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Computers are better then ps4

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Started: 5/14/2015 Category: Technology
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Are Computers better than ps4I think the computer is better than the ps4 because many games are made for the computer and modifying computer games is easier to modify. For instance Minecraft is really easy to mod. Also you can buy stuff off of websites like amazon ebay and many others. You can read on computers but you can't on ps4. So thats why I think computers are better than ps4.


While the computer has many good qualities, the learning curve is a hard downfall that can make soft core players turn away. There is a reason that PC gamer's are known as "elitiers". It is because the PC gaming is based on a strictly competitive play, and the controls for the PC are not the best, sometimes you have to reach across the keyboard to do an action that would should be very easy to control. The PlayStation controls, on the other hand, are easy to learn and use. The learning curve is not near as steep because there are many more players that are just playing for fun, not for competition. While there are still players on the console that are hard to play against, you can easily just join another game and not have a huge hassle. Yes, the PC can be good for certain things, the console far outdoes it in player base and controls.
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Posted by gabep 2 years ago
In terms of electronics, yes. In common belief and terminology, no.
Posted by Kozu 2 years ago
PS4's are computers.
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