better because they are less prone to viruses from bootleg software and malware. Computers require RAM and once you run out of memory and RAM you gotta buy more. Also, computers arent as mlg as pee ess fors with the COD dankscopes.
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Posted by mariotehplumber 2 years ago
Bro jetfuelcantmeltsteelbeams Im not going to vote for you because you took the username I wanted to use smh
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Reasons for voting decision: Grammar to Pro for Con's grammatical errors. Arguments go to Pro due to Con's arguments against computers can be cross applied to the console. RAM=memory, viruses can be on both, etc...