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Consciousness is the soul of a body.Is this true?

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Started: 2/6/2014 Category: Science
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I don't think that consciousness is the soul of a body. I came to know that when we are conscious, there's a lot of neural activity going on in our brains. I am calling this as firing between neurons which is quite less when we are asleep, we are unconscious . When a person dies, this neural firing stops completely and hence it's been concluded, not that surely that consciousness is the body's soul.
Well, if this is right, then what explanation can be given about paranormal activities? These activities are due to souls, right?


The fact that you do not 'think' that conscious does not necessarily make it true. In my understanding, every living organism has to have some sort of fuel in which operates upon. The human body with all it's complicated systems would not operate on it's own unless there was in fact something to run on. What do you think was the cause for the first heart beat? Why do we die? Why do not we reincarnate after speed starting the heart with jolts? Why do we really die? What forces our body to be 'lifeless'. Nothing but a back of bones and flesh. It is more logical to believe that our body is nothing but a tool. A computer, pull off the electricity plug and everything drifts to darkness. It because nothing but a piece of metal. I am looking forward to your next argument, and hopefully you will introduce more reasonable facts.
Debate Round No. 1


I am still against the fact that consciousness being called as a soul. Okay, let me put it this way, Conscious and Soul. A Computer must get 2 things for running- electricity and an operating system. Here, electricity can be called as 'Conscious' and software can be called as a man-made 'Soul'. Well, computers aside. A body cannot be conscious without having a soul, but body can be unconscious while having a soul too, just like a comatose patient. The Central Nervous System which is Consciousness of the body can control or modify the Heartbeat Frequency, but it doesn't initiate the Heart Beat. So, if you are saying that conscious caused the first heartbeat then you are incorrect, because heart is an organ that starts to beat and pump blood even before the brain starts developing! Without a brain there's no nervous system, thus, no conscious and I think that soul is responsible for the heartbeat.
It's also said that souls are having mass, according to that science experiment it's 21 grams.
I took the example of paranormal activity in order to understand this situation in an easy way and to say that soul is different from conscious. Well, I'm waiting for your next argument.


My opponent is still confused with the terminology of Conscious. As I have explained before our body as in Prephreial System (PS) and Centeral Nervous System (CNS) are but gears in a Machine. They would not operate if it were for our Souls. Our Brain would not send signals for our heart to pump life into our veins and coordinate with the other organs it if weren't for our own conscious. One mistake my opponent has seem to over looked is that Comatose patients are unconscious but they are not dead. Meaning whatever keeps their Brain cells alive and functioning, along with the rest of the body organs has not been disposed.

You seem to have disfigured my example somehow, thus creating a 'Straw man Fallacy' to confuse the audience. There is no OS in the example, there is simple our Body (Mechanical) that includes PS and CNS. The conscious is the mystical essence within is that makes us alive, without it our Brain and Nervous System would fail to provide the rest of the body with commands. Further more there is no such thing as Paranormal Activity they are simply hoax and tell tales to scare little children. I for myself have never experienced anything paranormal, nor have I heard of a close friend, relative or family member to have suffered from such events. In the light of this situation I disagree to believe in stories that has no evidence but a bunch of well detailed stories.

I wish you the best in your next round.
Debate Round No. 2


Pro is not getting my point completely but just sticking to his own principles or what he believes. You need to know the role of the Central Nervous System (CNS). What do you think that allows you to move your hands and legs at your own will? Of course, it's your conscious as you'd say. But do you know what happens inside your hands? Your brain sends electrical impulses to your arms and legs. What do you think is the cause for the 'pain' we get when we are wounded? Why is anesthesia injected around the wound before treatment and why does it make that area numb? It actually stops the nerve cells in that area to send an electric impulse to the brain. What is the cause for the numbness of arms and limbs during paralysis? You are conscious at that time and also know that your arms and limbs are numb. Blood still flows in them else they would decay, it's the nervous system that gets affected during paralysis.

In short, the Central Nervous System is responsible for the electrical impulses through the whole body so that brain can get control of each and every part of the body. And for the heart to pump, brain only has the ability to control or modify it's heartbeat rate, it can't completely control the heartbeat.
And I'm telling this the second time THE HEART STARTED TO PUMP BLOOD EVEN BEFORE THE BRAIN STARTED TO DEVELOP i.e around the 22nd day of embryonic development, the heart starts to beat and pump blood.
Now, if there's no brain, how can conscious exist? What else remains? The Soul.
I would like to introduce here a familiar term- 'Super Conscious or Instincts'
Scientists after research have come to a conclusion that, quantum theory exists behind the soul's secret.
Refer these links-

I hope you get your answers. And the fact that you call paranormal as 'hoax' which is not true at all because the same quantum theory lies behind this.

I'm waiting for your next argument.


My opponent has failed to grasp the analogy that our CNS and PS are but a mere mechanical mechanism, they can not sustain life unless the cells itself are alive. I have provided an example above, and shall not distort the audience with any more. My opponent still continues to ramble about Paranormal activities, yet he can not prove their existence I find this to be faulty. I do not believe that our souls linger around the human realm once they are detached from the body, I believe that is utterly preposterous. Otherwise why would we have a body if Souls can survive in this universe with out the vessel. I do not thinking that we are purely Mechanical beings, even puppets have hands that pull their strings. It would be illogical to assume that we are but flesh and bones organized with pulses of the brain. How is the Brain alive? What keeps these cells operating. If we trace back the roots of these tissues and cells it is only reasonable to stumble upon the notion of the word 'spirit' or 'soul'.

I will not get into the details regarding the heart, my opponent has introduced as I believe they serve no purpose in this debate. Once again they do fall under 'Straw man Fallacy'

Provided below are some articles and definition that supports my claim.

Thank you for your time.

Best Regards.
Debate Round No. 3
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Reasons for voting decision: Most of the debate seems to be a semantical difference on initial definitions, but Con made many baseless claims such as the existence of paranormal activities and used a non-trusted, laughable website called to support that. Hence, although the debate as a whole was disappointing, I am inclined to give arguments and sources to Galal, as he made better arguments and used better sources.