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Confederate Flag is a Battle Flag, Not Racist

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Started: 6/22/2015 Category: Politics
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It was known as a battle flag. See this link :

I have black friends but people can't just assume the flag is racist. Please study and not take just my word, The internet is open, beware because some will say this was racist but it's not, it was a battle flag.


While it is true that the widely known "Stars and Bars" of the Confederacy was actually a battle flag, it was flown by, and represents an ideology of racism.
Debate Round No. 1


I actually got what I'm posting from another pro Confederate Flag debate. I'll end this with this post. :

I would just like to say that I personally do not feel the flag is not racist. The first battle flag was not made because of slavery. It is a battle flag representing our confederate soldiers. Organizations such as KKK and white supremacy groups using this flag as a symbol of racism is a disgrace and being disrespectful to our confederate soldiers.

By pushing that issue it will cause the African Americans to use it as an excuse for attention and to keep things stirred up. If we have a confederate flag or use the n*** word then we are considered racists. How ever, if the African American Indian have black power or Malcolm x shirts or flags then that's OK. They can call us white crackers & such but none of these are racist. Come on that's diverse discrimination against whites. God sees no color...we can't help what happened back in those days and we sure can't change it. Everybody just needs to get over it and live there life to the fullest. No one is promised tomorrow...


Thanks Pro. I will begin my argument in a moment, but would first like to clarify that I am for private citizens having the right to fly the flag. I too believe that the Confederate flag was not originally a symbol of racism. It was morphed into that when hate groups used it, so I guess I'm kind of playing Devil's Advocate here. On to my arguments.

Contention 1. Why does the Confederate Flag exist?

The Confederate States of America were founded in 1861 [1].

Many states seceded because of President Lincoln's election in 1860. "Convinced that their way of life, based on slavery, was irretrievably threatened by the election of President Abraham Lincoln (November 1860), the seven states of the Deep South (Alabama, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, South Carolina and Texas) seceded from the Union during the following months." [2]. Many people who joined the Confederacy believed that outlawing slavery (Lincoln's goal) would violate the States' Rights Doctrine, which gave many states more power in lawmaking. The mitigation of the States' Rights Doctrine would render slave states powerless in defending their ideology.

Now we know what motivated their secession. The point? The Confederate flag only exists because it was made by separatists who wanted to defend slavery. If there was no slavery (which is racist) in America, the Confederate Flag would have never existed.

Contention 2. Other hate symbols were benign when they originated

The best example of this is the Swastika, used by the Nazis during WWII. It actually is a Sanskrit word meaning "Well-being," "Good luck," and "Perfect victory." It was used by Hindus, Buddhists in India and other Asian countries, Ancient Greece, Troy, Druids, Celts, Nordic tribes, and even early Christians. [3]. Once it was used by the Nazis, though, it became a symbol of hate and Antisemitism. The same happened when hate groups got their hands on the flag. If you don't believe that the cause of its existence is enough evidence, the history of symbols like the Swastika should show why the Confederate flag is now seen as a hate symbol.

Contention 3. It represents all of the Ku Klux Klan"s lynching and hate crimes.

Much like the Swastika, the Confederate Flag became a symbol of racism in the public eye after it was originated. The flag has to bear the shame of those actions because the KKK bore the flag.

In conclusion, the resolution does not mention whether or not the flag was originally hateful. It only says that it is not hateful today, which I have negated.

I thank Con for this debate and await his argument.

Debate Round No. 2


Hello Con,

I finished my argument as I stated earlier. Here is something else. There are a lot of people that think that the government orchestrates lot of race wars. If people start to see alternative news that would help. Here is one southerner discussing the race war and what happened recently in the south, Please watch. :

Peace to all people, I love all of you.


Pro has not rebutted any of my points, nor has he fulfilled his BoP. He did not use any arguments of his own to support the resolution.
"I actually got what I'm posting from another pro Confederate Flag debate"

Vote Con. Pro has no reason to win this debate.

I thank Pro for this debate, and await his closing statement.
Debate Round No. 3
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Posted by F-16_Fighting_Falcon 3 years ago
>Reported vote: evanjfarrar// Mod action: Removed<

3 points to Con (Arguments). Reasons for voting decision: Con fulfilled his role, and clearly won this debate.

[*Reason for removal*] (1) No explanation for the arguments point. Simply repeats the point category.
Posted by TheOpinionist 3 years ago
Thanks to Varrack and evanjfarrar for the votes! It means a lot.
Posted by TheOpinionist 3 years ago
They were two different points that showed ways society sees the symbol as racist. The flag only exists because people defended a racist ideology. The Swastika was not racist. Its origins have no racial ties.

My arguments were kind of scattered though. I didn't prepare too well.
Posted by FreedomBeforeEquality 3 years ago
Pro really could have run with that stuff on you ... shame he did not.
Posted by FreedomBeforeEquality 3 years ago
@TheOpinionist - you supported the Pro side of the argument in everything you said. You made the point that it was about states rights and their ability to govern themselves, not slavery specifically. You brought up the fact that the swastika was wrongfully labelled racist since it in fact originated as something completely non-racist. I think you need to better explain why those leaps you made from states rights to an entirely race related issue were deemed logical and right.
Posted by TheOpinionist 3 years ago
OMG WOW WHAT CLOSING STATEMENT? I wasn't thinking.......
Posted by TheOpinionist 3 years ago
I just don't want a needless ELO boost.
Posted by Preston 3 years ago
2 week old acct telling us they dont want a win... odd
Posted by TheOpinionist 3 years ago
If my opponent ends up FF'ing, I ask the potential voters to keep this a tie, so I don't get an unnecessary boost in ELO.
Posted by TheOpinionist 3 years ago
Lisaop77, I'd like to keep this quick
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Reasons for voting decision: Pro admitted to not making arguments of his own with the line "I actually got what I'm posting from another pro Confederate Flag debate". Con made three contentions following Pro's opening remarks, which were all dropped in the next round. Pro also stated his personal opinion which did not affirm the resolution. This, due to Pro making zero arguments and Con making three unchallenged arguments, Con wins.