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Computers have become an important part of our daily lives.

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Started: 6/10/2016 Category: Education
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"Computers"!!! Oh, a world without computers these days; impossible!! I do agree that computers have become an important part of our daily lives/

Digital technology has made our lives smooth and comfortable and computers help us a lot. Having the capability of storing as well as processing, computers absorb enormous amount of information at a very high speed. The computer saves our information and its right there when we need it.

The internet has information of the whole world and with the very help of the internet, the computer helps us in various kinds of way like booking railway and airline tickets, providing location of different places, kitchen recipes, etc. It also helps us to fill up forms for various jobs or admission to schools and colleges.

Well, so much so that computer based technology has found application in various fields like engineering, medicine, information technology, biotechnology and what not.

Technology based on computer is so good that it has made our lives come from black and white pictures to color pictures. Just imagine a home without a computer, oh they would be leading such a dull life.

There may be some disadvantages of computers and I do believe there are cons of computers. But looking at the brighter side i.e., looking at the pros of computers, we can lead a far better life. With computers, don't you think booking railway and airline tickets is just a snap of the finger?!


Well this is certainly a unique debate! I look forward to seeing how this plays out!

Firstly, it is necessary to note that not all things that are a part of our daily lives are by virtue of so being also important. For instance, many people use a pencil on a daily basis to write in a book, but that pencil isn't necessarily an important part of their daily life.
So simply because something is prevalent in our daily life, does not necessarily mean it is important.

Furthermore, though computers sometimes complete tasks more rapidly than traditional methods, the traditional methods are usually more effective, though slower. A person who learns how to swim from a human instructor will probably be better than a person who learns to swim from a computer.

Computers are indeed used for many things in our daily lives. But that does not actually mean they are important in and of themselves. If a person were to use a pen all day to write everything down, it's not actually the pen that is important. It is the function the pen serves as a writing utensil. (This function could easily be filled by a pencil other device.) Similarly, it's not actually the computer that's important; it is the tasks the computer completes that are important.

To determine the importance of computers, we must consider this: how many daily tasks are performed by computers that can only be done by computers?

The answer is very few, if any.

One can indeed book airline tickets online. But one can also book airline tickets in person. One can look up kitchen recipes on a computer, but one could also look up kitchen recipes in a cookbook. There are very few tasks that a computer does, that could not be done by some other method.

So if the daily tasks completed by computers could be done without computers, it seems illogical to say computers are important to the completion of daily tasks.

Computers certainly play a role in our daily lives, but it's importance really just a social construct.
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Posted by whiteflame 2 years ago
>Reported vote: parkerwill// Mod action: Removed<

3 point to Con (Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: Wow! Con challenged Pro's positions and proved them null.

[*Reason for removal*] The voter is required to assess specific points made in the debate by both sides. Merely stating that one side's arguments dramatically outpaced the other's is not specific analysis, and is therefore insufficient.
Posted by ThesnamisSorreall 2 years ago
Just to clarify, I actually think computers are an important part of our daily lives, and in fact I have a very vested interest in them being considered such. So please don't let my arguing self dissuade you too much!
Posted by ThesnamisSorreall 2 years ago
Disagree, as in with the position that I would be arguing, if thats okay
Posted by fire_wings 2 years ago
Posted by ThesnamisSorreall 2 years ago
Of course, I disagree. But I might accept this anyway for fun if thats alright
Posted by lord_megatron 2 years ago
Come on we are on an online debating site you think you have anyone against that resolution? sigh
Posted by TheWorldIsComplicated 2 years ago
It still makes no sense to debate against something that is obviously true... just my opinion though.
Posted by Sashil 2 years ago
@ TheWorldIsComplicated
Hypocrisy is quite common when you are a debater. Most often, when you don't have the freedom to chose a side, you find yourself in a position that might be against the beliefs that you hold. This is the very beauty of debating because only a good debater ,with considerable debating skills, be able to argue for something that he is actually against.
Posted by TheWorldIsComplicated 2 years ago
This debate is impossible to go against. The con would be a hypocrite, seeing that they are trying to argument on some sort of technology.
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